Friends of FM – November 2012

Friends of FM – November 2012

Radiothon Success

Over the last weekend in October, members and volunteers came togther for the City Park Radiothon.  What started out as a 6am – 6pm three day event, became a 24 hour a day event with presenters offering to keep the station local all night Friday and Saturday.  The office and museum staff kept the office and museum open 8am to 5pm and many presenters also got to meet one another and the many listeners to the station.  Some unlikely presenter duos kept the audience entertained for hours – even during the wee small hours.  Nearly one hundred people pledged their support, many more got involved with the raffle and music requests.  The silent auction raised nearly $400 for the station.  In total, the effects of volunteers managed to raise around $3000.  The station gained another 30 members over the weekend.Special thanks to those who gave so much of their time over the weekend and came in every day to help with tours, or the BBQ, or to talk up the Radiothon on air.  Special thanks to HeliAdventures, Wellington Street Gallery, Young at Heart, Shirley Lee, Vern O’Byrne, Gwen Baker and Chris Ball for donating all the prizes on offer.


HeliAdventures flight for two – for pledges – Rita Wright
Giant monster humungous raffle – Olivia Sweeney
Volunteer of the weekend – $50 Young at Heart – Elizabeth Collins
Wellington Street Gallery Mona Lisa print – Hadie
Pendulum Wall clock – Gary
Mountain Bike & accessories – Joe

On The Internet

I am currently listening to John Doyer and Jazz Spectrum. He has not lost his excellent way of presenting the show.  John and I go back a long way on City Park Radio as we were announcers.  Please pass my thanks onto John for a great show.  I am currently listening to him from Lightning Ridge in NSW on your stream.  i pop in from time to time as my wife Cheryl and I are traveling around Australia.  Thanks Brian Yeoman

Station Security

Management is investigating the need for security surveilance at City Park Radio.  A proposal is on the table to have security cameras installed on the cottage and the studios so all people can be recorded while they are in the complex.  If you have any privacy issues with this prosal, you are asking to write to the Management committee.  Quotes are being obtained, a decision is likely at the November meeting.

APEX Xmas Parade

Walk with the CPR float Saturady 24th November.  Join your fellow volunteers and “fly the flag” for your community station.


Our thanks go to Rob for composing the newsletter each month.  Rob managed to get a newsletter to the office each month for the last two to three years.  In volunteer organisations, every effect helps.  Thank you Rob


If you know of any business eager to help, please let Shirley know as soon as possible.  Or leave a message Ph 6334 7429.


Program Meeting – Saturady 3rd November 9.30am
Management Committee – Tuesday 20th November 6.30pm
Multicultural – Sat 24th November 10am

CPR Sponsors

  • Birchalls of the Mall
  • Carbil Computers
  • The CD Centre
  • Finneys
  • Flowers on Riverside
  • Hollybank Adventures
  • Launceston Blind Cleaning & Repairs
  • Neil Pitts
  • NewsXpress
  • Summerhill & Olde Tudor Pharmacies
  • Tassie Rockers
  • UltragreenSun
  • Young at Heart

A new Transmitter for City Park Radio 103.7FM

During October the technical team at City Park Radio installed a brand new transmitter replacing old technology reaching the end of its life. There were no more guarantees that the old transmitter could be further repaired if another failure occured.  Armed with a grant from the CBF, Ian Campbell researched, recommended and obtained a quieter and more energy efficient transmitter.  Ian says the reduction in power use will result in some significant cost saving for CPR – power cost savings without reducing the transmission output of 103.7FM.  Great work Ian, David & Alan.


Reelin’ in the Years – Classic Album

Goodbye Tiger – Richard Clapton

Goodbye-TigerIn 1975 Richard Clapton became a genuine rock star after the success of Girls On the Avenue.  Two years later, with moew confidence and imagination, Clapton released”Goodbye Tiger” – an album of real musical depth and authority.  The title track was a masterpiece in itself and has since gone on to be of the highpoints of any Richard Clapton concert.

He marauds around the stage virtually spitting out the phrase from the end of the song “It’s alright, it’s alright” – a sight not easily forgotten!

“Goodbye Tiger” also contains immortal Clapton gems like “Deep Water” and “Down In the Lucky Country”, plus classic album cuts such as “Amsterdam” and “I Can Talk To You”.  Expertly produced by Richard Batchens.  Clapton also employed a crack band including Canadian guitarist, Kirk Lorange, Michael Hegarty on drums and powerful backing vocals from Diana Klaas.

Richard Clapton has gone on to record many classics of Australian rock but few would challenge the fact that “Goodbye Tiger” is a shining light in his impressive catalogue.  Recently remastered and extended, “Goodbye Tiger” has aged with great dignity.

Reelin’ in the years … 60’s and 70’s music – Saturday 5-7pm

CPR Management Matter

Recently a special management meeting invoked section 3.3.6 in our constitution to expel a member of CPR.  It was the unanimous opinion of the Management Committee that recent correspondence offered and sent to the program review lowered and impugned the reputation of management, the operation and volunteers of City Park Radio.  This was a direct breach of The Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers at CPR.  Due process under the constitution has been provided to appeal this decision.  It has not been exercised.  If you would like further explanation, the President, Luigi Romanelli is happy to help.

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