Friends of FM – September 2015

Friends of FM – September 2015


Our constitution provides us with the opportunity to nominate and award life membership to people who have given exemplary service to the Launceston Community FM Group Inc….  (City Park Radio)

This award is reasonably unique and is provided to those people who have given significantly to the organisation….  five or six members have been awarded life memberships … there are others who have  declined our offer.

Previous recipients have been involved in all aspects of activities at the station …  not just their programs but as unit coordinators, sub-committees and management roles…. this is our benchmark for exemplary service.

In this our 30th year of broadcasting with a full community FM licence, there are a few people the committee believed deserved recognition for their service to City Park Radio.

After looking through the program schedules for 1986, the committee found three names that have been presenting continuously for the last 30 years…… (there may be others – we just haven’t seen their names)

It is a sign of dedication to have been presenting programs continuously for 30 years (you might quibble 30 years is completed next April …. but it is imagined these three people were involved in training and test broadcasts before then.)

With all this in mind, the members at the AGM agreed life membership should be presented to Umi Quor for the Indonesian Program, Rob Wells (Reelin’ in the Years and other earlier programs) and John Doyer for many programs not least Jazz Spectrum. …..  congratulations…. and thank you.

These people will well and truly remember the days of the old logo.

We need to stress –  presenting continuously for the past thirty years …. (other may have been around volunteering at the time but have gone and come back again). If the committee has missed someone, please badger the president.

DOWNLOAD Snail Mail Newsletter September 2015

DOWNLOAD September Program Schedule 2015


At the AGM, Allan Andersen was elected President for two years, Chris Ball was reappointed as Treasurer and Graeme Harris, Chris Herbert & Jim Jacob were elected to serve for two years on the committee.  The meeting also agreed to the Hon. Don Wing AM continuing as our Patron.

President   Allan Andersen   Vice President Craig Ellis

Secretary   Martin Schoene  Treasurer  Chris Ball

Committee: Mike Conlon, Graeme Harris, Chris Herbert, Jim Jacob, Dian Smith, Stephanie Thorne

And a reminder …. the 2014/15 Annual Report is available at the office for perusal.


PPCAWithout them, we would have to approach each and every copyright holder (usually the record company) individually to get a licence for the sound recordings that they control. However, PPCA is the organisation in Australia offering a ‘blanket’ licence that covers just about all recordings commercially released in Australia.

If we didn’t want to deal with the PPCA, we’d have to incur the time, expense and difficulty of finding the appropriate rights owners for all of the protected sound recordings we wish to use. Once you or us identify these owners, we must negotiate individual deals and undertake the necessary administration/accounting activities with respect to each of the rights owners. For City Park Radio, it is more efficient to obtain a one-stop shop licence for broadcast and streaming.

The annual cost is a minimum set fee for simulcast plus a percentage of our annual gross revenue for the broadcast fee. When you consider that the station plays about 80% music—there would be a lot of extra administration without these licences.

 We need to acknowledge and thank the CBAA for negotiating this great deal with the PPCA for member community radio stations across the country. 


For aspiring presenters and volunteers… it is open to all members of City Park Radio.

Saturday  5th September 1pm in Studio D


Umi whoWANTED:  Please lend or give Photographs or Memorabilia of anything to do with CPR in the past 30 years.

This material needed for a static display commencing April 2016—

Contact:  Vice President Craig Ellis 0418 594764 or John Munday C/- CPR museum.

Receipts will be issued.



Rob Bennell & Craig Ellis mark time with a 20 year old clock

Craig Ellis found this item on Gumtree, and paid for a little bit of City Park Memorabilia.

The seller couldn’t throw any more light than that they thought they picked it up at a garage sale.

It was made for the 10th anniversary celebration in 1996 …

It is a very interesting piece of intricate woodturning …

……but who made it and who presented it to the station?

If you have any information – contact the station  03 6334 3344.

