LEGENDS of City Park Radio

City Park Radio would like to thank The Mayor of Launceston Albert Van Zetten, Mayoress Lyndal Van Zetten and The City of Launceston for hosting a reception to celebrate the 35th year of the station.

Attending our birthday reception, legends of the station,  Umi Quor and David Lay , a combined  70 years of volunteering.

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CMTO Training May 2021

Although numbers were disappointing, training on the 15th – Project Management & 16th – Marketing, proved to be very informative and what was learnt will be of significant assistance to City Park Radio in present and future decisions.


The difficulties faced by women as they navigate the family law system has been laid bare in a new program starting on City Park Radio Wednesday June 2 at 4.30pm.

Produced by the Women’s Legal Service Tasmania in conjunction with Penny Terry at Healthy Tasmania, it’s called Rule of Thumb and it highlights the challenges women face when they come into contact with the legal system in Australia.

The program features conversations with women and their experience of the system, lawyers who assist and represent women, and counsellors who provide them with support.

The series was made to provide an insight into the difficulties and inequalities women face in legal procedure…. Sometimes a frustrating, unpredictable and lengthy process.

As you hear these stories, think about how the legal system is set up, and whether or not it has the processes in place to provide appropriate and safe access to justice for everyone, particularly women who are in vulnerable situations.

There will be parts that will be uncomfortable to listen to because family violence is an uncomfortable problem that’s been kept hidden for too long.

You can hear Rule of Thumb on Wednesdays at 4.30pm on air and online from June 2nd

NOTE: This series discusses family violence which may be triggering for some listeners. Programs also contains legal information which is not intended as legal advice
Women’s Legal Service Advice Line – 1800 682 468


Integral to the running of any organisation is its members.  City Park Radio values the support of its members whether by just enjoying the radio programs, or by rolling up their sleeves and volunteering.

Membership fees go a little way in helping to meet the ongoing costs. The fees partly cover the insurances, licences and permits required for the station to cover the work of the volunteers.

All current members can renew their 21/22 membership for $50 if it is paid before June 30.


Flat disc records played at various speeds until 1925 when a standard was set. In actual fact they
spun at 78.26 rpm. Once phonographs became motorised a standard 3,600 rpm motor with a 46
tooth gear (3,600/46 = 78.26) was used by the manufacturers.

78s came in a variety of sizes, the most common being 10 and 12 inch diameter. The duration of play
would be 3 and 5 minutes per side. Because they were generally sold in plain paper or card sleeves
there was very little information about the recording.

Prior to 1925 most artists recorded by singing into a horn, from then on electrical recording became
the norm with the artist singing or speaking into a microphone and amplifier which then cut the
master record. This method allowed a wider range of sound to be recorded.



5th TSL North Launceston v Clarence 1.55pm
12th TSL Launceston v North Hobart 1.55pm
26th TSL Launceston v Clarence 1.55pm
26th NBL Tornadoes v Bendigo 6.15pm

Public Meeting

5th 10am – Come and discuss programming and other ideas for CPR

Induction Training

5th 1.00pm Studio D for our new volunteers and a refresher for current presenters.

Management Meeting

19th 9.30am