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The STC Bantam A5130 – another Radio Museum Gem

Made by Standard Telephones and Cables Pty Ltd in Sydney in 1952. These were available in a variety of colours including walnut, ivory, speckled pink and this, now rare, speckled green. It contains five valves and runs on 240volts.

Like many of our radios it has six tuned circuits which show the radio stations state by state. Tasmania was sometimes grouped with New Zealand. 7HO and 7HT two Hobart stations still on air, now FM, are highlighted on this radio.

Come to the City Park Radio museum any day between 10am and 2pm to view this and many other radios and record players. Our guide will give you a brief history of some of the exhibits, the radio station and take you into the studios to see a live working radio station.

And don’t forget, you too can become a City Park Radio guide …. just call the station during our office hours  M-F 9.30 to 3pm.

ANZAC DAY – 25th April.

Download APRIL Program Guide here




You need to get this series into your ears and have these stories in your mind, forever.  It’s for or anyone who hangs out with young people and wants to help out with their mental health, or those needing to understand issues affecting young people today.

Created by headspace Launceston, it’s real stories from young people who talk about the real stuff and the ‘feels’ stuff and then whack that next to the ‘deal’ stuff from mental health clinicians who help us make sense of mental health.

There are six episodes made by our friends at Healthy Tasmania – Hear the series on City Park Radio from Wednesday 7th April at 4.30pm.


During the off season, David Mohr has been on a recruiting drive.

Always on the lookout for more volunteer sports broadcasters, David will be trialling some new callers and boundary riders in the coming weeks.

Our local sports coverage is focused on our northern teams in the Tasmanian State League, as well as the home games for the Launceston Tornadoes. If the roster permits, there could be some coverage of the Tassie Devils home games in AFL U18 NAB League.

Just as City Park Radio provides programs for various sectors of our community, we are also proud to provide live coverage to our sporting community here in Launceston.

Diary Note

Sunday 4th APRIL 2021

Daylight saving ends at 3am

Wind clocks back an hour


City Park Radio encourages professional development of our volunteers by running training courses led by approved trainers. Basic knowledge on how to conduct interviews will enhance program content and involve more of the community in the station.

As well, training was also given on how to provide constructive feedback and evaluation of current programs, and how new programs may be developed within the station guidelines and promise of performance.

We appreciate that Sam Ikin gave up his weekend to come north and lead us through discussion and education as well as excellent examples to inspire us to better things.

Two more courses are slated for May 15/16 for the station … Marketing  & Project Management…. the station is keen to skill more people to take our community station onto better things. See you then.

PS Flying toffee is a part of this training with Sam.


7th Programming Meeting 7pm
11th Bunnings BBQ 9am – 4pm
17th Management Meeting 9.30am


2nd TSL  Nth Launceston  v Launceston  6.25pm
10th TSL Nth Launceston v Nth Hobart  1.55pm
17th TSL  Launceston v Tigers 1.55pm
24th NBL1  Tornadoes v Ballarat  6.15pm


City Park Radio was pleased to showcase our community with a live broadcast from Civic Square.  Our Jim Jacob took some amazing photos during the afternoon and evening — please enjoy.


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