City Park Radio 96.5 and 103.7 FM will be broadcasting local sport again in 2019.

We have a huge 35 broadcasts of Tasmanian State League, NAB League footy and NBL1 basketball planned.

It’s great to have our sponsor Andrew Doyle of  Quadrant & Kings Meadows Telstra Stores on board for the coming season.

City Park Radio has brought local sport back to the airwaves since 2013. We broadcast plenty of footy including home games of Launceston and North Launceston in the Tasmanian State League (TSL) and this year for the first time NAB League Cup home games at UTAS Stadium featuring our newly branded Under 18 Team, the Tasmania Devils. (The old TAC Cup Competition with the Mariners has had a makeover).

The Launceston Tornadoes, the local women’s basketball team, have joined a new elite league NBL1 and we will be there for all their home games at Elphin Stadium as well as trips to Ulverstone and Hobart.
Our committed group of commentators love getting amongst the sporting community of Northern Tasmania and bringing the action to sports fans. This year we will also expand our connection with various live video streams.
It all kicks off on March 30th at Windsor Park with Launceston football taking on TSL powerhouse Glenorchy. Then it’s off to the Elphin Sports Centre for the debut of the new look Tornadoes vs the Southern Sabres in the NBL1.

..and of course all our programs can be heard anywhere online at cityparkradio.com/online-stream


30th March – TSL 1.55pm-4.50pm
30th March – NBL 7.15pm-9.00pm
6th April – TSL 1.55pm-4.50pm
6th April – NBL 7.45pm-10.00pm
13th April – TSL 1.55pm-4.35pm
13th April – NBL 5.57pm-8.15pm
17th April – Long Lunch  – Health Expo  12noon
19th April – TSL 1.40pm-4.30pm
25th April – ANZAC Day 11am
28th April – NAB League  11.55am -2pm

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The Dance Show with Craig Ellis originated out of Partners Please presented for many years by the late Kathy Tuting. Partners Please was originally part of Souvenirs roster on a Friday evening. The change of presenters occurred in 2013 when Kathy offered Partners Please to Craig Ellis. Craig later asked to have the programme moved to a new time slot, originally each fortnight with Duets presented by Howard Kaplan.  When Howard ceased presenting Duets, Craig assumed the weekly 7pm – 8 pm time-slot and changed the name to The Dance Show.

Craig changed the format of the programme somewhat so that each programme contained strict tempo traditional old time ballroom music played by ballroom orchestras and bands. Initially he featured information and music of well-known conductors, orchestras and their dance music.  After this, it became music of all types of orchestras and their conductors – Foxtrots, Quicksteps, Waltzes, Latin American music of most genres, 1970s Disco, Jive and Rock, Country Dance, and a small amount of historical music and music of other cultures.

Craig has been grateful for the chance to present the show as well as his experience of music as a drummer in Dance Bands of the 1960s and 1970s. He could also present quite a sight on the dance floor! Craig has been grateful to a small band of presenters who have assisted with the Dance Show if he is away at any time as The (Dance) Show must go on!


Thank you Migrant Resource Centre , City of Launceston , Cityprom and Launceston Central City for such a special event.

City Park Radio had a very successful broadcast including the first ever Schools Out program live on site with the Sacred Heart Primary School. Jim Jacob was there and captured some of the colour and fun of the day.


It was the 7th April 1986  when City Park Radio started official broadcasting.


4th Bunnings BBQ
4th Programming Meting 7pm
7th Daylight Saving ends 3am
7th Tea Party – CPR Cottage  11am-3pm
13th  Management Meeting  9.30am
17th  Bunnings BBQ
19th Good Friday
25th ANZAC Day


Contact Shirley if you want to be added to the list of Sponsors –  Ph 6334 7429