Friends of FM – January 2013

Friends of FM – January 2013

Volume 27 Issue 1


Recently the management received this suggestion from a member within the station:

I would say that City Park Radio would be about the only institution where they do not thank their volunteers in ANY POSITIVE way

January-2013volThe management committee does value the work that our volunteers perform.  Throughout the past year we have held BBQ’s and events.  We have acknowledged the work of volunteers through thank you letters and presentations.  As late as the  Christmas BBQ CPR held a “thank you” event at which the president warmly thanked all volunteers for their contributions throughout the year.  Management has sent around a dozen bouquets and cards to volunteers throughout the past year to show we care.  We have acknowledged the achievements of our volunteers and celebrated with stories into the local newspaper.  This newsletter frequently highlights and thanks the volunteer effects of members.  The November newsletter especially thanked Ian Campbell and his team for the work on installing the new transmitter (also included photos).

Presentations have been made to volunteers who have gone the extra yards over and above their normal their normal activities at the station.  It is mischievous to suggest that CPR does not thank it’s volunteers. CPR will continue to acknowledge and thank our members who truly volunteer their effects for the station – whether they be presenters, office staff, museum guides, gardeners, technical or committee people (who actually put their hands to do more than their usual volunteer effect).

CPR appreciates any, and all, volunteer effect to keep the station alive… and will continue to recognise and support your involvement – members are encouraged to read the article below.


Kathy Tuting

Our sincere thanks to Kathy for all her gardening over the last few years.  Everyone should agree the grounds were well lept and a pleasure to view.  Kathy has hung up her gloves and hose and composted for the last time at CPR.  A brilliant job! Well done! A true volunteer! Vern O’Byrne has temporarily jumped in to continue the work… He would love an assistant.



Program Meeting – Saturady 12 January 9.15am

Management Committee – Saturady 19th January 9.30am


CPR Sponsors

  • Ace Pest Control
  • Birchalls of the Mall
  • Carbil Computers
  • The CD Centre
  • Finneys
  • Grain Grocer
  • Launceston Blind Cleaning & Repairs
  • Launceston Carpet Cleaning
  • Neil Pitts
  • NewsXpress
  • Second hand Tool Store
  • Summerhill & Olde Tudor Pharmacies
  • UltragreenSun
  • Young at Heart

Sponsorship enquiries – Ph 6334 7429

Reelin’ in the Years – Claassic Ablum

BOB DYLAN – Blonde On Blonde

bobdylanReleased in May 1966, “Blonde on Blonde” completes a trilogy of Dylan albums, preceded by “Bring It All Back Home” and “Highway 61 Revisited”.  It features the cream of Nashville musicians and lyrics which elevated rock music writing to a new level.  It was also one of the first rock double albums.

“Blonde On Blonde” spawned classic Dylan songs like “Rainy Day Woman#12 & 35”, “Just Like a Woman” and “Vision of Johanna” plus the epic “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” which occupied all of Side 4!

Such was the impact of this album that 12 years later Dylan himself said “The closest I ever got to the sound I hear in my mind on “Blonde On Blonde”.

Dylan’s lyrics and use of blues and country arrangements came to full fruition in this album and the listener can’t help but be mesmerized by the stunning word power and musical force displayed throughout the 4 sides.  Of all Dylan’s albums, “Blonde On Blonde” was the one that cemented his place as a rock music legend.

Reelin’ in the Years … 60’s & 70’s music – Saturday 5-7pm


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