Friends of FM – November 2015

Friends of FM – November 2015


stoolTwo events occurred on the 17th Oct at CPR.  Firstly, alive and exclusive broadcast of the SATIS athletic finals.  Secondly, we hosted, as part of Seniors Week, an afternoon tea.  On Monday 19th Oct, on behalf of your station, Ron Camplin attended a meeting of the Ladies from Probus (Longford) to speak on the activities of CPR.

These events highlight our involvement in the community. These activities are made possible by the ongoing commitment, dedication and participation of our members/volunteers. To all, thank you and congratulations.

Translator Project…… the lease for the land we require has been finalised.  The next step is to have plans prepared for the building to house equipment and erection of the translator mast.  (There is movement at the station!).

Business Plan…… all organisations, be it Commercial, Corporate or Not For Profit Enterprises should have a Business Plan.  We are currently formalising and putting the final touches to such a plan.  In anticipation, I thank the Management Team for their time, effort and input, in particular Chris Herbert and Craig Ellis who are bringing it all together.

Christmas BBQ…… date claimer – Saturday 5th December 2015. To be held after the scheduled Public/Programming Meetings.  Estimated time – 12.30pm.  All members are invited to attend. See this Newsletter and Notice Boards at the Station for more information.

Best Regards and Good Listening, Allan Andersen, President




Vonda CupOn a recent Long Lunch Program, Peter Stecenko interviewed Joe McGrath,VRC Cup Tour Manager and Des Gleeson, Melbourne Cup Ambassador.

Let it be known that the Cup has been in the studios of City Park Radio and nary a fingerprint was left on it as Vonda Basset can vouch. Look closer to see the photographer.

Hear the running of the Melbourne Cup on City Park Radio —Tuesday 3rd November at 3pm courtesy of Fairfax Radio.

More photos below.


Paul SharonWANTED:  Please lend or give Photographs or Memorabilia of anything to do with CPR in the past 30 years.

This material needed for a static display commencing April 2016—

Contact:  Vice President Craig Ellis 0418 594764 or John Munday CPR museum. Receipts issued.


translatorMore good news— not only CPR has received a planning permit to proceed with the project, CPR has signed a lease for the piece of ground at Rocherlea.

It is near the Telstra tower you can see behind the Mowbray tip. We can legally enter and prepare to meet conditions for preparing to lodge a building permit.

A geotechnical report is being obtained to enable proper specifications to be drawn up for the tower and shed on the ground.

Brian Watson has been checking through his offers from various businesses, groups, and people to ensure they are still willing to help us.

CBF Restructure Consultation Paper no 2

CBFAnother round of discussion is happening ..

The CBF has published their second consultation paper ‘Embracing change – a stronger future for Community Broadcasting’.

The CBF Board has really appreciated the sharing of thoughts and feedback on the CBF Structure & Governance Review so far, and encourage you to read and respond to this second consultation paper, which includes some key questions that the CBF Board wants input on – including draft guidelines for Content grants and Development grants.

Follow the links to check out the updated information

If you would like your station to consider another submission, check out the CBF links … and let the committee have your ideas by November 21.


Community broadcasters are united by six guiding principles. City Park Radio works to:

  1. Promote harmony and diversity, and contribute to an inclusive, cohesive and culturally diverse Australian community
  2. Pursue principles of democracy, access and equity, especially for people and issues not adequately represented in other media
  3. Enhance the diversity of programming choices available to the public and present programs that expand the variety of viewpoint broadcast in Australia
  4. Demonstrate independence in programming as well as in editorial and management decisions
  5. Support and develop local arts and music
  6. Increase community involvement in broadcasting.

Check out the codes of practice on our website –

REELIN’ IN THE YEARS — Classic Album

Kimino my houseSPARKS – Kimono My House

American band, Sparks, was centred around brothers Ron and Russell Mael – Ron on lead vocals, Russell on keyboards.  Up to 1973 they had released two albums to no great success.  In that year, however, they relocated to the UK, ditched their American bass, guitar and drum players and replaced them with British musicians.

It was the height of glam rock, and it seemed to agree with Sparks.  The majority of Sparks’ songs were written by Ron Mael and for their 3rd album released in 1974, Kimono My House, he combined a poppy glam sound with experimental electronic music, influenced by David Bowie and Roxy Music’s Brian Eno.  Sparks had a great visual image as well, which made them good TV material.  Ron had a toothbrush moustache, slick, short black hair, reserved wardrobe and silent demeanour – Russell was handsome, had long curly hair and outgoing personality.

Led by the hit singles This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of Us and Amateur Hour, the songs on Kimono My House were packed with complex lyrics and quirky melodies, all ably produced by Muff Winwood.

The cover is quite unique in that it contains neither the band’s name nor the album title – just two Japanese girls dressed in kimonos!

Subsequent releases by Sparks failed to replicate the success of this album, but for a record of startling originality and quirkiness, Kimono My House is well worth a listen.

Reelin’ in the Years … 60’s & 70’s music –  Saturday 5-7pm


Santa BBQSaturday 5th December 2015  – 12 for 12.30pm  for our Christmas BBQ.

As well, the station will present three members with life membership certificates.

Please let the office know if you can bring a salad or dessert


*** Reminder – BP TOP DROP AUTOMOTIVE is offering a discount for members and listeners. Just present your membership card, or tell them you listen to City Park Radio.

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES Phone Shirley Lee  6334 7429.

Here is a great photo taken by Jim Jacob at our Seniors Week Afternoon Tea.

Seniors Week


















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