Several community radio stations, some of which asked not to be named, have told radioinfo that members have resigned or taken time off due to exhaustion. In one case broadcasters were on air while their houses were burning down.

2EAR in the Eurobodalla shire, which includes Batemans Bay, was not as lucky as some. Its transmitter on FM 107.5 was destroyed by fire on 31 December. Station Manager Kathy Shields says the station is in the process of getting a new antenna with help from the CBF for emergency grant funding. The transmitter wasn’t insured as it was in a location where insurance rates were too expensive for the station to afford.

Ms Shields told the CBAA: “Everyone at the station has been very shaken as a result of the fires, but this disaster has also united the community.”

These stations are closely linked to their communities, drawing their announcing, producing and support volunteers directly from the towns where they broadcast. Almost everyone in the worst hits areas knows someone who was injured or killed in the fires, or had their house burnt. Most are very shaken but are bravely continuing to give information as the fire threat continues.

In Mallacoota, another area hard hit by the fires, 3MGB was off air for a short while, but is now back on air and online as the station’s 20 volunteer presenters struggle to keep programming going as best they can.

Stations in the worst hit areas report that their teams are stressed and traumatised by the events that they have had to cover.

How can you help?

Some stations need donations or equipment, but many just need more people to help them stay on air. If you are a community broadcaster who is holidaying in a fire affected area, why not call in at the local community station and ask if you can volunteer some time to help out behind the scenes or on air.

City Park Radio encourages members to seek out a community radio station affected by the fires and assist them directly. 

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City Park Radio member Robert Jones has been out and about in North East Tasmania with his trusty recorder again.

He has been travelling the back roads to listen to stories from people who believe they have seen a Tasmanian Tiger, or believe the many stories told to them by people they have trusted.

Did the tiger still exist in the 50’s and 60’s? Does it still exist ? Robert Jones doesn’t doubt these people have a good story to tell.

A special feature on City Park Radio Thursday 20th February at 4.30pm, The Mysterious Tale of the Tasmanian Tiger written, recorded, narrated and produced by Robert Jones with post production in the studios of City Park Radio.

You can also hear other programs by Robert Jones in February, on the 13th “Down Memory Lane” and the 27th “Radio Days”


John has had extensive experience in sales and sales management over a long period.

He was with Master Home Improvement a division of the Woolworths group.

Following the closure of this division, John developed Community Search ( a large database of businesses similar to the “Yellow Pages”.

This business required direct selling into the small business market place, the market place where City Park Radio need to find sponsors.

John is working closely with Shirley Lee, so if you have a friend in business or know of a business keen to sponsor your favorite radio station let them know.  John promises to meet them face to face and negotiate a great sponsorship package for everyone.


City Park Radio now have several programs available for podcast. To find them, you simply look for the “Our Podcasts” page at our website. Analysis of the statistics of those listening to these podcasts makes interesting reading.

12% of people who have listened to our podcasts were outside of Australia. These listeners were in Norway, U.S., U.K., Japan, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Turkey, and New Zealand. That’s an impressive geographic spread.

Within Australia, a quarter of those listening were in Launceston, but also a quarter were in Hobart, Another 10% were in Devonport, and 12% in Melbourne.

The preferred device was a desktop computer (63%), followed by smartphone (27%) and tablet (10%). Nearly three-quarters of listeners used their webplayer, and a quarter listened to our podcast through Facebook.

There is a treasure trove of interesting conversations to be heard, so why not delve into our podcasts and explore.


Feb 5 – Programming meeting  7pm
Feb 15 – Management Meeting  9.30am


Feb 15 – Carrick Pacing Cup Meeting  – live crosses from 3pm


Mar 21 – Harmony Day – live from Inveresk


Two of our program units came together to socialise, eat, drink and be merry.

Much mirth, tricky questions, good conversations, and grouse songs.

Aurelia Wilkins was the great host for our Multicultural luncheon , whilst David Lay hosted the Reelin’ In The Years long table lunch and green thing.


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