First of all, thank you to all our volunteers making the effort to remain safe and to keeping programs on air for our listeners.

The station has received some very good feedback from listeners and presenters regarding the many CPR programs we are maintaining at this time. It is a comfort to them amid the chaos of the world around us at the moment.

As you may have heard, new conditions have been put in place by the federal government on groups of people meeting in venues.

Given the size of our studios, we can only allow two people in our main broadcast studios at any one time…  ie   a presenter and one guest.

We have made arrangements for programs such as Readings from the Examiner, The Hot Seat, The Geek Review to continue from studio D when more than two people are required for the program.

Once again, as members and volunteers, we are following the general procedures

  • WASH your hands regularly
  • COVER your coughs and sneezes and dispose of tissue
  • AVOID any person who may have, or been in contact with, COVID,  or anyone recently returning from overseas

And for our presenters on each program, extra measures….

  • Wash your hands,
  • All hard surfaces are regularly wiped over with disinfectant
  • Use hand sanitizer.

We are abiding by government directions but if you are a presenter and still anxious about coming into CPR … please let your coordinator know so they can find a replacement.

There are also restrictions on the number of people allowed in the office….. no more than 4.  (The office volunteer +3 others max)

Once again thank you very much for your dedication and support with your volunteering at City Park Radio.

We are proud of maintaining this valuable service to the community in these challenging times.


As a precaution to safe guard our volunteer guides, the radio museum is closed to the public until further notice.

We can not check the health of every visitor or easily control the size of groups visiting the museum.

In the interim, it allows our guides to continue with the behind the scenes work on a daily basis.

DOWNLOAD APRIL 2020 Program Schedule.



This is the ideal time to think about volunteering at City Park Radio.

As you have been hearing, our volunteers are providing a valuable service to our community providing a valuable source of news and information, and presenting music with the personal touch of a live presenter.

During this challenging time with COVID-19, we are abiding by the rules, and if you have too, then we would like to hear from you.

Perhaps you find you have a whole lot of time available to you in the coming months.

We do need volunteers to read the Examiner to continue this vital service … and other volunteers to train to be presenters or just to volunteer around the station….. or to be a sponsorship hunter & gatherer.

A couple of hours one day a week is the least we ask.

If you can help, just give our friendly CPR receptionist a call  6334 3344 –  10am -3pm weekdays.


The new series of “Medical Mysteries – Ancient and Modern” with Dr Frank Madill

Initially twelve episodes of “Medical Mysteries – Ancient and Modern” were broadcast on City Park Radio late last year, but Dr Frank Madill has too many stories to let it go at just one series.

He has been working with Chris Sayer to produce a 2nd series, with more stories of famous people from history, their medical conditions, and how that same condition stands in the present day.

Why was Goliath so tall, and could a stone from a sling really have killed him? Was Hitler mad or bad? Did Churchill have dementia? What did Chopin, Emily Bronte, Keats, George Orwell, and actress Vivien Leigh have in common?

Dr Frank Madill’s new series of “Medical Mysteries” will begin in April, and be heard during the Long Lunch on Mondays from 12:30, and again in Friday’s Drivetime at 6:30pm


….from The Examiner, Monday,May 27, 1985. p13.

Seven-year wait almost over for FM group

After seven years of working, wishing,waiting and wondering, the Launceston Community FM Group finally got what it deserved – a broadcasting licence.
Last Wednesday, the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal granted two public broadcasting licences to LCFM and Launceston Christian Broadcasters.
It was the first time that two such licences had been considered for a non-metropolitan area.
But according to LCFM president David Sice, the next six months will be the make-or-break point for the station.
“We hope to be on air by the end of the year, but it depends on money and a prompt decision on a site for the transmitter,” Mr Sice said.
“Hopefully we won’t have to wait another seven years.”

As with most ‘new’ projects, money is the major hurdle.
“We need to encourage people to support the station now,” Mr Sice said.
“The cost of establishing the station to a reasonable standard is about $87,000 – we still need about $50,000 of that.
“We hope to find that money through donations, general fund-raising activity and pledges.”
The story of LCFM is one of determination, patience and endurance.
After its formation by 40 people in May 1978, surveys were held and the group’s first test transmission went to air in February 1980, the first time FM stereo had been broadcast in Launcesyon.
Then the constant to-ing and fro-ing began.
“We had to put a planning proposal to the Minister for Communications which put our case regarding station funding, programming and technical requirements,” Mr Sice said
“Then when Launceston Christian Broadcasters formed in December 1980, the Department of Communications revised its procedures and we had to resubmit our proposals.”

It took from June `1981 to December 1983 for the Department of Communications to make a decision.
“Then we had to submit a licence application to the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal,” Mr Sice said.
The ABT held a 3-day public hearing In Launceston last August and its decision to grant two licences came through last week.
Seven years of patience had finally paid off.
“Everything is subject to change, but we are looking at broadcasting 100 hours a week, divided into breakfast programs, late afternoon, night and weekend programs,” Mr Sice said.
“We want programs that are appealing but not available in Launceston at the moment, for example, album tracks and specialist sections.
“We will cover the spectrum from classical to punk but we will avoid the Top 40.
“The whole reason we exist is to get away from that Top 40 format. We would alienate the people who have supported us for so long if we did not.”
All that is left is the Department of Communications’ selection of a transmitter site.

the photo caption … David Sice, president of the Launceston Community FM Group, discusses operations with Mrs Helen Murrell, from the School of TAFE.


1st – Programming Meeting 7pm
18th – Management Meeting  9.30am


The ladies of our multicultural programs


Please support our sponsors at this time … It goes without saying – they support us, we support them

If you want details how you can sponsor City Park Radio – phone Shirley 6334 7429