Friends of FM – December 2013

Friends of FM – December 2013

cottageHave you visited our facebook page—our member Jim Jacob posted this great pictured of the cottage recently— and don’t forget you can leave your messages online as well …






P1210264LAUNCESTON CHRISTMAS PARADE 2013 …. here’s is a lovely photo of CPR presenters getting ready for the parade –  with their granddaughters Elizabeth, Stephanie and Maureen…. my, haven’t they grown up too!    there are a few more photos at the end of this newsletter.





A fast and furious new form of cricket being played between local teams in Northern Tasmania. Hear the second game of the evening called on your local community radio station Wednesday evenings at 8pm  December 4, 11 with the grand final on the 18th. 

COMMUNITY RADIO Code of Practice 2.5

In all station activities and our behaviour, we will oppose and break down prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, race, language, gender, sexuality, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, religious, cultural or political beliefs.


YOUR MEMBERSHIP of CPR – Still only $35 p.a.

 Demonstrates your loyalty and support for community radio

 Supports other members providing local programs

 Enables you to volunteer for a range of station activities

 Allows you to be trained as a office, museum volunteer or presenter

 Allows you to nominate for management committee

 Gives you a vote at all general meetings

 Access to exclusive member shopping discounts (which could repay your membership within weeks


in an average week, of all people aged 15+ throughout Non-Metro TAS (236,000 people): 75,000 people, or 32%, listen to community radio  — and if you are reading this in Tasmania … YOU are one of them !!!!


Ramnik Singh Walia (Hindi Program – Tues) his program is a finalist in the 2013 NEMBC Award for Youth program of the Year.

Also at CBAA Awards….

The Tech Team TYGA-FM at New Norfolk— best small station  technical team in Australia.



At the 2013 CBAA conference, the guest speaker was Gretel Killeen. Well known for her writing, radio and television shows including Big Brother, Gretel is well versed in the ways of the media and greatly influenced by the piper that has called the tune.

In her address, her observations of the media and the role we play in sometimes perpetuating the stereotypes was most enlightening and, at times, most amusing if it were not for some of the content.

Gretel told the conference that many people tend to comment on things they don’t hear or see first hand…. and while others may call it dumb, she called it stupidity.

She urged us to think for ourselves and to make a conscious decision about what you are about to say on air. Find the fact behind the story.  Be informed before you speak.

Don’t surrender to time limitations or follow the mob. See beyond the stereotype. Gretel highlighted a car ad on television and wondered aloud whether the main selling point was really a feminine hygiene product tray, to her a ludicrous selling point. Immediately some people were upset by the mention of this example of an car accessory obviously missing the point of the illustration .

We were asked consider the disparity between how society is railing against bullying in schools and workplaces and reality TV shows including MKR—the

conundrum/conflict between what we preach vs what we see as ‘reality’ on TV.

Gretel says your imagination is the best  creative tool we have — think of alternatives. What is the other side to what I’m trying to do, is there another way?

Gretel says,. be the person you are, not what you think others want you to be. Think about what you are trying to achieve, what is your uniqueness, what is your role. Be part of the flock that thinks first —be informed and speak.


Reelin’ In the Years  – Classic Album of the Month

Dark side of the moon‘Dark Side of the Moon’ – Pink Floyd

As 2013 draws to a close, let’s look back 40 years and set ourselves a challenge.

Look up the term “Classic album” in the dictionary and you’d probably find Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” as the definitive example. Its status today could be its biggest drawback, as it’s likely that everyone over the age of 50 owns a copy, and they know every lyric, heartbeat, clock tick and cash register.

The recording used state-of-the-art technology for 1973, but traditional piano, guitar and vocal harmonies set the mood. There’s nothing traditional about the arrangements, however. They are unpredictable, such as the time signature switch in the middle of “Money”, or Clare Torry’s soaring vocal performance on “The Great Gig in the Sky”. Richard Wright’s “Us and Them” is simply beautiful, and “On the Run” is almost cinematic. Eerie voices and sound effects waft in and out, evoking a sense of mystery.

Your challenge is to listen to this masterpiece with fresh ears. Imagine you are hearing it for the first time. The experience should be beyond just music. It should still arouse a sense of wonder, astonishment and surprise.

Reelin’ in the Years … 60s &70s music – Saturday 5-7pm


  • Barratts Music
  • CD Centre
  • Full of Beans
  • Glebe Gardens
  • Hollybank Treetops Adventures
  • Kellara Transport
  • Launceston Second Hand Tool Shed
  • Old Tudor Pharmacy
  • Telstra NBN—Quadrant Mall & Kings Meadows

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES – Phone Malcolm MacDonald  6334 7429

Picture1DATE CLAIMERS – Be Involved in your community

Saturday 7th December— 5pm – CPR Christmas Function

Sunday 15th December— Carols by Candlelight – City Park, Launceston

Tuesday 31st Dec—NYE – Open Studio party time 8pm-midnight.



THE BEST TO LAST — some photos of City Park Radio preparing for the Launceston Christmas Parade 2013. – a big thank you to everyone involved.

many hands make light work

many hands make light work

Dave Mohr doing a cross back to the studio

Dave Mohr doing a cross back to the studio

Launceston crowd taking photos of us

Launceston crowd taking photos of us

Shall we run a red light for Christmas

Shall we run a red light for Christmas

Not really a mug shot

Not really a mug shot

Ron Dave Kathy Bill Linda

Ron Dave Kathy Bill Linda

Dian Bill

Dian Bill

Linda Maureen Ron

Linda Maureen Ron

Bill Ingeborg - why walk when you can ride

Bill Ingeborg – why walk when you can ride

This goes with that - or was it the other way round

This goes with that – or was it the other way round

Bill  Bill Linda Ingeborg - where did you want me to stick that!

Bill Bill Linda Ingeborg – where did you want me to stick that!

Whoops - it fell off

Whoops – it fell off

Tuned in -- who too ? City Park radio of course

Tuned in — who too ? City Park radio of course

Hanging the stocking

Hanging the stocking

what does this knob do

why cant I hear my program yet ? — cos you’re cleaning out the cobwebs Ken!

St John Street

Marching to Christmas —









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