Friends of FM – October 2013

Friends of FM – October 2013

City Park Cottage  & WisteriaSPRING IS HERE

Let’s start with some pictures taken by Maureen Martin of the century old Wisteria in the City Park Cottage Grounds … this is the sight that greeted all the visitors to the cottage in recent weeks .. and became a highlight for the Rotary Club of Launceston’s Doors Open day on Sunday 29th September. The blooms will be here for a few more weeks .. access is via the Radio Museum . Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm -… in the City Park Cottage just inside the Cameron Street gates. — more photos at the end of this newsletter.


As announced at the AGM by Luigi Romanellii, CPR has instituted an award for a younger presenter in honour of the late Mike Dodd. 

 The criteria for the award are:

 * candidates must be financial members of CPR

* candidates are under 35 years of age

* candidates have demonstrated their commitment to community radio w CPR

* candidates have demonstrated that they are committed to improving themselves as a presenter and member of CPR

 Applications are not to be longer than 2x A4 pages in length and submitted no later than 10th November via or via City Park Radio, PO Box 1501, Launceston 7250. The selection panel decision is final and the inaugural award will  be presented at the Christmas BBQ in December..


A very big thank you to Dave Mohr and his team of volunteers for the sporting broadcasts every weekend since June. It has been a real innovation for the station to be able to cover grass roots sports on the station. The feedback from members and listeners shows it has resonated very well with the community. Who’ll never forget Barry’s call of the Russell Robertson mark. Just fantastic ! Lets see what we can do with 20/20 cricket in Dec. 

Net19NET 19 Fish & Chips

RELISH CaféRelisheverydaycafe

Paul Woods from Net 19 & Relish Café in East Launceston provided a gift voucher for the CPR best player in the TSL grand final. It was Paul’s gesture of thanking CPR for introducing local sports coverage. He reckons it was fantastic and happy to help.





daylightSunday 6th October

Translation – Daylight Saving – It is Less Sleep Sunday again – put clocks forward one hour  .. until April 6, 2014




Following enquiries at our AGM, the management committee has decided this will be our significant project for 2014. A working group will be formed in January to begin the planning. It is anticipated a new frequency will provide better transmissions to the West Tamar area and southern suburbs.


City Park Radio does not have a permit to park in the laneway outside the Family History Rooms.

The four parking bays have been allocated to other businesses and members on CPR business have no rights to park there.

The council has advised the permit holders to take photos of cars parked in their spots and report to council.

Please do not assume vacant spots are available because, just like CPR volunteers, people do come and go at various times.

 CLASSIC ALBUM of the Month – SMiLE – Brian Wilson 

(2004, based on 1967 unreleased album)

smileIs this “The Greatest Album That Never Was”?

The Beach Boys’ follow-up album to the phenomenal “Pet Sounds” in 1966 set Brian Wilson on a competitive path to improve on the Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper”. The Liverpool Lads had set the bar high, but Wilson had to go higher.

He made a giant step towards that goal with the song “Good Vibrations”.  Sadly, it proved to be too much to follow this four minute aural triumph with a whole album of similar songs, and it sank into famous obscurity when Wilson couldn’t convince his Beach Boy colleagues that this progressive music was worth pursuing.

Fast forward 36 years, and Brian includes “Good Vibrations” and “Heroes and Villains” into his stage show. His friends convince him to re-visit the “Smile” album. After months of rehearsal and painstaking attention to detail, the album was re-created in the studio and on stage. From the very start with the gorgeous harmonies of “Our Prayer”, the album sparkles with Brian Wilson’s creative genius. In it you’ll find “Cabin Essence”, “Wonderful”, and “Surfs Up”. Forty seven minutes is all it takes to re-live this lost classic, and you will wonder how one man could create such a masterpiece, as groundbreaking in 2004 as it should’ve been in 1967.

.. Good Vibrations with Reelin’ in the Years … 60s &70s music – Saturday 5-7pm


Be Involved

 Seniors Week Tasmania – 1-7 October—various venues

 Sunday 20th October— 9.30am – interviewing training

 Saturday 30 November – 11am – Launceston Christmas Parade

 Saturday 7th December— 5pm – CPR Christmas Function

 Sunday 15th December— 6pm – Carols by Candlelight


  • Barratts Music
  • Carbil Computers
  • CD Centre
  • Jordan Electrical
  • AFL Tasmania

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES  Malcolm MacDonald  Ph 6334 7429 

WisteriaCity Park Cottage  & WisteriaGardens at City Park Cottage

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