Friends of FM – May 2014

Friends of FM – May 2014


nvw2014-logoCity Park Radio thanks all their volunteers for the effort they make to keep community radio alive in Northern Tasmania. From the people who clean and dust, take tours from the Museum, the office work, the technical work, to music programs, the sports broadcast teams and to all those who voluntarily spread the message. THANK YOU.


DSCN9655collège Jacques BrelCPR acknowledges the cooperation from the Northern Midlands RSL, Telstra & also our member Brian Watson in making CPR’s first national broadcast possible from Longford.

The children from Villers Brettoneux France who performed singing “Never Forget Australia’ – recorded by them especially for use during the French programme On April 12 and again during the national broadcast on Anzac Day from Longford. Merci !


RON CAMPLIN  turns 200

Ron CamplinRon celebrated 200 programs on air with City Park Radio on April 23 with his usual mix of good music on a Wednesday morning —in the myriad calls (he must have let the cat out of the bag) – one stood out—92 year old Rex McLean rang to congratulate him on a fine program.

Ron was really chuffed to received an accolade from a man who has given so much time and energy and his life to radio in Launceston.

Thank you Rex, Thank you Ron.

COMMUNITY RADIO Codes of Practice No 2 excerpts

Our station will make sure that people in our community who are not adequately served by other media are encouraged and assisted to participate in providing our service. We will have in place policies and procedures to support this commitment. We will document evidence of our efforts to encourage community participation.

We have policy documents in place that outline:

  • the principles of volunteering,
  • the rights and responsibilities of volunteers within the organisation,
  • the rights and responsibilities of the organisation to volunteers, whether they are members or not, and
  • grounds and procedures for the dismissal of volunteers.

In all station activities and our behaviour we will oppose and break down prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, race, language, gender, sexuality, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, religious, cultural or political beliefs.

2014-2015  Memberships

The decision has been made to set the annual membership at $40p.a. Effective 1st May 2014, all new memberships will be $40.

In recognition of your support, all existing financial members who renew and pay their 2014/15 membership before 30th June, need only to pay the existing rate.


CPR will broadcast from Agfest Sat 3rd May 9am-12noon– Find us with the CD Centre  – Site 412 near the central arena. Bill and Alan are preparing a range of interviews from the organisers to the stall holders. Capture the flavour of Agfest on City Park Radio.

REELIN’ IN THE YEARS  – Classic Album of the Month

220px-BorntorunBRUCE SPRINGSTEEN  Born To Run

By 1975, Bruce Springsteen had released two albums, both distinctive and promising much.  But neither album gave Springsteen the breakout success he craved.  “Born To Run” changed all that!

The 8 songs (all quite long) shied away from referencing Springsteen’s New Jersey background and had more universal themes. Springsteen was also able to achieve the “wall of sound” he had been seeking – wanting to sound like “Roy Orbison singing Bob Dylan, produced by Phil Spector!”

The album has a definite structure as well – with both sides opening with songs of hope and escape – “Thunder Road” and “Born To Run”, and closing with sad epics of loss and defeat – “Backstreets” and “Jungleland”.

“Born To Run” was also significant as Jon Landau assumed the role of Springsteen’s manager and producer – he was a good publicist as well when he uttered the quote “I saw rock’n’roll’s future – and its name was Bruce Springsteen!” The album also had an iconic, and much copied, cover – depicting Springsteen leaning on sax player, Clarence Clemons.

Packed with powerful songs and aggressive musicianship, “Born To Run” is rightly regarded as one of rock’s masterpieces.

Reelin’ in the Years … 60s &70s music – Saturday 5-7pm

CBAA STATEMENT – National Commission of Audit

cbaa_logoCommunity radio at risk under audit cuts

Community radio stations across the country could be forced off air if the Commission of Audit recommendation to scrap funding for the Community Broadcasting Program is accepted by the Government.

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia President Adrian Basso said the recommendation, if adopted, would put stations right across the country at serious risk.

“The recommendation from the Commission of Audit shows a complete lack of understanding of the community broadcasting sector and the significant contribution it makes to media diversity in the country,” Mr Basso said.

“For local communities, community broadcasting is vital. It plays a crucial role in providing a voice for communities that aren’t adequately serviced by other broadcasting sectors including Indigenous Australians, ethnic communities, the print and vision impaired, young people and seniors.

“We’re hopeful that the Federal Government will see this recommendation for what it is – a sure fire way to undo the vital work community broadcasting has done to promote the identities of local communities and the invaluable contribution it makes to social inclusion.

“If the Government were to adopt this recommendation it would cripple the community broadcasting sector’s operations and development and leave millions of Australians without access to the media content they rely on.

“We are hopeful that the Federal Government will recognise the vital importance of keeping our community radio stations on the air.

“The community broadcasting sector is a smart investment: for every dollar the government puts in, the social outcome is huge.”

Links to the relevant section of the National Commission of Audit report are provided below:


  • Carbil Computers
  • CD Centre
  • Flowers on Riverside
  • Full O Beans
  • Hollybank Treetops Adventures
  • Kellara Transport
  • Kings Meadows Bowls
  • Launceston Carpet Cleaning
  • Neil Pitt
  • Northern Midlands RSL
  • Old Tudor Pharmacy
  • Outside Flowers
  • Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
  • Young at Heart

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