Digital Radio (DAB+) in Launceston – Is it a Dream?

As people may be aware, limited technical testing trials are happening in the CBD on Launceston.

There are promising signs that this free-to-air radio platform will be available to radio stations in the Launceston area.

The CBAA has done a lot of work to ensure community radio has a place on DAB+  and funding has been locked in to support community radio on DAB+.  DAB+ is already available in all capital cities and the Gold Coast … and Launceston could be the first major regional centre to receive DAB+

Yet there are a couple of hurdles for our local supporters and listeners.

First up, access to digital is based on the commercial radio licenced area plan. In Launceston, community radio covers 96% of that same area, yet we need to apply to the Minister, or Communications department or ACMA to give a tick that the areas are nominally the same.  City Park Radio is asking for your support for this to happen so we pursue DAB+ for Launceston.

Secondly, and probably more important, City Park Radio will be asking for technical specifications for wide area coverage for all services from Mt Barrow that matches the current footprint of commercial FM radio and ABC FM services.

We don’t want transmissions restricted to the CBD as all new cars and radios have DAB+ reception. Our population is mobile. It is a no brainer that Northern Tasmania should have wide coverage just as Southern Tasmania enjoys…. And motorists should be able to enjoy DAB+ from the Tamar to the Derwent.

Please support the introduction of DAB+ to Northern Tasmania … contact us, contact your politicians and civic leaders or write a letter of support.

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We trust you have enjoyed our broadcast of Travels with My Suitcase, an audio book and CD serialised over January & February.

The author, Teresa Beck-Swindale was chuffed that City Park Radio agreed to broadcast this work    “Huge thanks to City Park Radio in Launceston and in particular to producer Chris Ball for presenting my words and music in this one hour format over a 7 week period”.

If you enjoyed the broadcast, the illustrated book, audio book and CD is available for purchase.


Heading to the north of Lutruwita/Tasmania, Grant Support Team member Dean Linguey spent some wonderful time at City Park Radio with Broadcaster & Launceston Community FM Treasurer Chris Ball.

Dean discussed with our President Jim Jacob, and Chris, the opportunities available through the grant application process and expressed we pay particular attention to, and address, the funding criteria guidelines when applying.

After making him late leaving for his next appointment, we gave Dean a tour of the studios and interrupted Ron Camplin presenting his program.

Pic. Jim Jacob


This special feature conceived and written by Paul Blest was received favourably by listeners when it aired a month ago.

Royce Pentaghast did a great job with his team of voices for the narration and he did all the production work to put the show together. It is worthy of a replay.

The program will be repeated 10am on Good Friday.

NEW PROGRAM – Fridays 7pm – Side1 Track1

Each week a different presenter will dive deep into their collections to bring you a favourite album. It may familiar, it may be different or it may be obscure. An adventure for us all . First up – Ricard Barker.

DEAR DIARY – don’t let me forget

8th – International Women’s Day
10th – Bunnings BBQ – North Launceston  9am – 4pm.
13th – Programming Sub Committee meeting 7.00pm
16th  – Management meeting 9.30am
17th – St Patricks Day
23rd – Tasmanian State Election
29th – Good Friday
31st – Easter


1st – UTAS COMMUNITY DAY – Inveresk – 12pm – 2pm
Join with the station and our multicultural presenters as we meet students from home and abroad and discover what UNI life has to offer new people today.

29th – First game of the TSL season – 2.25pm – 5.10pm
Launceston V North Launceston – Windsor Park.

Join David Mohr for the season of Tasmanian State League – will the Northern teams go out on a high this year?

Also, we’ll be covering most of the Tornadoes home games at Elphin and Ulverstone throughout the NBL1 South competition.

PROPOSED addition to CPR Constitution.

At City Park Radio, we endeavour to maintain stability and continuity for operating and managing the station.

It was noticed that there is a loophole whereby someone with no experience in community radio could automatically become an officer of the organization.

It was felt that some “corporate” knowledge of City Park Radio should be a requisite for nominating for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

There was consensus that anyone nominating for an officer position should have had some experience on the management committee in the year in the lead up to the AGM, or for at least a year in the past.

Your management committee has agreed to take to this year’s AGM this proposal to alter the constitution.

14.6.3 candidates nominated for any officer position shall have completed a term as ordinary committee prior to nomination
14.6.4. If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the ordinary committee, the candidates
nominated shall be deemed to be elected and further nominations shall be received at the Annual General Meeting.
14.6.5. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled a ballot shall be held.

This change, if accepted, will not come into effect until after the 2024 AGM.


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