Friends of FM – June 2016

Friends of FM – June 2016


Kenzie performPerforming Live on Brekkie with Mike, The Kenzie Kids with their Irish jigs.

These young people busk in the City and also perform at the Harvest Market. Mike Conlon had them live in the Studio on the Brekkie program and they were excellent. Mike says their playing was very good and he received good feed back.

Listeners and people within the Station saying they enjoyed (listening to) them. They are Josiah age 14, Micah 12 and Matthias 9. Many would have seen them play live at  the Italian Club and everyone was amazed. They play Irish Dance and folk music.  Check out their facebook page.

Other performers to visit our studios and play live include Tinpan Orange & Luca Brasi

tinpan luca

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CITY PARK RADIO – SPEECH IN REPLY – Civic Reception – 27th April 2016  (abridged)

civic receptionYour Worship, The Mayor of Launceston, Lady Mayoress, City Councillors, City Park Radio Sponsors, Life Members, City Park Radio Members, past and present Executive & committee members, and Guests

It gives me great pleasure, as Vice President of CPR, to express the appreciation of those City Park Radio Members who were extended an invitation to this Civic Reception to mark the 30th Anniversary of City Park Radio in Launceston.

For many years there has been a link between two very active community organisations. The Launceston City Council (in representing the community) has always been supportive of City Park Radio (who serves the community).  I believe we have made a great team. It was a previous City Mayor (now The Hon. Don Wing AM) who was and still is our Patron who championed our tenancy of the City Park Cottage and Stable complex. The LCC owns the complex on behalf of the community, and CPR is a very appreciative tenant. These assets of the community have been upgraded and improved over the years by the labour of volunteers and very supportive tradespeople. We are so appreciative for the home of our radio station – set in the magnificence of the gardens of City Park. Yes we are two organisations of the community, each serving similar constituents, working together for the good of the City of Launceston and surrounds.

Today is also a time to remember, and to thank, past members and to encourage present members of this (totally volunteer-run) Station.  You know we cannot do without our members and volunteers and sponsors for the Station to exist in equilibrium.  But those committed to keep this station alive and well, still perform a great amount of work, whether it is in administration, management, new member co-ordination, technical, programming including presenting, archiving, training, sponsorship, the Multi-Cultural Unit or the radio museum.  On behalf of our President, Allan Anderson, who sends his apology today, I too thank our members and volunteers both old and new for their tremendous input to our Community Radio Station.

In closing, I need to mention that when the Static Display was being designed and built for this event, several thoughts came to my mind. In particular, the average age of the members who built this station would have been relatively young; say between 20 and 30, maybe some were a little older. Also I gleaned how much energy must have been expended by all.  Young age and energy often go hand in hand – and creates change.

The Coordinators of New Volunteers at the Station have the task of interviewing, encouraging and nurturing people who become a member and who wish to work actively as a volunteer in a unit of the station, as mentioned above.  We have the privilege of getting to know new volunteers and their ideas of how they can contribute.  Until recently we haven’t interviewed many younger adults.

However, those we have interviewed, remind me of what I have noticed to be the characteristics of those younger people of 30 years ago. These are:  Energy, selflessness, an ability to work in a team, enthusiasm bordering on a passion, friendliness, acceptance of others, a desire to use their spare time and particular skills – indeed all characteristics of any volunteer in a community organisation. I have observed these same ideals in contemporary young adults who have a vision for music.  The big difference after eight years of preparation plus 30 years licensed and on air is that they now have a station, tried and true, which can assist in bringing their hopes to some fulfilment.

Will CPR survive to forty years of age? – it is up to us – as long as we foster, and nurture younger adults.  As long as we don’t knock their ways, their choices, but be supportive, enthusiastic, and hungry, with them, for the future. As long as our eyes reflect the eagerness in their eyes.

We at CPR are in a great position for the future, but, of course, we could do better.  I leave you with this challenge today:  CPR, as a community Radio Station is alive and well.

As well as being thankful for our Council, for our work space, for each other, I hope we can build our younger membership base and strive forward with the same passion as those who did the same, 30 years ago.

Thank you.     Craig Ellis Vice-President

From the eighties

From the eighties – Kim Henry, Don Wing, Ian Evans, David Sice


KEEP THE COMMUNITY IN YOUR RADIO – Have you signed and shared?

KCR_Web_hero_image1000x300px_v5The Federal Budget failed to maintain funding that currently keeps community stations broadcasting on digital radio in 5 capital cities. This has put community radio’s standing alongside public and commercial broadcasters at risk.

In response, as part of a campaign to “Keep The Community In Your Radio”, more than 26,000 people have signed to show their support ahead of the upcoming election.

City Park Radio supports community radio and recommends you sign the petition and share it around your friends and beyond.

Please take the time to pass this petition along to other people, your friends, family, supporters, and listeners…. click on the link below


Leane BurtonCity Park Radio was on site to broadcast information regarding the best options regarding palliative care and hospice services for people living in our area.

