Friends of FM – July 2014

Friends of FM – July 2014


DanceThe Dance Show with Craig Ellis –

Duets with Howard Kaplan –

Fridays 7-8 pm

The recent program meeting approved an change to Friday evenings.

Craig Ellis proposed the Dance Show to replace the once-a-month special Souvenirs program ‘Partners Please’. His program plans to feature a wide range of orchestral dance music.

Howard Kaplan proposed a program called ‘Duets’.  A program of two singers performing together from any/all genres of music— rock, classical or blues etc…. and not to be confused with duo’s.

These programs will alternate on the radio every Friday evening at 7pm with Souvenirs still heard each Friday from 8pm.

This change replaces the popular CRN program, ‘Jazz Made In Australia’, and we’ll look to schedule it at another time.

JazzWANTED – JAZZ SPECTRUM  – Sunday 8-11pm

Do you love jazz ? Know someone who does ?

Phone the station, or skat by and tell John Doyer

John wants more jazz loving presenters for Jazz Spectrum on the radio.

don’t be a real-shy hep cat—phone 6334 3344



radioCity Park Radio is calling on its membership for ideas and help with a radiothon this year. All suggestions welcome

There is a personal invitation with this newsletter from the president asking you to bring your ideas to a special meeting on July 5… 10am in Studio D..

The rationale for Radiothon 2014 is to generate long term support from the community through the pledging of donations as well as developing greater community awareness of the station.

Everyone who cares about City Park Radio needs to become involved in Radiothon 2014.

The funds raised via Radiothon 2014 will be allocated for the Translator Project.

Please start thinking about ways that you can be involved. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a pledge (donations over $2 are tax deductible)
  • Encourage at least one person to become a member of CPR during Radiothon 2014
  • Put your name down to answer calls for a period of Radiothon 2014
  • Tell everyone you know about CPR’s Radiothon 2014 via your networks
  • Help organise live music acts/interviews for Radiothon 2014
  • Offer to be involved in the presenting of a programme during the continuous broadcast over the three days including 11pm – 3 am and 3am to 6am on Friday and Saturday.

Let’s make Radiothon 2014 a huge success and have fun at the same time!

It will be all hands on deck as we raise much needed funds for the station.

So crank up the handle, get the ideas flowing and we’ll make radio sing in Launceston.



MoneyCommunity radio is a small business and has many roles and responsibilities… including applying for and acquitting grants money received. A special update from the CBF (Community Broadcasting Foundation) cites a recent incident where they had to refer some matters to the federal police about another community station after the CBF conducted a random audit of a program…. Not only didn’t the program measure up to it’s content obligations but also ..The station failed to comply with the requirements of the grant agreement in relation to financial record keeping. The station had poor financial management and record keeping procedures, and inaccurate and incomplete documentation which meant that it was unable to separately identify all payments related to the grant funds. For example, the station did not use cheque requisitions or keep any formal records in connection with the drawing of cheques.  Receipts and tax invoices and other records were kept inconsistently and were not kept in a single place. The station did not require the provision of tax invoices for payment and did not require receipts or claim forms to be completed for reimbursements.

Members of CPR can be assured that our station strives to keep proper records securely and our station monies properly accounted for and audited each year. .Read more about this case on the CBF website ..

PROFILE of a CPR Technical Assistant

David BaileyDavid Bailey, 62, is Launceston born and has spent his whole life in Launceston.

He worked for Telstra for some 35 years, joining when it was still called the Postmaster-General. He commenced as a trainee technician and worked his way up to a Principal Telecommunications Technical Officer. David worked mostly on telephone exchanges ranging from electro-mechanical to ultra-modern computer-controlled exchanges. He finished up at Telstra in 2006 and thereafter gained diplomas in Electrical Engineering and Computer Network Management from TAFE.

David commenced with City Park Radio some 6 years ago as a result of him working previously with some of the presenters and the technical staff involved in the initial set-up. David commenced his volunteering in the Radio Museum and then moved to the technical department as a technical assistant. He generally spends about 3 days per week at CPR in his primary role of looking after the CPR computer network.

David gets a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from his role and likes working with all the CPR volunteers. David’s skills, capabilities and can-do attitude are highly regarded by all who have come into contact with him.

David’s interests have included being a Scouts leader for 15 years, being an active member of the Launceston Walking Club and over a period of 10 years he has visited many of Tasmania’s wilderness areas. He is also an ex-member of the SES as a communications instructor, and was involved in many large exercises including some genuine search and rescue operations.

David lives in Newnham and has a brother and sister in Launceston and is the proud uncle of a niece and two nephews, as well as having a great niece and great nephew.

REELIN’ IN THE YEARS  –  Classic Album of the Month


Tales of Old Grand Daddy

When the Easybeats disbanded in 1970, guitarists and songwriters Harry Vanda and George Young based themselves in the UK, doing session work, learning from others and doing some recording of their own, especially with George’s older brother, saxophonist Alex Young

They returned to Australia in 1973 with a batch of semi-recorded songs and lots of ideas for a new album that would feature them as the frontmen.

They needed some extra musicians, so they drafted in George’s younger brothers, Angus and Malcom.  This was pre-AC/DC and marks their recording debut.

And what a debut it was!  Calling themselves the “Marcus Hook Roll Band”, George and Harry produced an album that rocked, had soul, and showcased their vocal abilities, previously hidden behind Stevie Wright’s lead vocals in The Easybeats.  It was called “Tales of Old Grand Daddy.”

The tracks include the hard rocking opener, Can’t Stand the Heat, the wonderfully emotive Cry For Me – featuring a powerful Harry Vanda vocal, and a political message on People and the Power and Red Revolution.  Perhaps the most outstanding track is Silver Shoes and Strawberry Wine – one of the finest Vanda/Young compositions ever.

The album was released in 1974 and sank without trace! But in June this year, the album was remastered and re-released, with bonus tracks.  It brings these great songs to life once more and adds an important chapter in the Vanda/Young story.

Reelin’ In The Years— 60’s & 70’s music— on the radio and the stream – Saturdays 5-7pm

VOLUNTEERS Discover the secrets of a Laptop… and what they can do for radio programming.

training 1 training 2

2014 AGM — Sat 30 Aug 2014

Time to consider nominating for the committee

V-Pres, Secretary, and 3 general 2yr positions

All financial members of LCFMG Inc are eligible to nominate.

Nominations to the Secretary 15th August


  • Chic Hair
  • Barratts Music
  • Finneys Funerals
  • Neil Pitts
  • Kellara Transport
  • Launceston Carpet Cleaning
  • Lotus Hair
  • Tas Musician Union
  • Neil Pitt
  • Old Tudor Pharmacy
  • Outside Flowers
  • RJP Electronics
  • Tas Symphony Orchestra
  • University of Tasmania
  • Winflo Floorworld

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES – Phone Shirley 6334 7429







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