Friends of FM – February 2014

Friends of FM – February 2014

MCU gatherPEOPLE GET TOGETHER –  and have a good time

The festive season is over for another year and it was delightful to see friends gather and share each other’s company.

CPR started the season with the usual Christmas BBQ for all members and volunteers. Then it snowballed.

The MCU group gathered with Christmas piñata and stick to belt out some festive cheer at Aurelia’s home. Not to be outdone, the CMU headed off together to the pub for lunch just before Christmas. CPR had an open invitation to join the studio NYE party and just into the New Year, the Reelin’ crew got together on Vaughan’s deck for a vigorous discussion on the music of 1974. (Would have been more interesting if the Beatles were still together) .

It is pleasing to see the program units at the station working together and sharing the love….. more photos at the end of this newsletter.

SCHOOOLS OUT – December, 2013 Progress Report

There were 36 scheduled programs of the “Schools Out” with 35 sessions actually going to air.

The show has now achieved 409 programs over approximately 14 years.

Last year in 2013, the Minister for Education and the LCC Mayor attended the 350th program and a small party afterwards in the large studio.

Approximately 141 children passed through the studio in 2013.

Over the years, the number of children passing through would be close to 2000 or more.

Every child who presented in the program during the year received a special “Schools Out” Certificate signed by my self as the Co-Coordinator and by the station President Luigi Romanelli. These attractive A- 4 size coloured Certificates are frequently handed out at Assemblies in the school, thus further promoting the station within the greater Launceston community.

The age range of children participating included grade 2/3 (Glen Dhu Primary) through to grade 10 high school (Riverside High) age. There are regular requests to have a particular school’s program downloaded on a USB drive. These are usually provided to the teacher concerned who gives a cd copy to the children, who in turn often make another copy to give to grandparents, etc.

The program thus has a wide ranging ripple effect within the Launceston community as a result of this process.

The “Schools Out” program on City Park Radio is indeed unique in Australian Community Radio and iconic to City Park Radio alone and it’s listening audience.

Paul Mulcahy – Co-ordinator 

Ed.  Looks like straight A’s for this program on City Park Radio.


As some might know, our former ROCK presenter Monica moved to Melbourne in search of a real job. It’s great to report she has landed an apprenticeship as a motor bike mechanic…. Well done …

gardenWho are these people and what are they doing in the CPR Garden—more photo’s and story in our online newsletter

More information further down in this newsletter


Over 300 CD’s from a private collection have been generously donated to CPR—a wide variety of music styles are expected.

We thank ‘Stephen’ for his generosity and assure every one that, once catalogued, they will be available for all presenters to access and program.

Tell your MP about CITY PARK RADIO

Now is a great time to contact your Federal MP, if you haven’t already, to let them know about the work of your station.

Telling your story makes politicians realise why political support for community broadcasting is important to their electorate. It also helps the CBAA to work securing increased funding and policy support for the sector.

The CBAA committed to advancing the interests of the community broadcasting sector through policy leadership, representation and advocacy. As part of this commitment we are making sure that politicians know about the great work of stations and the passion of our listeners and volunteers.

The CBAA has recently written to all Federal Members of Parliament to inform them of the results of the 2013 Community Radio National Listener Survey. This survey showed that over 5.2 million people listen to community radio each week and that community radio was highly valued by 95% of the audience.

The CBAA has informed each MP about the local radio stations in their electorate and we’ve encouraged them to learn more about the important work you do…. Now it’s your turn.

BASS—Andrew Nikolic MP,  LYONS—Eric Hutchinson MP.

TASMANIA Senators Helen Polley, Stephen Parry, Peter Whish-Wilson, Lin Thorpe.

COMMUNITY RADIO Code of Practice 6.2-4

2.Sponsorship will not be a factor in deciding who can access broadcasting time.

3.We will make sure editorial decisions affecting the content and style of individual programs are not influenced by program or station sponsors.

4. We will ensure that editorial decisions affecting the content and style of overall station programming are not influenced by program or station sponsors.


Festivale_LogoFESTIVALE 7-9 February 2014

Launceston’s City Park will come alive again with food, wine, entertainment and activities for the whole family and City Park Radio will be there. Your CPR team will broadcast live on Saturday Afternoon 3-5pm. Should be fun … and if you are there, come and say hi to the team.

Also listen to the Long Lunch  each day Mon 3 Feb to Fri 7 Feb for your chance to win a double pass to Festivale.

The Radio Museum will  still be open Mon-Fri.

Reelin’ In the Years  – Classic Album of the Month

StarsLand of Fortune – Stars, 1979

After touring Australia with The Beach Boys and then Linda Ronstadt, Adelaide band Stars released their second album in 1979. The album cover gave no indication that this was a rock ‘n’ roll album – a sepia-toned photograph of some heavily moustached men standing behind a large gold nugget, plus many pieces of Australiana. The catchy album title, in old-style text, says “Land of Fortune, Land of Chance, Land of Dangerous Circumstance” – a perfect description of Australia in the early days of white settlement.

The album’s songs reflect this, especially “Land of Fortune”, “Gold Fever”, “Last of the Riverboats” and the epic closing track “Never Going Back”. The music embraces rock, country-rock and boogie – all with a distinctly Australian flavour. Singer Mick Pealing had just the right voice to deliver these unique Aussie anecdotes in song, and guitarist Mal Eastick provided some masterful playing. But the album celebrates guitarist and major songwriter, Andrew Durant, who gave these songs the edge required to make it an Australian classic. Sadly, he died at age 25 from cancer just months after its release.  Celebrate our homeland – take a trip to the “Land of Fortune”.

Reelin’ in the Years … 60s &70s music – Saturday 5-7pm


  • Carbil Computers
  • Australian Italian Club
  • Neil Pitts
  • Hollybank Treetops Adventures
  • Kellara Transport
  • Launceston Golf Club
  • University Tasmania
  • Telstra NBN—Quadrant Mall & Kings Meadows

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES – Phone Shirley  6334 7429


On December 21, City Park Radio featured live music direct to air. While the Country Music Unit had performances going, Launceston group SINGCOGNITO warmed the vocal chords and practised their harmonies in the garden before entering the studio. See the photos that follow … also at the end .. some snaps of the Launceston Ukelele Group … or LUG as they like to be called.  Don’t be frightened off by the kazoos.


Aurelia Eva marie MCU gather mother & two sons Mother and son Pinata ray barn mike

yard 2 yard 3









Studio 1 studio 2 yard 1LUG 1 LUG 2 LUG 3

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