Bill Housego & David Mohr broadcast live from the Albert Hall from 10am to 12 noon … before David packed up the gear and headed for York Park and our second Outside Broadcast for the day.

Our thanks to the organisers, particularly Sharon King for her assistance in organising and coordinating this broadcast.


With the cooperation of the Festival organisers, CPR will begin broadcasting sessions recorded at this years Festival held in March.

From June, this special program will replace the History Show on Mondays at 4pm for the next few months.  Listen to some interesting and frank discussion from the world of literature… sometimes serious, sometimes fun, and sometimes straight from the heart.

This month, Mosiac Australia- Words & Cultural Voices (6th), “I’d Like To Thank….”- Award winning writing(13th), The Universe in Your Backyard – Environmental perspectives (20th) and Lost Voices – recreating historic characters (27th).

WINTER,Your Health, Your Lungs

JimIt’s a timely reminder for many people about the diverse effect on health that winter brings… especially how the adverse elements in the environment can have a debilitating effect not only just on the elderly but anyone with a lung disease

Dr Jim Markos, Respiratory Physician with the Australian Lung Foundation, will be in the studio to discuss the impacts, and some of the solutions to help you be better informed … and perhaps breathe a little easier.
Make an appointment to join and listen in each month with Mike Dunphy on the Friday Long Lunch.
June 17th (1.15pm)   July 15th (1.15pm)  Aug 19th (12.30pm)
Topics will include
June “wood smoke from home heating)
July  “common lung disorders –  eg – asthma”
Aug “breathing disorders during sleep”


Greg MurgatroydHow young are you?  67

Where were you born? In the Swamp – (Invermay)

Are you married? Yes.  2 boys, 2 grandchildren

What turns you on? Motor racing, restoring old cars, woodwork, gardening, travel

What did you do in your other life? Company rep for an Electrical Manufacturer, Electrician (self emp), Ops Manager at the Silverdome.

Why City Park Radio? Wanted to get into radio ever since becoming involved with setting up programs at Brooks High School.

What do you do at CPR? Help in the Museum, Presenter on a rotation – (Rock Show, Sunday Assortment, Mornings With)

What type of music do you like? Rock and Blues, Swing

CITY PARK RADIO – 30th anniversary BBQ bash

BBQIt was a fun Saturday afternoon … a fine day amongst the variable autumn weather.

Sausages, bacon and patties made for sizzling Saturday afternoon .. with salads galore and yummy desserts for everyone.

We even let the President have a blunt knife . and he and our Patron Don Wing cut the special cake.

See more photos on our City Park Radio facebook page … or if you are a member of our City Park Radio Group facebook page


cansMore sausage, more sizzle

Bunnings Northside –  Wednesday June 8 from 8.30am to 4pm

and cold drinks on a cold day ..

Sausages still $2.50 ea  .. Can Drinks, whatever temperature,  $1.50

Supporting community radio and a chance to meet some of your presenters.


Last chance for current financial members, the $45 fee is discounted to $40 if paid before 30 June 2016.

CBAA / NEMBC CONFERENCE – call for nominations.

Your management committee has decided to fund up to 4 delegates to the CBAA conference and up to 3 delegates from MCU to the NEMBC conference.

Please lodge your EOI Expression of Interest with the secretary by July 15th.


Odessey_and_OracleTHE ZOMBIES – Odyssey and Oracle

Many albums have received indifferent responses when first released, but then go on to become classics.  Odyssey and Oracle by The Zombies is one such album. Released in April 1968, Odyssey and Oracle was recorded to a tight budget and deadline – because of this, the Zombies worked quickly in the studio, having rehearsed rigorously beforehand.

When the album was released it didn’t gather much attention, despite the first single, Time of the Season, becoming a surprise hit for the band. The band thought they had created something special but due to the poor response and internal tensions they split before the album was actually released!  In fact, it was only in 2008 that four of the five original members reformed for the 40th anniversary of the album, playing it in its entirety for a few shows.

Odyssey and Oracle was a pysch/pop masterpiece – its multi-coloured cover art, complex arrangement and baroque instrumentation all combined to create a complete album – rightfully ranked alongside the Beach Boys Pet Sounds and Sgt Peppers from the Beatles.

The songs feature carefully crafted vocals, driven by lead vocalist Colin Blundstone, thought-provoking lyrics, bold chord changes, and intricate strings arrangements. Keyboard player Rod Argent, bassist Chris White and guitarist Paul Atkinson all helped to craft the music that was certainly ahead of its time.

The Zombies unique brand of lyric wit and daring arrangements expanded the limits of pop and rock – Odyssey and Oracle is well worth a listen.

Reelin’ in the Years—60s &70s music, Saturday 5-7pm


Please support these business as they support your community radio station…. and don’t forget to mention you heard about them on City Park Radio.

Sponsorship enquiries – Shirley  6334 7429  or


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