We would like to thank Sheila Hoban and her support crew, and all those that attended a very special night at the Star Theatre for a fundraising screening of Bohemian Rhapsody. A great movie to see on the wide screen with a great sound system. The music came alive !!!

You can expect more special events from City Park Radio in the future so make sure you keep in contact through our online posts, this newsletter and by listening to your station.

If you have any ideas for a fundraising event, don’t keep them to yourself!  Contact the Management Committee, any way you can, and we’ll consider your suggestions and see if we can make it happen.


June 16th will be a date to mark on the calendar to make sure you remember to say thank you for the music.

Family ties has got the better of Howard Kaplan and he is off to Victoria to spend more time with the family …  especially the wee small people … his grandchildren.

His last breakky program is coming up.

Howard has presented many programs across the days and weeks in his volunteer time at City Park Radio, and was invaluable support to his partner Nancy when she presented her poetry and writing programs on the station.

Howard also contributed to the management of the station, serving on the management and program committees, and coordinating programs.

We wish Howard & Nancy well … and no doubt Howard will be looking for the safe haven of another community radio station when he needs a musical escape.




Continue to be part of the fun … our membership year is July to June and your membership supports the costs of operations. Membership allows you to volunteer at no extra cost… and it is still only $55 per year.  Membership is your way of staying home and saying thanks, or you can come and play.


From L to R – Ken Ewers-Verge (GSFM Presenter), Julie Bright (GSFM Board Chair/Presenter), Dianne Wood, Adrian Wood ( Member CPR Management Committee/Presenter), Linda Harbour (GSFM Producer)

On a recent trip to WA, City Park Radio presenter Adrian Wood and his wife Dianne, former office volunteer visited Great Southern FM 100.9, a community radio station in Albany, in the Great Southern region of the State. They were welcomed by Julie Bright, Chair of the Great Southern Board and they met a number of other members of the station. Like other community stations 100.9FM is a non-profit member-based station, run by volunteers who provide national news, local weather details, community information, and entertainment to its local listening audience.

Great Southern FM 100.9 supports local, not-for-profit organisations and community groups by promoting their events and services on air and through social media. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, live from 6.00am to late, seven days a week. The majority of 100.9FM’s programs are locally produced and presented. Its local programs are complemented by a range of programs from the Australian Community Radio Network.

Great Southern FM programs include a mix of contemporary, jazz, blues, country, classical, gospel, indigenous, classic rock, and easy listening music. The music offering spans from the 1940s to today and reflects the diverse community the station serves.

Great Southern FM 100.9 has around twenty on air presenters and is supported by an active team of office volunteers.

Thank you, Great Southern FM for hosting the visitors from City Park Radio.

FROM THE VAULT – a newsletter page from 1997

From Pirate Radio to Community Radio

The first British pirate radio station was Radio Caroline, which started broadcasting from a ship off the Essex coast of England in 1964. By 1967, ten pirate radio stations were broadcasting to an estimated daily audience of 10-15 million.

In reaction to the popularity of pirate radio, BBC Radio was restructured in 1967, establishing BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3 and Radio 4. A number of DJs of the newly formed Radio 1 came from pirate stations. The UK Government also closed the international waters loophole via the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act of 1967, although Radio Caroline would continue to broadcast in various forms right up to 1990.

The 1970s and 1980s saw a wave of land-based pirate radio, broadcasting mostly in larger towns and cities, transmitting from tower blocks. These included community-focused local stations as well as stations emerging for the first time to specialise in particular music genres.

Entering the 1980s, transmitters capable of FM broadcasting were beginning to be picked up reasonably cheaply, with the ability to transmit over a forty-mile radius from a 15-storey tower.

In London, a notable moment would be the launching of Britain’s first black owned music station Dread Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) in 1980. DBC played reggae and soca as well as other black music and would be instrumental to the later development of black community broadcasting.

The Broadcasting Act 1990 led to the brief decline of UK pirate radio by encouraging diversity in radio and opening up the development of commercial radio and community radio.

There are more than 400 licensed community radio stations in Australia. They operate under community radio licences, following the rules in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) allocates long-term community radio licences for five years at a time, following the rules in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992. These licences can be renewed.

Volunteers are an essential part of the station’s existence – in effect they are the lifeblood of the station. The positions volunteers take on vary, from the obvious  radio announcers and producers, to behind the scenes roles including management, administration, technical services etc. City Park Radio is a democratic organisation, offering and encouraging all individuals and groups of the community the opportunity to participate.

New volunteers are always very welcome, and can get involved  by contacting the station.

Within the Radio Museum at City Park is a model, made by a teenager, of one of the ships Radio Caroline broadcast from, the Mi Amigo and a brief history.


4th  TSL Launceston v Lauderdale  1.55pm
18th TSL North Launceston v Tigers 1.55pm


4th  Induction Training  1pm


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