Friends of FM – November 2014

Friends of FM – November 2014

NOVEMBER is ‘C’ month on CPR

Cup, Cricket, Christmas, Classic Culture

horseTues 4th—the race that stops a nation—the Cup— the Melbourne Cup will be broadcast at 3pm

From Nov 23—CPR begins its broadcast of selected matches in the local Aussie 15 competition—starting at 7.25pm

Fri Nov 28—it’s the national women’s T20 match from York Park from 6pm featuring the Tassie Roar team.

Sat Nov 29—The Christmas parade in Launceston—CPR has an entry and you are invited to participate .. get in touch with Maureen—CPR will broadcast crosses from the parade during Country Muster.

Sun Nov 30—During Classical Encounters—the St Patricks College String Quartet will broadcast live.


to the following business and people who donated to the radiothon

Alps & Amici, Ace Carpet, Don Railway, Lams the Best Grill, Stonesthrow,

Samuel Pepys, Olde Tudor Green Grocer, Tamar River Cruises, Tico Rico, 

The Rainbow Connection, Yoga on York,  Yve Morgan, Laurel Dunphy, and Carol-Anne Morrison.

PLEASE SUPPORT those who give and support City Park Radio


Was cancelled due to the small number of people interested in providing comment, feedback and suggestions.

Only 6-8 people expressed an interest in attending—If you want to provide any feedback about the radiothon, please email the management committee


Saturday 15th November 2-5pm

If you are a presenter keen on developing your basic interviewing technique—this session is for you .. Please register your name with the office.


As a way of reducing our postage costs, management has decided to trial emailing the monthly newsletter and program guide. If you would like to receive your newsletter electronically, please advise the office ASAP.

This is to be a three month trial and management will evaluate January 2015 whether to continue emailing the newsletter.  Register with the office  6334 3344 (10am-3pm M-F)

Reelin’ In the Years – Classic Album

Joni MitchellJONI MITCHELL – Court and Spark

Released in January 1974, Court and Spark saw Joni Mitchell infusing her folk-rock style with jazz inflections.  Not only was it warmly received by the record buying public, but the critics liked it as well!

Joni hadn’t released an album in 1973 – she had spent the whole year writing Court and Spark that would reflect her growing appreciation of jazz.

Raised on Robbery had been released as a single in December 1973 and was included on the album.  The follow up single Help Me was released in March 1974 and received heavy radio airplay and became Joni’s first and only single to reach the Billboard top 10.

Court and Spark contains some of Joni Mitchell’s most iconic songs, like Free Man in Paris (written about Aslyum records founder David Geffen). People’s Parties and The Same Situation have lyrics imbued with worry and self doubt offset by smooth, assured melodies and arrangements.

Joni Mitchell’s recording career has covered so many diverse styles and directions, but just about every Joni Mitchell fan would say Court and Spark is the album they listen to the most!

Reelin’ in the Years – 60’s & 70’s music – on air & online – Saturday 5-7pm


CraigCraig was born and raised in Hobart. He attended New Town High School with 1200+ other boys! He enjoyed radio from an early age. His father showed him how to build a crystal set whilst also supervising a “landline” station connected to neighbours and his home and garage. This radio station had at its heart a large Public Address amplifier with a microphone, turntable and a purposefully-built console. Craig spent many happy hours as a child operating his station as, too, did the neighbours listening to 5WA; the number & initials of his street.

His working life began at the age of 15 as a Technician-in-Training with the Postmaster Generals Department in Hobart, Tasmania. He proceeded through study to Hobart Technical College to qualify as a Technical Officer 1.

He also worked at this time as a musician with a passion for percussion working in Hobart, in Dance Bands, Brass Bands, and Theatre Orchestras and as an augmenting player with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

He always preferred working with people rather than machines so he offered himself to the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania for training to lead to Ordination as a Priest. Craig served in a Country Parish and then with an inter-church organisation that provided chaplains to Industry, business and government agencies such as Police, Fire & Airport Services. He became Co-ordinator of Northern and North-West Tasmania.

During this time he studied, from part time to full time, for an Arts Degree and an Honours Degree in Social Work. He is forever grateful to a deceased aunt. Craig also thanks Prime Minister Gough Whitlam for suspending University fees long enough for him to pass!

Illness entered his life just as he had enjoyed his second Long Service Leave in Scotland, when he was 40. This stopped him in his tracks for 2 years and, with complications, stopped any thought of full time work.

He turned his mind to what he could do, rather than what he could not. The Consumers Health Forum of Australia gained him as an honorary health consumer representative. He sat on many Government health committees making sure the person with the illness was represented fully. He also became a Stringer with the Examiner Newspaper.

At a loose end in the 2000s, and mindful of his childhood, he trained with Heart FM Longford as a presenter. When this station closed, after a little timeout in 2012 he joined City Park Radio for training and eventually began presenting afternoon programmes, the monthly Partners Please… (later The Dance Show), reading (and panelling) the Examiner as well as now assisting with Jazz Spectrum.

Craig appreciates the camaraderie within CPR and the association with people his own and other age groups, plus the chance to exercise some of the skills he has built up over the years.

Craig is married to Jane, has two sons and a grandson.


hollySaturday 6th December 5pm.

Let the office know what salad, dessert, or special dish you want to bring.

BYO Alcohol if you wish – but remember – Consume responsibly.


SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES – Phone Shirley –  6334 7429


Program Schedule – November 2014


Our beautiful wisteria has been in bloom during October… – here’s what you may have missed.

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