City Park Radio has embarked on a new form of broadcasting with our first podcasts. Requiring an internet connection, a podcast is audio content that is available through a website or media player.

Our podcasts are only accessible on our website ( … simply look for the heading at the top of the home page.

The first program that the station has decided to podcast is “The Hot Seat”. With over forty episodes already posted, there are plenty of interesting people to meet and hear their story, and the list will continue to grow.

So make sure you visit our website for the “Hot Seat” podcasts, where you can catch up on a program you may have missed, or listen to your favourites all over again.


Back in 1997, City Park Radio had a twice weekly sports program.

Every Friday and Monday evening Derek Bird would team up with Drivetime presenter David Mohr to bring local sport to the airwaves.

On Friday to preview the weekend and then bring the results to you on a Monday evening.

…..and there were big names to interview as well, including Ricky Ponting and Graeme Young.

It was long overdue when the station finally started live descriptions of local games in 2013 and who was the driving force behind that, David Mohr.

Here is an early snapshot of David in the old studio in the cottage.  Pic: Launceston Week Sept 1997.

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AGM – Sat 31st August 2019

Nominations Called

Once again it is time to call for nominations to carry City Park Radio into the future. Under the constitution, half the committee is renewed each year to provide continuity and progress within the station.  Positions available are:-  President 2yrs, Treasurer 2yrs, 3 Committee 2yrs and 1 Committee for 1 year.

Interested in nominating? Know a member that would be excellent on the committee….  Talk them into standing and nominate them. Forms are available from the City Park Radio office… and all nominations must be received by 24th August 2019.

CAN DRIVE – supporting our community

The CanDrive is a major food drive run by Zest and Impression Promotional Products, started in 2009.

Running annually the CanDrive donates all food collected to the Launceston Benevolent Society and once again City Park Radio is participating as a drop off point for your non-perishable food items.

So make a plan to drop a can –  at our office by the 3rd of August …

your kindness will be appreciated by the Benevolent Society and all those in need.


In a tightly kept secret, all members who paid their memberships by June 30 went into a draw for a random act of kindness.

Once the total member number was known, two people selected 5 numbers not knowing what it was for, and then working back from June 30, those numbers were cross referenced to the order of payments.

Five lucky members received a $45 gift card to Avenue Records. Leonie Gates, Donn Corcoran, Harold Mullins, John Henderson and Colina Murchison.

We hope you enjoy your selection of music from Avenue Records and thank you for your membership of City Park Radio.

CHRISTMAS IN JULY Saturday 13th July 2019

CPR held a Christmas in July function on Saturday 13th July at the Australian Italian Club

The Tassie Tenor (Joe Di Sario) entertained for the evening and what a great evening it was for all.

A huge “thank you” must go to the Australian Italian Club for allowing the function to be held and to the Tassie Tenor (Joe Di Sario) for a wonderful night of song, even adding a few Christmas songs. I think the only time there were no dancers on the floor was when we were eating. Once again what a lovely meal Yvonne Morton put on, with entree, main course and dessert to follow.

Robyn Matthews is to be thanked also for her beautiful floral table decorations. Robyn came along in the morning to help set up the tables and before she left expressed to me that she didn’t want the arrangements back and to offer them to the diners for a donation to CPR. This we did and sold them for $10 each, which of course contributed to our fundraiser.

There were of course raffle prizes, the first prize going to Annette Pursell. She was amazed with the contents of the prize expressing her delight and commenting that she hadn’t won anything before. There is a first for everything so they say.

It was almost midnight by the time the last of the diners/audience left all expressing what a wonderful night they had had.


Sponsorship plays a really important part in the operations of City Park Radio. Without it, the station would struggle to maintain its operations.

Shirley Lee has been our sponsorship guru for quite a few years now and intends to leave the role soon.  It is vital for the station to source this revenue and so now the hunt is on for another sponsorship coordinator to “shadow” Shirley before she takes her leave.

If you have had experience with sales, think you have the knack of persuading people to support a community organisation , we would love to hear from you.

Perhaps you are semi-retired and have experience in sales or know someone with some skills in this area … please contact the President or Treasurer ….. or we invite you to send your expression of interest and relevant details to City Park Radio PO Box 1501 Launceston.