REELIN’ IN THE YEARS – Classic Album

howlin windGraham Parker & the Rumour

Howlin’ Wind

Making an impact with your first album is no small feat.  But that’s what English band Graham Parker & the Rumour did with their debut LP in 1976, Howlin’ Wind.

Blending rock, rhythm & blues, reggae and folk, Graham Parker’s songs (he wrote all the material) were characterised by intelligent lyrics, passionate vocals and a hard, driving pub rock sound.  The album contained what were to be, and still are, staples of Graham Parker’s concerts – Don’t Ask Me Questions, White Honey, Back to Schooldays  and Soul Shoes.

The Rumour were a cracking band as well, featuring seasoned performers like Brinsley Schwarz and Martin Belmont on guitars, and Bob Andrews on keyboards. Released on the cusp of the punk revolution, Howlin’ Wind contains many of the same hallmarks as punk – angry lyrics, a no-nonsense approach and a sound that made you listen!  Howlin’ Wind was produced by Nick Lowe who formed a close association with the band and other similar acts like Elvis Costello and Ian Dury.

As a debut, Howlin’ Wind is a bold and impressive statement – its songs and messages are still as relevant today as when they were released nearly 50 years ago..

Reelin’ in the Years … 60’s & 70’s music –  Saturday 5-7pm


CBFThe CBF Board met on Friday 21 August to consider sector feedback on the Structure & Governance Review consultation paper circulated in June.

The sector responded to the CBF Structure & Governance Review consultation paper with a range of feedback – both positive and critical.

A number of respondents asked for further time to think through, discuss and respond to these significant reforms. The CBF is happy to consult further to hear views and ideas on the proposed CBF model.

Based on the feedback received the CBF has extended the consultation period to allow for discussion at upcoming sector conferences. CBF representatives will be available at each of these sector conferences to listen, discuss and answer questions.

Several helpful suggestions from the feedback received to date will be incorporated into the proposed CBF model.

The CBF will publish a paper in September that will outline revisions to the CBF model based on sector feedback.

The proposed areas that require further discussion and input include:

  • Advice on nominations. It is proposed that a panel of community broadcasting sector representative organisations would provide advice on nominations to the CBF Board, Sector Investment Advisory Committee (SIAC), Grants Advisory Committees and Assessor Pool.
  • Station operational support. Some stations expressed concerns about possible changes to funding support levels. How can the CBF best support station operations, encourage organisational capacity building, and facilitate sustainability and development?
  • Grant guidelines detail. As further detail on new grant guidelines was requested, members of existing Grants Advisory Committees will work together to develop draft guidelines for the proposed Content grants and Development grants. An ‘exposure draft’ will be published for the purposes of further consultation and discussion at sector conferences.

The CBF will also seek further input from the CBAA and other sector representative organisations to clarify their positions on possible simplification and consolidation of the funding allocations from the Australian Government to inform further discussion with the Department of Communications.

All interested parties are invited to provide further input to help refine the proposed reforms to the CBF’s structure and governance. Further submissions will be accepted until midday Friday 18 December.

The CBAA does not accept the proposed changes in their entirety.  

CBAAGiven the significance of this reform and the need to fully understand the implications of each of the proposed changes, the CBAA made a further  submission.pdf to the CBF in July 2015 to seek clarification on a number of matters (see the CBF’s consultation paper). CBAA members were encouraged to provide the CBAA feedback to contribute to this, and were also able to engage directly with the CBF in their consultation process

The NEMBC is totally opposed to any changes in the current CBF model

NEMBCView their position here


City Park Radio supports any new structure that brings modern day practice to the business model and results in more efficiencies and better governance within CBF operations.

Our brief response is published on the notice board at the station.


*** Reminder – BP TOP DROP AUTOMOTIVE is offering a discount for members and listeners. Just present your membership card, or tell them you listen to City Park Radio.

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES Phone Shirley Lee  6334 7429.


crop clock

Where did I come from






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