This time 35 years ago, there were a lot of happy faces and partying. After eight years of planning, submissions and hearings, 7LTN (City Park Radio) had finally started fully licensed broadcasting.

It is on the public record the station began regular programs on the 14th April 1986 with programs at selected parts of the day.

The official opening came later in the year, with a special “foxy” Costume Ball to mark the opening.

As you can now hear, City Park Radio broadcasts 24 hours day, seven days a week.

Let us take you back in time — here are some links to take you to some pages of a newsletter from 1981…. just click on the numbers..  1  2  3  4  5



A sporting gesture from your local gas supplier ELGAS.

The company has signed up to sponsor all our sports broadcasts this year through to September.

ELGAS can supply all your LPG needs. They’re local and very knowledgeable about their product and service.

Apart from supporting your community radio station, ELGAS has a special deal for our members and volunteers.

When you need your gas supply, phone ELGAS on 13 11 61 and ask for the City Park Radio deal.

A CONVERSATION with Mrs Jane Fisk

I recently had the pleasure of talking to a lovely lady well into her older years. Her name is Jane Fisk, she is the daughter-in-law of Sir Ernest Fisk.

Born in 1886, Sir Ernest died in 1965. He was an English and Australian businessman and entrepreneur who was founder, managing director and chairman over the years of Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia), (AWA).

On 22nd September 1918, working with Marconi, he proved the possibility of direct radio communication from the UK to Australia by receiving the first such message at his Sydney home. It was broadcast by the Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, who praised the troops he had just inspected on the Western Front in Europe.

Following a dispute between Marconi and Telefunken, the two companies settled their differences and formed AWA in 1913. In the same year, the renamed Marconi School of Wireless was set up. It moved to Launceston in 1979 and became part of the Australian Maritime College.

In 1939, the now heritage listed AWA Building in York Street Sydney was completed. It became an instant landmark with its art deco style and large white radio tower on top in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. It was the tallest building in Australia until 1958.

To this day, AWA provides independent technology service solutions for large organisations from a network of offices and agents around the country every day and hour of the year.

In our museum, we have many AWA radios for you to view. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00am – 2.00pm
John Elcomb


Integral to the running of any organisation is its members.  City Park Radio values the support of its members whether just enjoying the radio programs, or by rolling up their sleeves and volunteering.

Membership fees only go a little way in helping to meet the ongoing costs. The fees cover the insurances, licences and permits required for the station to cover the work of the volunteers.

As costs go up, the management committee does what it can to control operating expenses and membership fees assist in a small way.

This year, management has decided to lift the membership fee for 2021/2022 to $55 from July 1 … that’s still just about $1 per week.

As a bonus and to say thank you, all current members can renew their 21/22 membership for $50 if it is paid before June 30.


Time has come for the ULTIMATE LEGENDS program to bask in its glory.

For the last couple of years, Rob & Kerrie-Anne have bought you music from artists who were, or should have been making their way to legend status.

First on a Wednesday evening at 10pm and then, at their request, the earlier timeslot at 8pm on a Thursday, the program sought to entertain and re-listen to some great artists of the decades.

With their last program airing on April 29, Rob & Kerrie-Anne will be going their separate ways.

Thank Kerrie-Anne & Rob for the hours of entertainment and crazy facebook posts.


Replacing Ultimate Legends on Thursdays at 8pm will be another local program.

For many years, City Park Radio had a Folk program and we are pleased to see interest in resuming the program

The FOLK PROJECT is a locally produced music program commencing on the 6th of May and will cover the wide range of sub genres associated with Folk music.

We are seeking more presenters for this program, so if you have the urge (to present a folk program), please phone Jim Jacob 0429 596296.



5th May – Programming – 7pm
15th May – Management – 9.30am
15th May – CMTO training Project Management – 12noon
16th May –  CMTO training Marketing – 10am


1st  1.55pm TSL – Launceston v Glenorchy
8th  1.55pm TSL –  North Launceston v Tigers
8th   5.50pm  NBL1 – Tornadoes v Eltham
15th 1.55pm TSL – Launceston v Lauderdale
15th 6.45pm  NBL1 – Tornadoes v Diamond Valley
21st 6.55pm TSL – North Launceston v Launceston
29th 6.45pm NBL1 – Tornadoes v Mt Gambier


The next in our broadcast of Theatre North Conversations will be Leigh Oswin.
Leigh has just directed the latest Launceston Players production on “The Bridesmaid Must Die”.
Hear it in our special Arts Alive program – Monday 3rd May at 4pm.


After asking about small projects the station wanted to pursue, local member Michael Ferguson recently visited City Park Radio and *pledged support for community radio to the tune of $19,000.

He said it was not millions of dollars, but he realised that small amounts of funding can go a very long way in community radio and that it was a way of recognising the value of volunteers in our community.

*conditional on election result.

ST PATRICK’S COLLEGE – High School Musical

Enthusiastic student performers promote their “High School Musical” being staged at the Princess Theatre 28 Apr- 1 May 2021.


Phone Shirley on 6334 7429