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It was a chance listen to Maureen Martin on Country Muster last year.  Maureen was interviewing Lyn Ling & Terry Hill about the duo and their performances around Tasmania. Maureen featured a recording from their lounge room.

Well, City Park Radio thought we could improve on that and invited them to record their repertoire for other promotional interviews and a keepsake.

After working out the cobwebs, the final recording session took place in January this year. Terry edited the recordings and three months later released their debut 2CD “Classic Hits”.

The sound is good, and City Park Radio is pleased to have helped Lyn & Terry produce this little memento. It has been catalogued into our CD library.

City Park Radio is grateful for kind donation they made to us for assisting with this project.

DOWNLOAD May Program schedule HERE

IN CONVERSATION – Dr Jane Woollard

In the Arts Alive timeslot on Monday 1st May, another conversation from the Friends of Theatre North.

If you ever wanted to hear about early theatre in Launceston, this is fascinating.

Dr Woollard will regale you with stories of visiting thespians, scoundrels and rogues, tell you about the first performance spaces in Launceston, and perhaps give you the first examples of the Tasmanian north south rivalry around 180 years ago.

Back in those days, shows could last as long as 6 hours albeit with an hour or so of performing dogs but in Arts Alive, Dr Jane’s talk fits nicely within the allocated hour without dogs.

ARTS ALIVE Monday 1st May 4.04pm   and if you miss it, it will make an appearance on our community stories podcast page


One of the roles of your management committee is to set the standards for your community station. Some of the points we have been addressing include:

The committee is always trying to improve the station and take it further into this century. One issue is programming. Whilst there has been NO change in policy at present, the committee is endeavouring to ensure programs are meeting the program briefs that are set for those programs. The current focus is on general music programs. A lot of analysis of content has been conducted and one area is the low level of Australian content. The committee is trying to lift program standards to our stated level of at least 30% Australian content. The committee even providing new Australian content to assist presenters meet the target in each general music program.

Recently, your management committee also provided advice to our Examiner Readers. As you know, this is an important local news program and, occasionally, court stories can have some graphic content. This is the nature of news and when reading any story sub-headed “graphic content”, we’ve asked the readers to alert listeners the following story has graphic content.  Your management committee acknowledges the importance of this news and has recommended that where possible in future updates on these particular court proceedings, there is no need to keep repeating descriptions of graphic sexual abuse.

Most recently, the committee received a request from a sponsor to highlight Indigenous Music in a promotion for the King’s Coronation. The committee understood some people are staunch monarchists and would appreciate highlighting this occasion. On the other hand, given the history of Australia, aligning a colonial and imperial celebration with Indigenous music could be seen as offensive. The committee could not agree to link the two events, but each idea on its own was good.  Perhaps wait for Naidoc week to sponsor Indigenous Music.


Our radio station is currently experiencing a significant shortage of presenters. In an ideal world we would be able to quickly recruit and train a new cohort of presenters to fill the gaps. However, in the short term, we need to think laterally and explore ways to best utilise the presenters’ valuable time and commitment to program presentation.

Due to this, City Park Radio conducted a presenter survey to investigate the this issue by accepting more contributions from the current available presenters.

A series of questions including the program interest, availability, new ideas and feedbacks for the station were asked within the survey.

1) Total responses (57)

Finally, as of 31st March 2023, we had received a total of 53 responses.  This includes 48 presenters and five non-presenters.  Any double responses were merged together.

2) Number of presenters and hours for each program. This part can be summarised into 3 groups of programs (general, specialist, and ethnic).

Our station has three groups of programs, general, specialist and multicultural (Table 1). The first group, general programs, has seven programs, including Breakfast, Mornings With, The Long Lunch, Afternoons With, Drivetime, Saturday Afternoon Mix, and Sunday Afternoon Music. The number of presenters in the general program group is ranging between 3 to 13 presenters, with the lowest presenters on Drivetime (3) and Saturday Afternoon Mix (3), followed by Breakfast program (5). The highest amount of presenters within general group is Afternoon With program with 13 people are currently presenting.

The second group is from the Multicultural Unit program group. This group has very limited current presenters within the station, which are between 1 to 2 people per each program. In fact, the station currently has only 10 out of 53 active members presenting the multicultural programs.

Lastly, the specialist group that presents theme-based programs in the City Park Radio station. Currently, we have at least 23 specialist programs with various themes. There are currently 69 presenters, which ranges between 1 to 9 presenters each program. The Audio Files, Strangeways, Addicted, The Night Train, The Long Play, and Offbeat (currently discontinued) each has only one presenter, while Jazz Spectrum has the highest number of presenters (9).

Table 1. Number of presenters (who responded) of each program within the City Park Radio station.

3) Presenters’ interests for other programs, including most interested programs

Each of the presenters were asked if they are interested to present other programs within the station. Nine presenters are certainly and 17 tentatively interested to present other programs, while 24 presenters do not have an interest to present more programs (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Presenters’ interests for presenter other programs within the station.

4) The presenter’s availability (day and time)

26 respondents, who may have interest in presenting more programs, were further asked their availability. Figure 2 shows that Afternoon is the most favourable time across seven days, followed by Morning and Evening times.

Figure 2. Presenters interest availability across seven days.

To conclude, this survey was conducted to investigate the number of presenters’, their interests and availability for fixing the current presenter shortage within the station for any of the programs. There is a need to focus more on the small number of presenters recorded within the general program group, specialist and multicultural.  The most favourable times (morning, afternoon and evening) matched with the need for alternative presenters for almost all general program and some specialist program groups. This may resolve the current presenters shortage within CPR. The station will follow up separately for further investigation with the presenters’ interest.

The number of responses here does not correspond with the actual number of current presenters within the station. 


More Medical Mysteries

After five series, and fifty episodes, of Medical Mysteries, you would think that our medical historian Dr Frank Madill would have exhausted all of the strange human biological stories of history. However, there are plenty more stories that have piqued Dr Frank’s interest, and he wants to bring these stories to you in Series Six of Medical Mysteries.

Keep an ear out later in 2023 for the next series in Medical Mysteries with Dr Frank Madill. In the meantime, you can catch up with every previous program in each series – you’ll find them on the podcast page on the City Park Radio website.

Kerry Finch’s Tasmanians

In the second hour of Thursday’s Long Lunch program, you’ll hear historic episodes from the archives, when former ABC Radio presenter Kerry Finch spoke to Tasmanians from many different walks of life and backgrounds.

Kerry has kindly permitted City Park Radio to air these programs to give them a new lease of life. While these interviews were recorded more than 20 years ago now, they remain a collection of Tasmania’s social history.

DATES to Remember

May 3 – Programming meeting 7pm
May 6   Bunnings BBQ – North Launceston 9-4pm
May 20  Management Meeting  9.30am


May 6 – TSL  Launceston v Tigers 1.55pm
May 13 – NBL1  Tornadoes v Geelong Supercats  6.15pm
May 20 – TSL  Launceston V Glenorchy  12.55pm
May 27 – TSL  North Launceston v Tigers  1.55pm
May 27 – NBL1  Tornadoes v Eltham Wildcats  6.15pm


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