It’s a new program for those that know a bit about music; good music that defies categorising into a specific genre, with some background and stories related to each track. avoiding obvious mainstream pop or heritage rock, the program contains music from Australia and overseas,
new, and established artists.

Chris Thompson has been involved in recording, mixing, and producing music for decades, working with the likes
of Paul Kelly, the Waifs, Augie March, and the Hilltop Hoods. He worked with triple j recording many local and overseas acts.

On the other hand, Dave Hanslow has spent too much time and money on music over the years, having managed a record store in a failed attempt to reduce his spending.

Chris and Dave invite you into their lounge room in Liffey for a relaxed hour of chat and interesting music. you should hear some gems worthy of further exploration   —– on Sundays from 6pm wherever you get your CITY PARK RADIO.

DOWNLOAD March Program Guide HERE


Hi, my name is Harley and I will be hosting the Chinese Mandarin program called “Panda Hour”. Some segments of the program will be presented in English and some segments will be in Chinese Mandarin.

The program is aimed to provide information about Chinese culture, Chinese language, lifestyle and health news as well as introducing Chinese songs and music.

I am a Chinese language teacher at a local primary school and originally comes from Taiwan. I have been living in Australia for more than 20 years. I love travelling and experience different cultures and food.

Panda Hour will be heard on alternate Thursdays at 7pm starting 9th March



In an ideal world we would be able to quickly recruit and train a new cohort of presenters to fill gaps.

But, in the short term, we need to think laterally and explore ways we can best utilise your valuable time and commitment to program presentation.
In this spirit, City Park Radio needs your invaluable contributions to this important survey. We need to hear about the programs you would like to present and when you might be able to do this.

We also would to hear your ideas about our program schedule. For example, you might be interested in presenting a particular program if it is broadcast at a different time (or over a different duration). A blank copy of our program grid is included with this survey HERE. This may assist you to explore possibilities around programs and timeslots.

You might like to present your multicultural program between 8-9 in the morning,…. have spoken word programs at 10am followed by a 3hr Long Lunch program … put your thinking caps on !

If you are not too sure about our programing philosophy behind the layout of the current program grid, ask the programming committee.

We need to bring all of our creative talents to the table and see what is POSSIBLE! … the survey is HERE

Program Reviews and Air Checks

 At our last Management meeting, Saturday 18/02/23, a vote was taken regarding the continuation of program reviews and air checks.

The management committee unanimously voted to continue as they were accepted as a necessary part of station governance.

Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact any member of the committee to discuss.


Last newsletter we put a call out to help our digital mastering service with 8mm video player … Two days later – Elizabeth W made a generous donation of a camera.  We are also on the hunt for another camera or player for DV mini tapes.


4th  9.00am. Bunnings BBQ
4th 11.30am Public Program meeting
followed by program meeting
4th 1.30pm Induction training
18th 9.30am Management meeting
24th 12noon – Long Lunch from Harmony Day – Mowbray



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