Yes, you read that right. The MCU presenters celebrated the Russian Christmas which occurs on the 7th of January.

This event was held at the lovely house of our Russian Hours presenter, Svetlana.

The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and plentiful.

It was a great time catching up with each other after a busy year in 2022.


A SPECIAL PROGRAM on City Park Radio February 12th 1.10pm



81st Anniversary Commemoration Service of The Vyner Brooke Tragedy & Dedication and Service for The Vyner Brooke Nurses

This time last year we were preparing to broadcast this event but crowd limits caused the celebration to be postponed. In the lead up to last year, City Park Radio broadcast selected episodes of the old radio serial “The White Coolies” written by Hobart nurse Sister Betty Jeffrey.

Our member Brian Watson was involved in recording the original series and had the privilege of meeting both Betty Jeffrey and Vivian Bullwinkel.

To recap, on 14th February 1942, the Japanese attacked and sank the merchant ship SS Vyner Brooke evacuating personel from Singapore.  12 nurses died and while 53 managed to get ashore at Bangka Island, two days later 22 were rounded up and herded back into the sea and gunned down – only Vivian Bullwinkel survived. Vivian and the other 31 ended up in camps. Their experiences and stories became the basis for the book “The White Coolies” by Sister Betty Jeffrey.  Ideas from the book contributed to the movie Paradise Road.

Another of the nurses to survive in 1942, Sister Shirley Gardam was lost on the 4th of April 1945 due to malnutrition and dysentery. She was from Ulverstone and had lived at Youngtown. A third Tasmanian, Sister Jessie Simon from Nunamara made it home.

At the end of the war, of the 32 Australian Army nurses, 24 survived. When the nurses were found they weighed just 30kgs and were on the edge of death.

The service this year has been organized by the Applecross RSL and City Park Radio will broadcast the service as a mark of respect for all people who served our country.

Postscript .. Brian’s uncle Ernest ( a civilian) was also killed by the Japanese as he tried to escape, and Brian’s father ended up in Changi prison


Video 8 camera or player

Digital Mastering department requires Video 8 or Hi8 player to digitise tapes.

More and more small video 8 cassettes are appearing for conversion and your assistance is required

If you can help, please contact Tony Day  6334 3344


The CPR Radio Museum will be closed January 31 to February 6 inclusive

Our park entrance will be closed off to enable traffic for Festivale pre and post festival.

It is a safety requirement for all ..

Access for members & volunteers on CPR business for this period is solely via the Albert Hall laneway.


This old radio has recently been donated to the station by Malcolm Hales of East Launceston and we are trying to narrow down where and when it was built or perhaps assembled.

The dial suggests the tuner was built before 1938 as some of the stations that started that year are not listed on the dial.

There is a date on the back suggesting — 12-1-1937 ?,  the speaker is a model produced from 1935 onwards.

Perhaps you recognise the woodwork and grill, or the partially obscured pencilled name on the rear….

we would love to hear from you if you know.


Wed 1st February – Program Meeting 7pm
Sat 4th February –  Bunnings North Launceston BBQ 9am-4pm
Sat 18th February – Management Meeting  9.30am


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