2020 has been a most interesting year. Best of all is how our members continued to support community radio in Launceston

Now it is your turn to be thanked in 2021.

City Park Radio has secured two tables at the Festivale event “INDULGE” on Sunday 7th February at UTAS Stadium 11am – 4pm..

There’ll be the food and wine stalls and an entertainment line-up of solo artists, duos and jazz bands designed for you to listen to as you sit back, relax and “indulge”.

It’s very simple for you to join us …. All you need to do is register your interest with the office by Feb 1 … and we’ll draw the lucky winners (yes – member and partner) from the list of members who are able to attend on the day.

Be our guest … and register your interest NOW

DOWNLOAD February Program Schedule HERE


Do you want to learn a new language?  Speak in tongues? Or are you a bright spark wanting to be switched on somewhere?

David Bailey is doing a sterling job looking after the technical and IT assets of City Park Radio and is  preparing for the future.

Time is ripe for two or three people to join our technical section to learn about and support our technical infrastructure at City Park Radio.

Currently, a couple of people do assist occasionally, but as they say – there’s safety in numbers, so more volunteers would be ideal.

If you have an interest in radio broadcast equipment, understand radio circuits, understand how audio is mixed for broadcast or even understand computers and their programs, CPR can use your skills.

Have a chat with David Bailey or your management committee especially if you know someone with the skills to assist your radio station.

CARRICK CUP is not for the dogs

The summer season of pacing in Northern Tasmania culminates with the Carrick Cup … where ? Carrick of course.

It’s local pacing and, as in previous years, it’s a good bet that City Park Radio will bring you the fun and colour of the race day as well as descriptions of the Carrick Cup and all the other races.

Join David Mohr and Duncan Dornauf as they harness up for the afternoon on Sat 13th February as they reveal some of the secrets of the local pacing game here in Tasmania.

Our money is on Dave to win the fashion stakes! 😉


Changes have been made to Saturday evening.

Since Boxing Day, the Metal Show has been presented every fortnight.

Due to time constraints and other commitments, Rob & Adam are no longer able to present the program on a weekly basis.  So in the cycle, there is no show on Jan 30, the next show Feb 6 and so on..

Until circumstances change, or we have more presenters, City Park Radio will cross to the Community Radio Network.


Two visitors from Melbourne tour the studio while Umi is on air with the Indonesian program

Have you noticed the doors have been opened seven days a week? Quietly, some of the museum volunteer guides have elected to open on Sundays in summer.

As more people are out and about on weekends, this has met with good success, with an increase in donations and also new memberships. Well done.

In other museum news, management accepted John Elcomb’s offer to coordinate activities in the museum.

City Park Radio thanks Sandy Thow for all her efforts over the past years in coordinating the roster of volunteer guides.

We know other volunteers and keen to be involved and so John will be in touch will all those who have recently offered to help in the museum. John’s first aim is to have a working roster for the guides.


Chris Sayer recently called in to Coast FM, the community radio station that broadcasts along the north-west coast out of Wynyard.

In many ways, they have a similar set-up to those of City Park Radio, with an office, kitchen, two studios, a technical area and a large space for performance or recording. Their building is in the middle of Wynyard, and they have three transmitters on three different frequencies to cover the coast from Smithton to Devonport. Also similar to CPR, Coast FM have on-air sponsorship from local businesses and also sports Outside Broadcasts during the football season.

Coast FM are currently celebrating 30 years of being on-air and recently had an Open Day when members of the public could tour their studios before enjoying celebrations in a nearby park.

Congratulations on 30 years of broadcasting, Coast FM – you continue to uphold the values of community radio along the North-west coast.

Hear the station streamed at https://www.coastfm.org/


Feb 3rd – Programming  7pm
Feb 20th – Management 9.30am