6:00 Breakfast - Allan Andersen
9:30Readings From the Examiner - Readings from the Launceston daily
10:00Mornings with ... General Music
12:00The Long Lunch - music news and interviews
2:00Afternoons with ... General music
4:00The History Show.
5:00Drivetime - with Warnie Roy & Calvin
7:00Multicultural 1st & 3rd Afghan Hour , 2nd Hindi w Tanvi Gupta, 4th & 5th Mon Six String Belief with Dan Stephens
8:00Multicultural 1st & 3rd Italian w Luigi Romanelli, 2nd Spanish w Elena Chagoya, Six String Belief continues on 4th & 5th Mondays
9:00The Audio Files - with David Brice
11:00Urban Meltdown
MidnightCommunity Radio Network - a mix of programs to while away the early morning.


6:00Breakfast - with Ben Wetselaar
9:30Readings From the Examiner - Readings from the Launceston daily.
10:00Mornings with .... General Music w a variety of presenters
12:00The Long Lunch - music news and interviews
2:00Afternoons with ... general Music w a variety of presenters
4:00Primary Perspectives
5:00Drivetime - with Shirley Lee
7:00Multicultural - either German with Andrea Green or Austrian with Ingeborg Fischer
10:00Addicted - with Luke Newson 2nd Tues, Paul Mac 3rd Tuesday....or SubSequence & Beale Street Caravan
MidnightCommunity Radio Network - a music mix throughout the early morning.


6:00Breakfast - with Mike Conlon inc RSPCA report & Birthday calls
9:30Readings From the Examiner - Readings from the Launceston daily.
10:00Mornings with .... General Music w a variety of presenters
12:00The Long Lunch -Peter Stecenko w music, news information & interviews
2:00Afternoons with ... General music w a rotation of presenters
4:001st Wed AN INSPIRED PURSUIT w Northern Tasmania's Tatlers Writers Group ---- other Wednesdays Arts Alive
5:00Drivetime - with Dan Stephens
7:00Multicultural 1st & 3rd The Filipino Hour w Emilie Cortez-McCall, 2nd, 4th & 5th French with Carmen Comber.
8:00 Australian Country - w Alan, Bill, Linda or Maureen
10.00Community Radio Network - a mix of information, brass bands, movies and jazz


6:00Breakfast - with Howard Kaplan
9:30Readings From the Examiner - Readings from the Launceston daily.
10:00Mornings with ... General music
12:00The Long Lunch - with Bill Housego
2:00Afternoons with ... General Music w a variety of presenters
4:00Zed Games
4:30SCHOOLS OUT w students from a different local school each week bringing news of their activities
5:00Drivetime - with Chris Ball
7:00Multicultural - either Russian with Svetlana, or Chinese w Wei
8:00Radio Nowhere with Terry Neal and fortnightly Alive & Kicking
10:00Bad Habits, Good Tracks w Steve Davern or Rob Foggo
MidnightCommunity Radio Network - a music mix for the wee small hours


6:00Breakfast - with Mike Conlon inc RSPCA report & Birthday calls
9:30Readings From the Examiner - Readings from the Launceston daily.
10:00Mornings with... general music w a variety of presenters
12:00The Long Lunch - with Mike Dunphy inc fishing news with Rick Howard
2:00Afternoons with ... Ken Brooks
4:00Accent of Women
4:30One Planet One People - Baha'i program with Edward & Noel Broomhall
5:00Drivetime - with Chris Ball
7:00The Dance Show with Craig Ellis
8:00Souvenirs - Music from the 30s 40s & 50s
10:00Late Night Lounge w Elizabeth Collins
MidnightCommunity Radio Network - a variety of programs for the start of the weekend


6:00Breakfast - with Allan Andersen
9:00Country Muster - Country music
12:00Multicultural 1st & 3rd Cafe Italiano w Aurelia Wilkins, 2nd & 4th Indonesian w Umi & Demo, 5th Sat - MCU
1.00Multicultural 1st Czech w Eva, 2nd & 4th Mary's Ceilidh w Mary Read, 3rd Spanish w Elena Chagoya, 5th - MCU
2:00Saturday Afternoon Mix - with either Elizabeth Collins, Howard Kaplan, Judi Corcoran or Jim Jacob
5:00Reelin’ in the Years- The best from the 60s and 70s
7:00The ROCK Show - with Fred Davis, Greg Murgatroyd, Adam Books, Rob Foggo.
9.00The METAL Show with Adam or Rob until 11pm, alternates with Roots'n'Reggae Show with Sista Selecta
10:00New Releases & Aussie Music Weekly
MidnightTecka's Tracks - Rock and Blues via Community Radio Network
2:00Beale Street Caravan
3:00It's Time
4:00Bluesbeat - Rock and Blues via Community Radio Network
5:00Nuthin But The Blues - Blues via Community Radio Network


