Friends of FM – March 2013

Friends of FM – March 2013


EntertainerHarmony Day and Close the Gap is March 21 and on Saturday 23rd March, City Park Radio will have a BBQ and live music on the cottage lawns to celebrate the diversity of programming on the station and to showcase the live performance facilities in Studio D … our very own “day on the green”.

It has been a dream for 25 years to be able to use Studio D for live production of music and performance and thanks to a Tasmanian Community Fund grant, City Park Radio has been able to purchase some of the mixing equipment required to make it happen. 

The “official opening” will be at 2.30pm

Keep the day free – Come along – Join in the fun – Make some music— you are welcome to sing and play as well  …. or just enjoy a conversation or two


The Phonographic Performance Company Of Australia (PPCA) won a Federal Court appeal on 13 February that will now allow them to seek licence fees from radio broadcasters for internet simulcasts. The appeal was against a previous ruling in favour of Commercial Radio Australia (CRA). At this stage nothing will change for community broadcasters. Blanket PPCA agreements currently in place cover broadcast only and PPCA fees are collected by the CBAA on behalf of CBAA member stations.

LONGFORD – RSAA Broadcast Sun Feb 17 – 11am

NSAA march to the Longford CenotaphCity Park Radio joined with the National Servicemens Association to broadcast a commemoration service from the Longford Cenotaph. CPR member Brian Watson is also a passionate member and supporter of the NSAA and went out of his way to make the broadcast happen. Brian sought the help of Telstra to ensure a telephone line was available on the day. (It was secured firmly 16ft up in the palm tree—it made for interesting access before and after the service). The day was warm and sunny .. And easy to prepare. CPR was set up and ready to go by 10am. The program said the service would start at 11.15am. The march had taken place. The guest speaker had arrived.  The guard of honour had re-assembled. The Launceston RSL band was in position. Most of the politicians had arrived. The crowd was moving all the chairs back under the trees out of the sun. The PA system was tweaked so they could hear. The few remaining seated became a parade of umbrellas as they sought shade. It’s two minutes to eleven… Hey Brian what’s all the movement  at the lectern —- a few seconds later .. Brian returns with the information …. They going to start now … with a minute to go to a frantic call to the studio …. Drop the 11 o’clock news and cross straight away—they’re starting early! Without a beat, the studio crosses and the broadcast goes to air.  Being well prepared goes along way. Being aware that there is to be a lot City Park Radio at Longfordof wreath laying with just quiet atmosphere (not good for radio).. Brian organised the RSL to play during this period. Goes off without a hitch. Brian and the station has received very good feedback from people who couldn’t make the service but listened to it on air or on line—they appreciated the effort the station had gone to. Our thanks go to Brain Watson, Ian Campbell, David Bailey and Peter Stecenko for getting the program to air on the day, Telstra for providing the telephone line for the broadcast and most of all a very big THANK-YOU to Hobart FM for lending their outside broadcast equipment to City Park Radio.

RITY – Classic Album – WARREN ZEVON – Warren Zevon

 Warren ZevonAlthough unheralded at the time, Warren Zevon’s major label debut album in 1976 is now hailed as a masterpiece!  Packed with quirky, melodic songs he was able assisted by luminaries like Jackson Browne (producer), Linda Ronstadt (who herself recorded 3 songs from this album – “Carmelita”, “Mohammed’s Radio” and “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”), most of Fleetwood Mac, Carl Wilson, The Eagles and Bonnie Raitt. Zevon was a much darker and ironic songwriter than Jackson Browne and other leading Los Angeles musicians but he complemented their sweeter sounds.  Typically, instead of living in trendy Laurel Canyon, Zevon planted himself in the seedy East LA!

Equally adept on keyboards and guitar, the songs on this album paint graphic pictures of unique and interesting characters.  It’s a pity that Zevon is usually only known by “Werewolves Of London” (from his next album) as his catalogue of songs is superb and this debut album sets a template that he would replicate until his death in 2003.

Although each of the songs has strong melodies, it’s his lyrics that stick in your mind.  On “Frank & Jesse James” he declares that even though the outlaws killed and robbed “never did they ask for a word of thanks”.  And on “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” he says his girlfriend “put me through some changes Lord, sort of like a Waring blender!”

Warren Zevon really fits no category – a place he liked to be.  If you’d like to enter the wild world of Warren Zevon, start here!

Reelin’ in the Years … 60’s & 70’s music –  Saturday 5-7pm


Harmony Day logo HD is when all Australians celebrate our cultural diversity. The day is also the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Harmony Day is managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and gives people the opportunity to celebrate what makes each Australian unique and share what we have in common.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are still dying 10 to 17 years younger than other Australians. For that reason, more than 40 national organisations came together in 2006 to form Close the Gap – Australia’s largest ever campaign to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people  Both days raise awareness in our community of our rich diversity and to improve our relationships and opportunities for everyone


Daylight Saving ends – not March but – 3am Sunday 7th April.


  • Birchalls of the Mall
  • Barretts Music
  • Carbil Computers
  • The CD Centre
  • Elm Tree Cafe
  • Grain Grocer
  • Grindalwald Bakery Cafe
  • Hollybank
  • Neil Pitts
  • NewsXpress
  • Secondhand Tool Store
  • Summerhill & Olde Tudor Pharmacies
  • The Family Doctor Service
  • Ultragreensun Solar








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