MoAD – what the hell ?

MoAD is the Misadventures of Agnetha Deveaux, and it’s back for another series on City Park Radio.

This original fantasy mystery series features actors local and international, telling a sprawling tale across twelve half hour episodes.

Elf detective Agnetha Deveaux, played by local actress Liz Corrick, faces off against all manner of creatures, from vampires to giant birds, nightmare monsters and serial killers.

Episodes play with different genres from horror to comedy, with episode one seeing Agnetha investigate a mysterious deadly red fog choking the city, while episode two is a homage to satires like Yes, Minister and The Thick of It.

It is no fantasy that MoAD is locally written, recorded and produced in Launceston by our member Royce Pentaghast. The new series will premiere on Thursdays at 4.04pm from October 6.

DAYLIGHT SAVING – begins  2am Sunday 2nd October — clocks go forward one hour



Hello there my lovely listeners!  It’s wonderful to finally get to meet you.

My name is “The Man” and I am elated to bring to you my first formal announcement for a little show that I’ll be hosting dubbed “A Tale or Two”.

Every Sunday at 10 PM – Midnight, I will recite to you an unaltered tale or two that you don’t often see elsewhere. These Tales include, The Brothers Grimm, H.P Lovecraft, and different mythological epics, etc.

I look forward to meeting you in person when A Tale or Two premieres October 2nd


As usual, City Park Radio brings you a session from this year’s Poetry Festival.

The Sunday Afternoon session hears all the featured poets and writers attending the festival read their own works live to air.

This year assisting David Mohr with the Outside Broadcast will be Nancy Corbett making a trip back to Tassie for the festival.  During the afternoon, Nancy and Cameron Hindrum will be in conversation with many of the poets….. and who knows, if it can be arranged, and if it is suitable for broadcast, we’ll hear the winning entry for the Launceston Poetry Cup.

Local arts and culture on City Park Radio with the Tasmanian Poetry Festival, Sunday October 2 from 1pm.


The CBAA conference is being held in Cairns on the last weekend in October.

City Park Radio is proud to be a finalist in the Outstanding Small Station Award.

This category celebrates the vital role that small stations play in the community broadcasting sector, with their greater challenges and where the levels of initiative and sheer determination tend to be sky-high.  If you want to be the first to know whether we are successful, head to the CBAA facebook page on awards night Oct 29.

Annual General Meeting August 2022

 Management Committee
Ayu Rohmana, Glen Hartas, John Elcomb, Nick Groer, Deb Wilson, Sheila Hoban (Secretary) ,Chris Ball (Treasurer), Chris Sayer (Vice President) ,Jim Jacob (President)

Programming Sub-Committee
John Wilson, Chris Sayer, Jim Jacob, Sheila Hoban, John Elcomb, Ben Barwick, Chris Ball…. one of whom will be selected as the Chair.

SEE ME – Stories of Ability (podcast and series) launch at City Park Radio


PROGRAMMING Wednesday 5th – 7pm 
MANAGEMENT Saturday 15th – 9.30am
BUNNINGS BBQ Northside Sunday 9th – 9am to 4pm


Our station programming and sponsorship policies has been activated regarding no election material, interviews and sponsorship for any candidates.

With 114 people seeking election in our broadcast area, with 59 also trying for Mayor or Deputy Mayor positions, it would be impossible for City Park Radio to provide all candidates with fair and equal opportunity to the airwaves.

We encourage you to exercise your democratic right and vote when your postal ballot arrives ….. find more details and timelines on


Mirth, mayhem and music in the studio with Paul McDermott and Glenn Moorhouse


We thank Dave Mohr, Matthew McGee, Michael Walker, Dave Gruber, Tony Webb and Chris Sayer for bringing all the action of the Tasmanian State League Grand Final . (and the NTFA Grand Final the week before)

Other people who have contributed throughout the year to our TSL broadcasts include Rob Soward, Luke Rybarczyk and Rick Fontyn and a huge thank you to Raoul Cooley from ELGAS Launceston for sponsoring all the broadcasts for 2022

Whether onair or online or through the TSL live stream, we trust you enjoy the calls … they’re really good eh!


Support our sponsors, as they support your community radio station

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