6:00Breakfast - with a variety of early risers.
9:00Sunday Morning - A different presenter each week.
12:00Classical Encounters - The world of Classical music w Keith, Bill, Adrian, Richard and Mike
2:00The Sound Of Musicals - with Dian Smith, Adrian Wood or Bill Carney
3:00Sunday Afternoon Music - Middle of the road or from the footpath.
5:00Around The World - World music
6:00Offbeat - a theme based music show with various presenters
8:00Jazz Spectrum - with Stephanie Thorne, Craig Ellis, Noel Broomhall, Judi Corcoran, Keith Wiggins or Ken Brooks - the Launceston Jazz Club
10:00Tiki Lounge Remix
11:00Curved Radio
2:00 Community Radio Network early mornings

20 Responses so far.

  1. Rat says:

    Stunning James this is somebody phat content

  2. Renae says:

    Is there a section of music time slot you just play Tasmanian music?

    • Chris Ball says:

      Hi Renae, There is no specific program for Tasmanian Music .. our presenters are encouraged to play a range of music including Tasmanian… some programs such as New Brew on a Tuesday evening and Australian Country on a Wednesday will have a greater chance of hearing Tasmanian artists.

  3. jojo says:

    it’s a shame there’s no metal show anymore, although there could be an opening for one maybe..?

    • Chris Ball says:

      Hi Jonah,

      The station would welcome any new members wishing to present a metal program……

      Would you and a couple of friends be interested …. give the station a call.

  4. Dinh says:

    I used to listen to the City Park Radio Launceston every Sunday afternoon. Now I am in Vietnam trying to find what I lost. Great musical station! Thank you.

  5. Juanita von Stieglitz says:

    12.00 pm Sunday and listening to new announcer Adrian Wood hosting Classical Encounters. Doing very well for his first program, and a great selection of music. Looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Juanita von Stieglitz says:

    Adrian Wood. Listening to your first day. You were made for this. And it will only get better.. Enjoying the music also. Well done Juanita

  7. Simon says:

    Excellent Tuesday Night Hip Hop show. Nice to listen to quality old school with a Quality DJ. Well done Ben. Could I please get the Facebook page name? Cheers

  8. Chris Liley says:

    We have moved recently from Hobart to Derby in North East Tassie, we love being able to tune in as we get close to Launceston on our travels. Such a pleasant change from commercial radio. Keep up the good work.

    Chris Liley

  9. Shelley says:

    Thank you for giving Launceston school children a chance to be on air. Was a fabulous experience for them. Loved hearing my so .

  10. Margaret says:

    Love listening even if it makes me a little bit homesick I have been here in Qld. for almost 30 years but still miss Tassie and friends and family. Was especially nice listening today 30th June 2013 and getting a Happy Birthday from my dear friend Maureen. Thanks so much.

  11. Andy Gordon says:

    I believe you have played my songs, which are on AMRAP’s AirIt, on your Sunday morning show. I am really chuffed that you have chosen to play my music, thank you very much. I think my songs sit in the Alternate Folk, Beardy Alternative Country vein and would hopefully appeal to anyone who is interested in quality songwriting. Love and light, Andy Gordon

  12. Brian Yeoman says:

    Have been tuning around and came across Noel Broomhall as she was presenting the Jazz Spectrum show. She is doing a great job on air and love her music selection. Please pass my congratulations on a great show to her. Know Noel from my early days at City Park Radio. I am listening via the streaming feed as we are in SA at the moment as we tour Australia.
    All the best to all at City Park Radio
    Brian Yeoman

  13. Lois L Johnston says:

    I love listening to your radio station.

    The music that is played is wonderful.

    But I hate the stuff that is now being played at 4 o’clock in the afternoon between Tuesday and friday.

    Can you put something else on please.

  14. Jean Rau says:

    Love the photos! But then when you live in that fabulous building, why wouldn’t you show it off, along with the gardens! But where are the monkey photos – don’t you love your neighbours too? We enjoyed watching them when we were trying to find your studios last year!

  15. max jordan says:

    keep up the good work. so much better than listening to the other rubbish stations

  16. Chris J says:

    Listening to you in sunny sydney! Great station!

    • dan stephens says:

      Glad to hear our steaming service is being used. What shows do you enjoy? I do the “6 string belief ” show on mondays (7 till 9 pm) and “saturday arvo mix”

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