VALE – Tony Staley OAM

Who is Tony Staley? One thing is certain, community radio may not exist if it weren’t for him…… and most likely we would not have City Park Radio.

Tony Staley established the first legislative framework for the community broadcast sector – then known as public broadcasting. When Minister Staley took to the floor to introduce the Broadcasting Amendment Bill in 1978 for the development of public broadcasting he remarked, “Finally, it should be said that the main reason for setting up new broadcasting stations is to provide better programs. The Government sees public broadcasting as a force for diversity. Its role is to provide Australians with a range of choices which the national and commercial sectors are not able to provide.”

After his retirement, Tony continued to contribute. He was a long-term President of the Public Broadcasting Foundation, now the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF), where he served as President for five years from 1985 to 1990 and again for a further five years from late 1991 to 1996. He led the CBF through the remarkable growth of the sector during that time.

Tony attended every CBAA conference over 40 years. He was proud of what we achieved and what he, more than anyone, had helped make possible. Tony had broad cultural interests and when he had the floor would regale the attendees with stories, poetry recitations, and endearing impersonations of Gough Whitlam.

The highest honour a community radio station can receive is the Tony Staley Award. The award is dedicated to Tony because of his transformational impact on the growth of community broadcasting as Minister, in honour of his passion and belief in the community media sector, and in respect of his commitment and service to the sector through the CBF.

We owe him our deepest appreciation and respect for making possible what we are able to achieve today.

(edited  CBAA)

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With Shirley Lee retiring from all administration roles at the station, we are on the hunt for someone to take sponsorship forward into the future.

The station acknowledges the work of Shirley, her support for sponsorship and her involvement in working and maintaining contact with all our sponsors.

If you have some experience in sales, like meeting local businesses and have some computer experience this may be the role for you….. or perhaps for someone you know.

The role would suit someone with a few hours over a couple of days a week to volunteer at the station…. times and days are negotiable, assistance and guidance provided.   If you or someone you know who would be suited for this important role, please phone Jim 0429 596296


We are very proud to give airplay to local, Tasmanian and Australian artists, composers and Australian recordings.

The 30% Australian Music content is well publicised with the station. It is well known target within the station – this value has not changed over many years. This percentage is well stated within our Induction Training for ALL presenters as well.

It is also contained in the station’s music policy…… available in the office and online.

City Park Radio’s policy percentage is our goal and is above that stated in the CBAA Codes of Practice contained in the Broadcasting Services Act.

The Australian content target applies to ALL programs especially our general music programs during the week and weekend afternoons.  Despite what has often been suggested, Breakfast and Drivetime are not exempt but however consistently deliver good Australian content figures.

It is agreed that some specialist programs will have difficulty reaching this Australian quota ….. but it is not a reason not to try to include more Australian in those programs.

The station keeps quarterly analysis of Australian content primarily to provide proof to ACMA that we are meeting our stated music policy objective, and also meeting the content requirement set out in the Broadcasting Services Act.

The only slight change over the last two years is to define Australian music in our general music programs….and that programming is now checking to ensure presenters are not stacking their programs on purpose to skew our Australian Music Week analysis.


Reelin’ in the Years is a discrete program; has been on air at City Park Radio since 1988.

When the station went to air in 1986, there were two separate one hour programs – 60’s music and 70’s music.

Sometime in 1988, presenter Chris Sayer proposed we merge them into one 2-hour, theme-based program. The presenters agreed and so Reelin’ in the Years was born! And it has always aired from 5 ‘til 7pm every Saturday.

Three of those, Chris Sayer, Vaughan Gipson, and David Lay, are still presenters – now joined by Terry Whiteley (over 15 years), and more recently, Richard Barker. They are all passionate about the music that inspired them in their younger years!

Instead of just playing a random selection of songs, each program has a theme. It could be as specific as music from a particular artist, album or genre – or as loose as songs from a particular year.

It could also pay tribute to a recently departed artist from the era – sadly now becoming a more common occurrence.

The vast majority of music played comes from the 60’s and 70’s – and sometimes a bit of 50’s as well , but music outside those two decades is also played – if there is a relevance to the 60’s and 70’s.

For instance, if the Rolling Stones released a new album, tracks from it could be played. Or if there were some interesting cover versions of 60’s and 70’s songs by artists outside that era, there’s no reason they couldn’t be played.

Reelin’ in the Years champions music from the 60’s and 70’s with diverse and interesting programs – and we hope our enthusiasm and love for this music comes across in each program.

Co Ordinator needed for Souvenirs

A program co ordinator is needed for Souvenirs. The role will require presenter scheduling , review of programs and presenters and ensuring the program brief and station rules are adhered to

Souvenirs is an easy listening music program for a mature audience featuring music of the 1930’s 1940’s & 1950’s.

A trip back into nostalgia when shellac and vinyl was king.

It will include popular music of that era including Broadway, big band, jazz, folk, ballads and country styles.

It may include historical recordings from that era.

Presentation will be relaxed and informative, contain some biographical information on a few tracks, and adhere to general station presentation… back announcing all tracks.

DO YOU MISS “The Hot Seat”?

While City Park Radio’s weekly interview program takes a break, don’t forget that all previous episodes are still available as podcasts on our website.

After five years of “The Hot Seat” going to air on a weekly basis, you can still meet our guests at the podcast page at  It is a library of life stories and interesting anecdotes from northern Tasmania. There are authors, poets, musicians, doctors, restaurateurs, community heroes, athletes, artists, scientists … the list goes on.

Visit the page and browse the list of interesting people … there is sure to be something fascinating and motivating to hear.

Volunteer Week

CPR invited volunteers from other organisations to tell their stories during the Long Lunch program throughout National Volunteer Week. We thank them all for ‘volunteering’ to sit in front of a microphone and talk to Sandy and Chris.

On Monday Neil came in from the SES and also Tom from the National Trust property, Franklin House where he has been a gardener for ten years. Tuesday saw one of our presenters, Ron Camplin talking about what he does at the Don River Railway and Heather who works at the National Trust and also the Cancer Council. Wednesday saw John Bulk from the model car club. We also had John Dent from the Historical Society and Josh from the TFS to be interviewed.

Friday we had Lou Partridge from the LGH interviewed by Chris. Lou is on the other side of the fence, one who ‘employs’ volunteers for the hospital.

and of course … all our financial volunteers at City Park Radio received a note of thanks and a complimentary volunteer pin as an acknowledgement of how important volunteers are to City Park Radio, and the respect we have for those people giving generously of their time.

Diary notes

3rd 11.00am Public Program Meeting followed by Program sub committee meeting.
3rd 1.00pm Induction training
15th              World Wind Day
17th 9.30am Management meeting


These sponsors help our station while raising their brand awareness and contributing their support for our volunteers.

Make sure you consider these businesses, and let them know you are from City Park Radio and thank them for their support.

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