Friends of FM – February 2016

Friends of FM – February 2016


traders2Is it cute and cuddly with a big smile?

Or blokes in short sleeves

It could be all of your fantasies are right here!

Well, your AFL ones anyway!

The Traders return with their hour of fun and footy frivolity helping you to select and manage your fantasy team in 2016.

Play the official fantasy game of the AFL at or via the free smartphone app.

Join in the engaging and banter-filled way to enjoy footy with Roy, Calvin and Warnie every Monday evening from 6pm—live on City Park Radio.

If you miss the program, it’s podcasted via iTunes and – and you too  will be one of the other 10,000 listeners tuning in around the world weekly.

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postie-safetyThis may be your last snail mail newsletter.

At the recent management meeting, it was resolved that from February 2016, presenters with an email address will no longer have the newsletter posted to them. Newsletters will be emailed to presenters and, if required, printed copies of the newsletters will be available in the office or studio.



Peter ThompsonTo the strains of the Auld Lang Syne March, Peter Thompson has put the baton down and ended the On The Bandwagon program.

For almost six years, Peter has proudly marched into the studio on Mondays and     presented a wide variety of band music.

CPR thanks Peter for his commitment to the program and wishes him well with his other programs on CPR when, no doubt, you’ll hear a march or two or three.


The History Show – Mondays 4pm

CaptureThe History Show shines its spotlight on anything and everything: from the history of wine, Lawrence of Arabia, the invention of the printing press, the writer W B Yeats, the history of childhood, the Colosseum, the discovery of anaesthetic, the Roman empress Agrippina, the scientist Rosalind Franklin, to daily life in the year 1000.  The presenter is Dr Jill Brannock.

Jill, how did you get started in community radio? I was confident that my excitement about history could be effectively communicated through a radio program, and community radio is the perfect medium. Tasman FM management have been wonderfully supportive and enthusiastic about the show, which I have been presenting for more than 7 years.

How did The History Show begin? I gave an interview to the station about local community events, and offered to do a weekly program. Finding a title for the show was not easy, since it covers such a wide range of topics and such a huge period of time. I opted for simplicity, but I am sure there is a better title.

How do you decide what to cover on your show? I like to find people and events that offer scope for debate, and I work very hard to present a balanced view whenever moral or religious controversies are implicit in the topic. I also make sure to let listeners know what key academic sources I am using, especially whenever I include quotes

Travel back in time with Dr Jill Brannock as she explores famous people, events, and aspects of daily life from the beginning of human civilization to the 21st Century — Mondays 4pm.

Sourced from the CBX magazine click here for the full article


festivalCity Park – –12-14 Feb 2016

For access and safety reasons for Festivale, the radio museum will be  closed 10-15 February.

Stay tuned to Breakfast during the week in the lead up to Festivale for your chance to win passes to Festivale… the answers to the questions will be about Festivale …. too easy !!!!

And catch some of the colour of Festivale during the Drive show on 12th February.



bunningsBBQ Sausages/Cold Drinks

visit City Park Radio at

Bunnings Northside, Launceston

Join the crew again as they raise funds for your community station

Wednesday10th February   8.30am – 4pm



CPR Tech awardOn 27th April, we start our 31st year of fully licenced broadcasting

WANTED:  Photographs or Memorabilia from past years for a display of that history through the years.

If you can help, lend material or relay an interesting story Contact:  Craig Ellis 0418 594764 or John Munday CPR museum. Receipts issued.

This relic is from 1988 … and was part of the City Park Radio awards for that year for technical production. It’s a Greg Leong creation from one of his more artistic moments… we would probably need to show it to him again to remember what was going through his mind at that stage.

Remember if you have any memorabilia that would make a great display feature for a couple on months, please contact the museum.


Hard RoadHard Road Stevie Wright  (1974)

2015 ended on a sad note with the death of former Easybeats frontman Stevie Wright. At just 68 years of age, he was one of this country’s most dynamic performers.

After the Easybeats disbanded in 1970, Stevie worked in a Sydney menswear shop and played Simon Zealotes on-stage in Jesus Christ Superstar, before forming his own band and releasing his first solo album in 1974 – Hard Road. It is without question his finest hour, and he was still only 25 years old.

Former Easybeats, Harry Vanda and George Young, played on the album and wrote tracks like the autobiographical Hard Road, Didn’t I Take You Higher? and Evie Parts 1,2 & 3.  These are ably complemented by Stevie’s own strong compositions like Commando Line, Life Gets Better and Dancing in the Limelight.

The groundbreaking single Evie is a genuine Australian rock epic. It seemed an unlikely chart contender with its eleven minute length, but it was wisely split across three parts, starting perfectly with a hook-laden Part 1, followed by the beautiful ballad of Part 2, and the head-on power rock of Part 3.

Stevie Wright’s Hard Road remains one of the most iconic Australian albums of the 1970s.

Reelin’ in the Years … 60s &70s music, Saturday 5-7pm


Please support these business as they support your community radio station…. and don’t forget to mention you heard about them on City Park Radio.

Sponsorship enquiries – Shirley  6334 7429  or







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