Friends Of FM – February 2013

Friends Of FM – February 2013


Not all voluntary organisations can survive with only a few having to do all the work- with City Park  Radio, all we need is a few more volunteers to make a small regular commitment to the station.

Here’s a list of “positions” – you might like to consider one of them …

  • Office Attendant
  • Museum Guide
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Gardener
  • Cleaner
  • Cataloguing New Music
  • Studio Production training
  • Outside Broadcast Production.

As you can see, most areas require a commitment once a week or a few hours each week.— If you can help—please phone the station—6334 3344


PROGRAM au revoirs

After many years, CPR says farewell to a couple of Friday night programs .. Blues Fusion & the Disco Show—Our Thanks to Fred Davis and Shirley Lee for these programs  — actually a huge thanks to Fred who presented on every Friday night to midnight for many years. But it’s not goodbye—Fred can still be heard Saturdays 7pm.. and Shirley on Tue Drive.

Also a fond farewell to Mark Bakowski—Mark is unable to continue his fortnightly Polish program—his cheeky style will be missed


One of the recommendations of  the program review was for specialist  programs after 4pm. Beginning this month,

Mon –  On The Bandwagon
Tue – The Book Club
Wed – Arts Alive
Thu – Homepage/Schools Out
Fri – Accent on Women/One Planet One People

Classic Album of the Month   “Ringo”   1973


On the 40th anniversary of “Ringo” and with the man himself touring Australia this month, it’s pertinent to recognise his contribution to Classic Albums of the 1970s. “Ringo” is a remarkable album for many reasons, no less for bringing together all of the Beatles three years after the group broke up.

Ringo’s third album saw him at his peak. The respect he drew from his industry colleagues was evident, judging by the number of musical heavyweights who volunteered to play. That same respect still exists today, with some high profile players joining Ringo in his All Starr Band touring Australia in February.

The album opens with John Lennon’s “I’m The Greatest”, and goes on to feature Paul McCartney’s “Six O’Clock”, and “Photograph” that Ringo wrote with his mate George Harrison. Marc Bolan plays on the Randy Newman song “Have You Seen My Baby”, and “Devil Woman” contains a blistering Ringo Starr drum solo – not often heard on record. “Oh My My” was a hit, as was the cover of the old Johnny Burnette song “You’re Sixteen”.

While Ringo’s Beatle colleagues were releasing serious statements in their solo albums in the early 70s, “Ringo” was a happy, joyful collection of fun songs, with nothing too serious. That was Ringo, to a tee.

Reelin’ in the Years … Saturday 5-7pm … on City Park Radio that’s what I like !!!



The Australian government has provided an additional $250,000 to ensure AMRAP continues through to 30 June 2013.

AMRAP Manager, Chris Johnson has heralded the government’s renewed funding as a victory for thousands of Australian musicians and community broadcasters.

“We’re delighted the government has provided further funding and look forward to a longer term commitment by the

Federal Government in the next budget to ensure AMRAP can continue to provide critical services for the distribution and promotion of Australian music”, Johnson said.

The community radio sector remains optimistic that longer term funding for AMRAP will be delivered in the next Federal budget.

The CBAA and AMRAP lobbied extensively for funding after funding was not renewed in the May 2012 Federal Budget.

City Park Radio also lobbied your federal politicians. We received a response of support from Senator Helen Polley.


  • provides regular and targeted distribution of new Australian music to community radio stations;
  • produces and distributes radio content that promotes Australian music;
  • provides online resources for artists;
  • and undertakes other activities that support Australian music.

CPR presenters use this resource to keep you and them aware of great Australians making music. Without it, we would never know of the many talented musicians in this country.


Presenters should visit


Article from CBF Annual Report 2012 p15

City Park Radio 7LTN in Launceston, Tasmania broadcasts 8.5 hours of efebcitypartradiothnic programming in 14 languages weekly. In 2011/12 it received a grant to assist the development of the new Bhutanese program. With the purchase of a digital recorder the broadcasters are able to include many other voices in the program. The grant also allowed the group to purchase music online, as there are few outlets in Australia from which to buy CDs in Nepalese.

The program allows listeners to find out more about their new home, brings news of local community activities and provides a focal point for the community. There are about 300 Bhutanese people living in the area, and the producer/ presenter Bhagi Kuikel says that the funds have enabled him to include much more community input into the program. Pictured: Bhagi Kuikel – producer & presenter of Bhutan/Nepali program.

Ed: To receive an ethnic program grant, cultural programs have to meet certain conditions including the amount of spoken word content in each hour of their program.  It is the responsibility of the presenter to meet the conditions should they wish to apply for, and accept, funding for their program.

Trialling New Equipment

Our technical department is trialling new audio signal processing equipment during the month. If you were an aficionado of pure hi-fi stereo, you may notice a difference. The processing will provide a fuller audio sound to the signal and is similar to the processing on most other FM stations.

If you have any comments, please let the station know..

From correspondence to City Park Radio

Attention: Management Committee.

Re: New Chairs in Studios

Many thanks to the person/s responsible for the choice, and purchase, of the above chairs. I feel safe in saying that they are the most comfortable I have experienced since I have been at CPR.  (Now we need) to ensure they are treated with respect by all who use them.

From CPR member Maureen R …….

I have been listening to CPR for a few years and last year became a member—in regards to the Friends of FM article last month questioning whether the station volunteers are thanked. I listen to the station and I “hear all the announcers thank the many volunteers for keeping the station on air. You all do a great job. Keep it up.” Thank you Maureen.


Diary Note


Harmony Day is March 21 and on Saturday 23rd March, City Park Radio will have a BBQ and live music on the cottage lawns to celebrate the diversity of programming on the station and to showcase the live performance facilities in Studio D … Offer us your support.

Keep the day free, and join us


LONGFORD – RSAA Broadcast – Sun Feb 17 -11am

City Park Radio will broadcast a commemoration day service from the Longford Cenotaph for the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia.

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