The Speak My Language (SML) program involves culturally and linguistically diverse Australians with disabilities and their supporters, sharing real stories and experiences via podcast and broadcast.

The stories are about living well with a disability and will inform people with disabilities, their supporters, and the broader community, about skills and resources available in the community to enable people to live well.

Additional interviews with guest speakers will give accurate and up-to-date information about further opportunities in the community.

You can hear ‘SPEAK MY LANGUAGE’ on the 1st & 3rd Mondays at 7pm October to December.


City Park Radio and the Referendum

City Park Radio is a community organisation. Our policies governing our existence are based on equality, cohesion, diversity and inclusion. Our volunteering activity provides a positive attitude and, in turn, a better outcome for everyone. It’s how we treat one another within our organisation and our community near and far.

The referendum on Saturday 14th October is asking one question – and voting is compulsory.

A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

Do you approve this proposed alteration?   YES or NO.

In keeping with our philosophies, City Park Radio encourages all members and listeners to seek out the detail and then make their own informed decision before visiting the ballot box on October 14.


The Tasmanian Poetry Festival 2023 celebrates all things poetry with guests and performers from across Tasmania and Australia.

Representing a wide range of poetic styles, including specialists in the written word and prize-winning performance, the poets include interstate performers Tug Dumbly, David Hallett, Myron Lysenko, Rebecca Rushbrook, Brendan Ryan and Kimberly K. Williams.

From Tasmania, Pamela Leach and Tim Thorne prize winner Esther Ottaway, and UK-born, internationally recognised Helga Jermy join the list of performers.

A special treat will be Sunday’s performance by the highly regarded Ross Donlon with international jazz guitarist Steve Brien.

Of course, the really fun part for some is the iconic Launceston Poetry Cup on the Saturday evening … sometimes too risky to broadcast.

Check their website tpf.org.au for all the details.

As usual, City Park Radio will present some highlights from the festival. Tune in Sunday 8th October from 2pm to hear some of the featured artists this year.

From roving cub reporter Chris Sayer

As Anne and I are currently travelling around the United Kingdom, I have a habit of searching local radio stations to get a feel for the local area we’re in. As you’d expect, there are many to choose from – several national BBC options, plus smaller BBC stations broadcasting to regional areas, and a myriad of DAB (stations as long as you have a digital radio). But I was pleased to be able to tune into a local community FM station wherever we went.

There was WRFM based in Witney near Oxford, broadcasting to Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. Then across the border in Wales there was BRO Radio, coming out of a small city called Barry, which incidentally was where former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was born. Back in England, in the north-east of county Somerset, we found Somer Valley FM, that broadcast from a couple of rooms in a school in the town of Radstock, near Bath and Bristol.

Each of these stations offer an alternative to commercial, national and BBC radio. They play music from all ages, some do traffic reports, local news and sport, and chat. They all have an on-line presence (so you could even listen in little ol’ Tassie), some are on DAB and Mixcloud, and they all seem to broadcast on numerous frequencies to ensure good coverage. They all have on-air sponsorship and volunteer announcers. However, they don’t all seem to have live presenters – many times we were listening to a compiled program of songs without an announcer or time calls. I also found it disappointing that when I rang their office to request a visit, I was greeted by an answering machine and prompted to leave a message.

This made me realise that City Park Radio does a great job in having our office available for any enquiries every weekday. Of course, our wonderful location provides an opportunity for any visitor to simply drop in to see our radio museum and studio. We are indeed fortunate that our station is so accessible to our listeners.


Imagine a time and place. A gathering. Quiet conversations. Joyful dancing. Wafting aromas of shared food. Connections. Learning and laughter. This is the power of festivals.

As part of this year’s Peace Festival, the Tamar Community Peace Trust invited Ms Rhoda Roberts AO to be the key note speaker.

Ms Roberts shared her stories of family, discovery, of listening and learning and it’s influence on the people around her and how it shaped the festivals she was to organise.

Rose Boccalatte (Equality Tasmania) and Natalie De Vito (creative producer/curator, arts and festivals consultant) joined Rhoda for a panel discussion exploring the potential of festivals. Could they be a driver of positive social change through awareness, education and change? Were there opportunities to build more peaceful communities?

The talk was broadcast on 25th September and is now available on our podcast page….. https://cityparkradio.com/our-podcast/#communitystories


Not too late to register your interest – contact the office


7th – Bunnings BBQ North Launceston
11th – Program Meeting 7pm
21st – Management Meeting  9.30am


1st October is not only the first day of Daylight Saving for Tasmania, but also International Coffee Day …. drink wisely.


Thank you to all these businesses for supporting the volunteers and all involved with City Park Radio. Please show your appreciation when you visit these businesses.

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