With one of our volunteer commentators taking some well deserved leave from July to October, an opportunity exists for an aspiring sports commentator to join Dave and the rest of the team in the commentary box calling the play at TSL games for the second half of the season.

A good knowledge of footy and a commitment to prepare prior to games is essential. No experience is necessary as we can do some training prior to you going live in front of a radio audience. Learn from the best – please call our sports coordinator David Mohr on 0409 960 735 if you are interested.

Also, if you are a business, or know a business who would be happy to sponsor our sports broadcasts for 2021 … please contact the station as soon as possible.


Harmony Day is about celebrating the benefits of our multicultural society which has come about with the successful integration of migrants into the Australian community.

We come together with friends and family and our wider communities to celebrate our diversity.

Our shared Australian values of respect, equality and freedom go beyond our different cultures, and are what makes Australia such a great place to live.

Celebrate Harmony Day with the Migrant Resource Centre and City Park Radio in Civic Square on Friday 19th March from 4-7pm. Come down and meet the Launceston community for this special day.

health regulations will limit crowd numbers – book your ticket beforehand to ensure you can be part of the celebration

DOWNLOAD March Program Schedule HERE


Many of our listeners were quick to report another outage on 96.5FM.

As you realise, our volunteers are busy and may not be listening all the time to all our outlets, so we really appreciate our listeners alerting us to problems.

As you can see from the photo, CPR suffered more vandalism at our remote site.

The quick response by our listeners helped our volunteers get the station back on air in less than 4 hours.

Huge thanks to David Bailey and Les Martin for the swift repairs.

The matter has been reported to the police with vision and pictures of the perpetrators.

WE hope they catch them !!


The Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph Player LU37

That’s a mouthful of a name, the oldest exhibit in our museum, made in 1916.

It is wound up to play and the horn is built into the bottom of the cabinet. It was designed to play Edison Diamond Disc records only at 80rpm, these are about 5mm thick and quite heavy. The Edison diamond stylus was designed to play thousands of records.

You could not play ‘standard’ needle cut 78s on these machines without  purchasing a special tone arm adaptor and tone box from another manufacturer.

To view this and all the other record players and radios visit the museum in the cottage at City Park Radio any day of the week between 10.00am and 2.00pm —

better still, volunteer to be a station guide and tell everyone about the “gems” in City Park Radio

“THE HOT SEAT” for March

Over January and February, we have been airing repeats of The Hot Seat from last year.

In March, we return to normal programming with new guests for you to meet and hear their stories.

7th  – Jennifer Ravens, from the Bridestowe Lavender Farm at Nabowla.
14th – volunteer Carol Cunningham AOM, who received the Order of Australia for services to the community.
21st – author Lisa Mahoney, who recently published her memoir “Collateral Damage” that divulged the relationship with her criminal father.
28th – David Lee, theatre performer and singer, and Vice-President of the Launceston Musical Society.

Be listening on Sunday morning at 11, with each program being repeated the following Friday at 4pm. Podcasts of all of our previous Hot Seats can be found on our website.


It’s no mystery that medicine fascinates the good doctor, The Hon. Frank Madill AM.

Even after many years as a GP, Dr Madill continues to be amazed at the advances in medicine.

Through the ages, many afflictions were a mystery but with the immense advances in medicine you’d expect all of them to be solved.

Not so according to Dr Frank as many ailments still require research, and then again there are some we may never find out why it happened.

So here is an invitation to join Frank Madill and Chris Sayer as they travel through history and try to unravel more mysteries and look at some of the solutions.

Listen to series 3 of Medical Mysteries in the Long Lunch program weekly on Mondays from the 29th March…. with a replay in Friday Drivetime

It’s not a mystery that you’ll find them shortly on our podcast page too.


Saturday 6th  10am – PUBLIC Meeting + Programming
Saturday 6th  1pm – INDUCTION & Refresher training
Saturday 20th  9.30am – Management Meeting
Saturday 20th  12noon  – Program Review workshop (register with office)
Sunday  21st   10am – Radio Interview training/workshop (register with office)


20 lucky members had the opportunity to attend INDULGE – compliments of City Park Radio. From all reports, the day was good … with the weather and conversation tops.

It was just a nice way of saying thank you to our members who have supported CPR through 2020 and for some of our listener members to meet the presenters they hear so often on the radio.

While members enjoyed Indulge – other members from our multicultural programs enjoyed their own indulgence lunch table.

IWD 2021

Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

IWD is a day to recognise how far we’ve come towards gender equality, and also how far we have left to go. Back in 1911, only eight countries allowed women to vote, equal pay for equal work was unheard of – if women were allowed to work at all – and reproductive rights were non-existent.

In countries such as Australia we have rights our grandmothers could only have dreamed about, but we still don’t have complete equality. The majority of the world’s women aren’t anywhere near as close to that goal as we are.

Check out the many events happening in Launceston and support the organisations assisting and supporting a more equitable society.