Friends of FM – May 2016

Friends of FM – May 2016



Leigh CakeLast month we mentioned April 14 was our anniversary of full licence radio broadcasting.

From the early days at Alanvale college, to the move to the City Park Cottage — we have been broadcasting every day for 30 years… thanks to the efforts of many volunteers…

A special cake was ordered for the day…. Leigh Townsend delighted us all with a decorated cake with a studio mixing console…. another way to cut your teeth on radio you might say.

…… (now who remembers the lamington drives ?)

COMMUNITY RADIO: media transition and reform

i love radioThe CBAA recognises that technology is driving change in media business models and media consumption, and that ownership laws must respond. What we are passionate about, though, is Australian media that builds and reflects strong communities, an open society, a strong democracy and a vibrant and inclusive culture. In the face of current proposed reforms and digital transition, community radio is becoming increasingly important to achieve this.

Broadcasting continues to grow in importance (radio broadcasting is almost alone in increasing its audience in the face of technological change). In fact, technological challenges continue to reinforce the importance of broadcasting. For example, there are no congestion issues when a high volume of listeners listen to (free) broadcast radio. It requires no data plan or subscription

Technological change isn’t going to stop and where it will head isn’t certain. What is certain is that in an increasingly global world, audiences are increasingly seeking authentic local voices and local content and media that strengthens communities. This reflects the sublime tension in our age; think global and act local.

Read the full article at

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Download May program schedule here


Windsor ParkOne of our commentators received this text message following the game at Windsor Park a few weeks ago. It is a great acknowledgement and recognition for  the standard of our coverage. Well done to everyone involved.

Good work on a great commentary today at Windsor .. Your team is very informative and gettn more professional every game you do. I don’t hesitate in spread the word to ppl before and at the game of your coverage. At the risk of “suckn up”to you which is not my reason for this messge to u . .But just needs feedback 4 yas cos it is on the ball up to date on coverage .. credit where credit due !! Cheers.


This goes with thatThe Community Media Training Organisation ran a weekend workshop for our volunteers interested in furthering their skills with OB’s

Seven people attended and learned about balanced and unbalanced lines, XLR plugs and sockets, and what male plugs can do to female sockets…. even to learning how to coil audio leads..

Sam O’Reilly conducted the sessions with David Mohr visiting to talk about our current OB’s and how they have happened for the past three years.

Sam took some fine photos which you can find on our facebook page …  plus you can see more of the fun at the end of this newsletter.

A SPECIAL BBQ to celebrate 30 years

barbecue-inviteAll Members, volunteers and partners are invited to join the celebration on Saturday 21st May at 1pm…. It’s our way of saying thank you for your contributions, support and efforts for your community station.

It will be held in the grounds of the Cottage .. And it is essential to RSVP to the office by Wednesday 18th May.

The office will also let you know whether to bring a salad or a dessert.

Saturday 21 May — 1pm… register now 6334 3344 (9.30am-3pm)


thank youElizabeth Collins has decided to turn the lights out on LNL.

After 8 years of late Wednesday nights and early Thursday mornings, Elizabeth has drawn the curtains on LNL to focus on her other programs on CPR. Thank you Elizabeth for your wonderful late evening programs..

From May 4, a new program. James Parker & Sam Sheridan invite you to join them for their mix of music, news, interviews and fun… Weds 10pm Midnight



Join Bill Housego for a special broadcast from the Albert Hall

Saturday 21st May 10-12noon.

The expo will be showcasing the many services and organisations helping with effective palliative care in Northern Tasmania.


ExaminerThe coordinator of the program, Ron Camplin has been receiving a lot of good feedback about our service .

He reports he is finding it hard to find anyone who likes the new look Examiner Newspaper.

Ron was at a meeting one night and one of the attendees mentioned  she and other women had been discussing their dislike for the new format when one made the statement she listens to READINGS FROM THE EXAMINER on City Park Radio and gets all the news she wants.

Well done, News Readers


Don Wing

No prizes for guessing who the celebrity brick paver finisher is!!!

The is a small display of 30 years of 7LTN/CPR history in Studio D — do visit during office hours … the museum volunteers will take you on a tour.


Lego cottageDuring April, our Lego men & women staged a Brixibition in the Albert Hall in Launceston.

The coordinator Ken Draeger has been organising several of these expos over the past few years … and the main feature at each one is a special streetscape he has photograph, scoped, measured and then built out of “bricks”.

This year it was the Albert Hall precinct including the City Park Cottage – home to City Park Radio…. and even down to a few monkeys in the enclosure beside the cottage.

more pix of brix below.



sausagesBBQ Sausages/Cold Drinks

 visit City Park Radio at

Bunnings Northside

Wednesday May 11



subscribe CPRThe membership fee for 2016-2017 has been set at $45.

For existing financial members, the fee is discounted to $40 if paid before 30 June 2016.

Don’t forget to update your membership details with the office.


REELIN’ IN THE YEARS — Classic Album

EmmylouHarrisEliteHotelEMMYLOU HARRIS – Elite Hotel

In discussions about the history of Country Rock, names like The Byrds, Gram Parsons, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Poco, and the Eagles are often the first mentioned.  But Emmylou Harris must always be included in such discussions – Elite Hotel is a good example of why this should be so.

Released in December 1975, it built on the success of her previous album from that year, Pieces of the Sky.  Emmylou had made her mark in the early 70’s on recordings she made with the legendary Gram Parsons, from there she set about creating a series of landmark albums during the 70’s.

Elite Hotel contains a mixture of reworked country classics like Don Gibson’s Sweet Dreams, Jambalaya from Hank Williams, and the Buck Owns gem Together Again.  Her bond with Gram Parsons, who died in 1973, remained strong and Elite Hotel contains 3 songs co-written by Gram, including the superb Wheels.

The album also contains one of the best ever interpretations of a Beatles song – Here, There and Everywhere.

These songs were sung impeccably by Emmylou, who was backed by her Hot Band, powered by James Burton and Rodney Crowell on guitars, plus a host of other top musicians.

The end result is Elite Hotel – an album that stands as a testimony to Emmylou Harris’ ability to transform an eclectic mix of songs into a powerful body of work that transcends musical styles

Reelin’ in the Years — 60s &70s music, Saturday 5-7pm


Please support these business as they support your community radio station…. and don’t forget to mention you heard about them on City Park Radio.

Sponsorship enquiries – Shirley  6334 7429  or


Albert Hall Cottage lane Cottage garden Cottage cage


Who packed this away ummmm two many red lights sheila Sheila and Shirley Sheila and Shirley 2 Ron Craig balanced or XLR All finished






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