Friends of FM – August 2014

Friends of FM – August 2014


Dave Mohr &  Cass DouglasWhen City Park Radio took up local sports broadcasting, we decided to focus on local football, soccer and basketball games. Our commentators are sometimes lucky to have some great facilities, sometimes it’s just by the side of the field.

Yes we knew these games were played in winter, but perhaps we hadn’t given a thought to the weather. Recently a cool southerly was blowing and by the time the broadcast finished, it was just 2 degrees and had the commentators calling for a 2 minute studio promo break to warm up before finishing the broadcast.

The following week, the soccer game was moved to another venue. Thankfully Northern Rangers (who weren’t playing) provided CPR with a gazebo. Nevertheless open sides and a cool breeze made it another cold challenge. This time the broadcast team had another three layers of clothing.

Being a small community station, our sports coverage is driven by dedicated volunteers and coverage is equal to the best… but we just thought you should know how far our team goes to bring you the action. Well done everyone.

TIME FOR A  RADIOTHON 12-14 September

City Park Radio is calling on it’s membership for ideas and help with a radiothon this year. All suggestions welcome

There was a personal invitation in the last newsletter mail out from the president asking you for your ideas .. It will be all hands on deck as we raise much needed funds for the station.

From 6am Friday to 6pm Sunday—all day and all night—Launceston will be encouraged to support CPR

So crank up the handle, get the ideas flowing and we’ll make radiothon music together— contact Luigi Romanelli.


Following a comprehensive submission and due diligence by your management committee, The Australian Community & Media Authority have issued City Park Radio with a broadcast licence for the next five years—to Oct 2019…. An impressive effort by all !!

2014 AGM Sat 30 Aug

  • Time to consider nominating for the committee
  • V-Pres, Secretary, and 3 general 2yr positions
  • All financial members of LCFMG are eligible to nominate with the support of two members
  • Nomination forms are available at the office
  • Nominations to the Secretary 15th August


RSL THANKYOU DINNER 26TH JULY 2014 011The Northern Midlands RSL held a small function recently to acknowledge all the people who assisted them with their ANZAC Day 2014 commemorations. CPR was acknowledged for the assistance provided not only to broadcast their service locally throughout Northern Tasmania but also live via the Community Radio Network to the rest of Australia. President of the club, Geoff Leitch, thanked all those who helped to highlight the importance of the work to veteran community and the community in general.


BluesMany years ago, Fred Davis “BOB”ed up from another community station and was quickly involved in CPR presenting blues music.

Fred has been presenting Blues for the last 27 years, and for the best part of the last ten years, every Friday and Saturday night on CPR by himself. A sterling effort by anyone’s imagination. His last Blues program went to air in July, and it is with thanks we congratulate Fred for the many years of night time radio in Launceston.

All is not lost, Fred will continue as a presenter in the re-vamped Rock Show on Saturday evenings between 7-10pm and I’m sure some Blues Rock will continue to be heard in the program. Thank you Fred for the last 27 years, and we look forward to hearing you on the Rock Program on the first Saturday of every month.


SandySandy is Tasmanian through and through. Born in Launceston, and having lived in Launceston her whole life, Sandy’s family has been established in Tasmania for several generations. Sandy is the proud mother of three adult children (two daughters and a son) and seven grandchildren. Her two daughters live in Launceston whilst her son lives in Melbourne.  Prior to raising her children, Sandy worked in several jobs including an abattoir, cleaning, stocktaking and gardening.

Sandy has a long association with CPR having first becoming involved in 1985 through a friend of hers. She started out with a woman’s magazine program, did the breakfast program for a couple of years as well as a folk program for several years. Sandy has also served on the Management Committee and Programming Committee.

Her current CPR programs include presenting the Long Lunch, Around the World and Offbeat. Sandy is also the unit co-ordinator for the Long Lunch, Around the World and Addicted programs, as well as helping out in the Radio Museum.

Making listeners happy and feeling good about themselves is what motivates Sandy’s involvement in CPR and she gets a lot of personal satisfaction from reaching out to the CPR listeners. She encourages prospective members to ‘go for it’ and become involved and active in their local community radio station.

In her spare time, Sandy enjoys her family, gardening (she is a trained horticulturist) and bushwalking. She also plays in a trivia team once a week and has an ongoing interest in Tasmanian and Launceston history.

New Office Computer

Many thanks to David Read for donating a refurbished computer for the office staff to use.

David Bailey & Martin Schoene assisted with the setting up the computer.

VALE—Gavin Jones

deadlyGavin Jones, MD of Deadly Vibe, passed away in his home in NSW. He was just 47. Gavin was a respected and widely admired figure and leader of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. He founded Deadly Vibe in 1993 creating new ground in the approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advancement through a series of successful projects including the Deadly Sounds radio program, Deadly Vibe magazine and The Deadly Awards which are broadcast on CPR. A massive lack of funding will not see a Deadly Awards presentation this year.  (Community Radio Network)


Max WebsterMAX WEBSTER – Max Webster

 You’d be forgiven for having never heard of this band. Virtually unknown outside of their native Canada, Max Webster is widely regarded as a progressive rock trailblazer in their home country.

This band is difficult to pin down. The unpredictability of Jethro Tull or Frank Zappa, the progressive rock of Genesis or Yes, the flamboyant costumes of Skyhooks – their debut album was the springboard for a six album career for the band into the 1980s and beyond for their singer/songwriter/guitarist Kim Mitchell.

Released by Anthem Records and produced by Canadian legend Terry Brown (Rush, Klaatu), there’s a bit of everything on their first album. Clever catchy pop on “Summers Up”, hard rock on “Hangover”, total craziness on “Toronto Tontos”, and an exploration of their musical prowess on the 7-minute album closer “Lily”. While Mitchell’s mighty guitar is dominant, Terry Watkinson’s keyboards add another element that takes the music beyond any single dimension and into a creative fusion of rock, pop and jazz.

If you like your classic rock to have changing time signatures, jazz-tinged instrumental textures and weird song structures, then Max is your man, sorry, band.

Reelin’ in the Years… 60’s & 70’s music –  Saturday 5-7pm – listen online.


  • Barratts Music
  • Eaglecrest Technologies
  • Finneys Funerals
  • Flowers on Riverside
  • James Nelson
  • LAM The Best Grill
  • Living Here Real Estate
  • Outside Flowers
  • RJP Electronics
  • Spots & Space

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES  phone Shirley  6334 7429


The CPR Multicultural Group took themselves to a Christmas in July dinner. They were indoors snug as bugs in a rug while the CPR sports team were having fun in the evening chill at the NTCA ground.  Here the MCU are all lined up waiting to be served.







At the same time, here the on-air broadcast team are all rugged up with vigorous toe movements to keep the blood circulating.

CPR Sports










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