Mike first started presenting Friday Long Lunch in October 2001 and yes, 20 years later, Mike has decided to break the routine.

Just when he is doing his best work, his last regular Friday program will be December 31. After 20 years and 2 months, the time is probably right to leave at the peak of his career and to be able to sit down for lunch and do all the talking himself.

A wonderful commitment to City Park Radio and a job well done Mike.

All is not lost …. Mike will focus on presenting his favourite music on Classical Encounters – and has agreed to fill in occasionally on the Friday Long Lunch.

(what do Mike Dunphy (L) & Vern O’Byrne (R) have in common – —-  the number 87 — and just enough puff for one candle)

SPECIAL PROGRAM – Documentaries & Features

The seventh instalment of CBAA’s National Features and Documentary Series is a showcase of new work by Australian community radio producers.

Producers from eight community radio stations were chosen based on their story idea to receive training and mentoring from the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO). Their stories are now original features and can be heard on City Park Radio from January through to early March 2022.

Erin Dick, producer of  A Love Letter to Wrestling, said, “For me, the mentorship and the platform were hugely valuable as an emerging media maker. I’m excited to get my story out onto the airwaves and, hopefully, make a few new wrestling fans out of community radio listeners. When my mentor makes a visit to Melbourne, I can’t wait to take my recently converted wrestling fan Lynda to a show some time.”

This year, you will hear other community stories of death, land rights protests, living alone during lockdown, cultural legacy, being fat and healthy, what it’s like for a woman who is very tall, horses and their role in animal assisted therapies and so much more.

The series will be heard Mondays at 1.30pm from January 3rd and again on Thursdays at 6.30pm from January 6th on City Park Radio.

DOWNLOAD January Program Schedule HERE

AN AWARD .. but wait, there’s more awards

The podcast series ‘Rule of Thumb’ an initiative of the Women’s Legal Service of Tasmania has won the CBAA Best New Program – Talks for 2021.

A collaboration with Penny Terry of Healthy Tasmania, City Park Radio was proud to partner with them to broadcast this very important and informative series.

As if this wasn’t enough, Rule of Thumb won BRONZE at the 2021 Australian Podcast awards.

Another series broadcast by City Park Radio, Get Psyched won GOLD at the Podcast Awards.  Get Psyched was made in Northern Tasmania with Penny Terry and Headspace Launceston.

Get Psyched is currently being repeated on Thursdays at 4.30pm.  Rule of Thumb will be repeated in 2022. Both series are linked to our podcast page at cityparkradio.com

CONGRATULATIONS Definitely No Relation

Ben Barwick and Declan Pape can now add more letters beside DNR after their names.

As Declan says, they received the most expensive piece of A4 paper in their life so far when they accepted their degrees at the recent UTAS town and gown affair.

Ben Barwick Bachelor of Fine Arts, Declan Bachelor of Arts (History)

They plan to put their newfound knowledge to good use on City Park Radio.

Hear them on DEFINITELY NO RELATION Wednesdays at 10pm, Declan with STRANGEWAYS on Mondays 11pm and Ben has now joined NEW BREW once or twice a month Tuesdays 8pm.

One of these days, they might venture into the daylight again !


With each passing year, radio’s competition from non-radio audio services is increasing. With the expansion of the digital communication world, listeners are constantly drawn to, and occupied with, other media. This impacts not only music stations but news and talk formats as well.

And the message is clear. Younger listeners consider radio to be simply one of many audio sources. They consider traditional radio sets to be just one of the ways to hear our broadcasts. For them, radio is just a device among many. What matters to them is the content, not the device.

The fact that radio can be accessed on various electronic devices means that we are now competing with all of the readily available digital audio services. In the past, the alternative to listening to one station was to simply switch to another station. Today, the alternatives extend far beyond our broadcast band competitors.

Stations that rely on music as their primary programming material now compete with digital streaming services of all kinds. Additionally, listeners can access their own downloaded music on smartphones, tablets and computers. There is a streaming service for every musical taste from Hip Hop to Classical. In many cases, music streaming services offer multiple styles of music each of which can be programmed far more narrowly than any broadcast station.  This sort of niche programming may not be viable on a radio station even in the largest of markets.

Radio still has unique features that are difficult for other media to copy. Localism is high on the list. Radio stations need to have the ability to relate to their community in real time. Popular personalities and programs exclusive to your station are a major source of differentiation.

It is now easier to listen to radio than ever before. Listeners can access our station across a wide range of devices. Radio is more portable than before. We can now listen to radio while jogging or working out at the gymnasium, working from home or travelling in the car. Radio still has an important role to play in people’s lives. Let’s just stop thinking about it as “radio” but rather as a locally-based audio content provider attuned to the particular needs of the listeners in our broadcast area.

Source:  Andy Beaubien, BPR

Winners of the Christmas Raffle

Many thanks to everyone who donated prizes, the station kicked in some funds too for some goodies …. And thank you to everyone who contributed buying tickets, ticket sales reached $1300.

There were four lucky winners … three people won the hampers and the station raised some great funds to assist with the operation of the station. Of course, big thanks to Sheila and Elizabeth for their fundraising efforts. (Shirley Lee donated first prize back to be drawn again)

1st   Sue Milner
2nd  Albert Sidebotham
3rd  Cheryl Gleeson




Program Meeting – 5th January 4pm
Management Meeting – 15th January 9.30am


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