City Park Radio brings you the National Radio News each hour during the day, produced by the Community Radio Network. Listeners may have noticed that these bulletins are now sponsored by the Judith Neilson Institute.

The Australian philanthropist Judith Neilson established this non-partisan Institute in 2018 with a $100 million commitment, with the aim of improving the quality of journalism around the world.

Based in Sydney, the Institute supports and celebrates quality journalism and storytelling, and is governed by an independent board.

It works with journalists and media organisations, and provides grants and education programs to train journalists while also hosting events and forums that discuss issues that shape our society. (Ref:

CPR strongly believes that our local community should be kept up to date with the latest information, and is proud to be playing a small part in encouraging young Australian journalists and supporting Australian journalism.


Whenever we turn on our radio and tune in to either frequency, we expect to hear City Park Radio come through loud and clear.

Of course this is not just coincidence, and not just because there is an announcer sitting at the desk pressing the buttons. It is also largely due to our dedicated Technical Team of volunteers who ensure that this happens.

As well as maintaining our intricate broadcast equipment, these guys also update the computers regularly, check the time on the studio clocks, install and service equipment like CD Players and making sure the firmware and software is updated, security cameras and keep long grass at bay from around our remote transmitter buildings. There is a myriad of “little” jobs behind the scene that keep all our systems well oiled and ticking over nicely.

On behalf of all our listeners, we owe the Tech Team a vote of thanks for their efforts.

DOWNLOAD August Program schedule HERE


Time is fast approaching for the AGM … the meeting will be held on Saturday 29th of August at 11.00am in the atrium at the Albert Hall (entry via Victoria’s).

I know what you are thinking … those good people are doing a mighty fine job, what can I offer?

A lot! … New perspectives and new ideas are just two qualities a good management committee needs.

Two executive members (Vice-President and Secretary) and four committee members have their terms ending this year and it is your chance for selection/election.  This really is your chance!

Nominations need to be lodged by August 22nd.


City Park Radio is assisting a local grass roots footy club to record a weekly podcast of club events, history and reports now on the NTFA shield.

Our community station is proud to be able to assist a local organisation … particularly in these strange COVID times.

It was a pleasure to volunteer to assist the Bridgenorth Parrots in this effort … and to show their gratitude, we think they raided their canteen to amass a laundry basket of goodies to show their appreciation.

It was a little embarrassing personally …. so City Park Radio has paid it forward.

We have augmented the basket a little more and have donated it all to the Launceston Benevolent Society. …. so much so, the basket fell apart and we needed a trolley.

Which reminds us, at this time of year there is usually the CAN DRIVE for the Benevolent Society … so if you are passing their shop front at 5 Innocent Street in Kings Meadows … do drop your cans and packets of non perishable food off there.


Phyllis, Luigi, Avis.

Remember the halcyon days when the radio museum was open six days a week?

Two ladies were there every Saturday to keep the doors open and to welcome visitors and guests to City Park Radio.

Phyllis Berne & Avis Salter guided on most Saturdays for what seemed like decades of volunteering.

From the archive, here is past president Luigi Romanelli in 2010 thanking these two beautiful ladies for their efforts as they ‘retired’ from duties.

Sadly, in mid July this year, Phyllis passed away at the age of 93.


City Park Radio extends our sincere condolences to Phyllis’ family and friends.


Saturday 1st August 1.55pm – 4.30pm WINDSOR PARK TSL  Launceston v Lauderdale
Saturday 8th August 1.55pm – 4.30pm NORTH HOBART TSL North Hobart vs Launceston
Saturday 15th August 1.55pm – 4.30pm WINDSOR PARK TSL  Launceston vs Clarence
Saturday 22nd August 2.25pm – 5.00pm KGV TSL  Glenorchy vs North Launceston
Wednesday 26th August 6.55pm – 9.30pm UTAS STADIUM TSL  North Launceston v Launceston
Sunday 30th August 1.55pm – 4.45pm WINDSOR PARK TSL  Launceston vs Tigers


Don’t forget, if you know someone who wants join our happy band of sponsors,  tell Shirley  on 63347429