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72 Responses so far.

  1. Paul says:

    Another awesome show from Rob Foggo tonight. I never miss the show when he is in the chair. Keep up the great work.

  2. D Duggan says:

    Love the show Rob Foggo is putting on tonight artists gone to soon , enjoying your work Rob

  3. Steve J says:

    Thanks so much for broadcasting a tribute to Peter Voss. Peter meant so much to so many people. Thank you. Steve J

  4. miriam fialon says:


  5. Rat says:

    Great beats James x

  6. Kristin says:

    Loved the music show last night about 11pm, had to stay up and listen, took me back to the old glory days… also loved his voice.

  7. Donna West. says:

    Hi I am listening.
    The program is really great.
    Love from Donna. .

  8. merle west. says:

    Hi allen lawson.
    Merle here i enjoying your program.
    While im knitting.
    So be off to bed.
    Safe journey home.
    Godbless merle????????

  9. Merle west. says:

    theres another song.
    when the rain tumbles down in july.
    my little grey haried mother, in the west.
    wilfred carter.

  10. Merle west. says:

    the song.
    bush will always be my home.
    mum loves that one.

  11. Mitchell says:

    What is the Facebook page called?

    Our official FB page City Park Radio FM103.7 Launceston

  12. Another proud Mum says:

    Can’t believe I actually enjoyed the whole broadcast, so proud Kelly, well done boys hope you enjoyed the opportunity. Make sure you tidy up before you leave. Thanks City Park Radio.

  13. Flynn says:

    That was AWSOME, well done With In These Walls, 10/10 ????

  14. Proud Mum says:

    Think you guys might be looking for new jobs! The boy from Liverpool is awesome! But maybe I’m a little bit biased…….

  15. James Windsor says:

    Awsome program. Just enjoying lunch with Bill

  16. Fred Blazely says:

    Great show Ben …every piece of music a surprise … from country to rock … loving Tuesday breakfast, what a mix of music.

  17. Mark says:

    Insightful coverage of local footy by the team.

  18. Nick McKinnon says:

    Great job every week by Warnie, Roy & Calvin. I love listening to their work every week!


  19. Joseph Dawson says:

    I love the work Roy, Warnie and Calvin do every week. I tune in from Perth every week and it is highly entertaining.

  20. Wendy says:

    really lovely to hear city park giving coverage to girls football from Youngtown the other night… thank you to everyone who organised it …. positive role models in sport …. congratulations !!

  21. Shaun says:

    Just loved being able to hear the Mornings With program this morning online…. really enjoyed hearing Luka Bloom with Fiona Joy Hawkins

  22. David Read says:

    Love your program Ken
    Harthill, Scotland

  23. Britt & Sam says:

    Golly gee, this young radio host Luke Newson (second Tuesday of every month, 10-12) is a superb example of how modern radio should be done! We predict a bright future ahead of him.

  24. Gary says:

    Remembering AW from his very successful State & Regional Development days, over a red and great music, great to hear you haven’t lost your voice or critical faculties; and that you’re still giving everyone in our communities so much life enjoyment!! Cheers AW

  25. Jim says:

    A great range of new music tonight .. just love the contrast between Conchillia and the Andrea Marr Band….. Interesting

  26. isaac says:

    You guys talk a bit aye. Wouldnt mind some music now
    Harrison says hello.

  27. Jim says:

    Really enjoyed the program this morning … A great assortment of music and information… really nice to hear another track by Helen Reddy instead of I am women or Delta Dawn…. and a smattering of Tassie artists as well .. particularly Tim Slater … Well done.

  28. Lin Farrington says:

    Loved “Sunday Assortment” today – Greg Murgatroyd presented an eclectic mix that reminded me of the ‘good ol’ days’ of Pirate Radio & listening to Radio Caroline, playing just to my generation. Mainstream radio has been hijacked by the younger generation and loved music that spoke to my generation. Good pick, Greg, looking forward to more of the same!

  29. Mike Cleaver says:

    I heard part of an interview with Colleen Hewett on Saturday re a new album and wud like to know if it can be accessed via your website I would like more information about her new album

    All the information you need is on Colleen’s website .. It’s in “BLACK and WHITE”

  30. Giuseppe Costanzo says:

    As a footy and Fantsy fan I love The Traders programme and I tune in every week from Perth.
    Keep up the good work gents.

  31. Michael Baxter says:

    Thanks City Park Radio for another Great afternoon listening to the Traders for their Podcast and the Hour leading up to with there Song playlists. You have some talented Boys there and I hope to be able to keep tuning in to hear them.
    Great work Warnie Roy & Calvin!!

  32. rUTH FOLLETT says:

    Great job Deb.

  33. Fiona McLeod says:

    I’m on the Gold Coast, always tune in online Mon afternoon for 2 hours of Warnie Calvin and Roy, love them, they always make me laugh.

  34. I am at Caiguna, on the Nullarbor, with no radio coverage or tv, but beaut internet reception thanks to Telstra, who have towers at all roadhouses on the Nullarbor. Too bad if you have another Telco.

    Well Done Telstra.

    I tried to get CPR whilst in Canada recently but couldn’t but nice to hear good old aussie voices again.

    I will be back in Longford on 6th November, for my summer holidays.

    enjoy listening to most music, but especially Ken Brooks.

    cheers Bernie

  35. Amanda says:

    Love Ken Brooks – Hi Ken, always listening to you at work now via the online radio stream. Fabulous station – love City Park Radio.

  36. Margaret Gibson-Court says:

    Had fun looking around while on holidays, would be good to volunteer, but I am now back in Perth. I come from Launceston so will probably back there again.

  37. ken and julie kirkman says:

    Listening to you at the moment on the Nullabor. Cheers from a City Park radio member. Keep up the great music

  38. margie says:

    oi evening Benny boy!!!! it me from Wychie

  39. John Brotton says:

    Good evening,

    It was nice to listen to songs from the 60s, 70’s and 80’s with Ben this evening. It brought back some great memories,Please convey my thanks to him Kind Regards

  40. will says:

    Who was the person presenting Drive tonight .. what a great mix of music from all eras … fantastic … and excellent to hear some of the sounds of African music after 7 – Well Done CPR

  41. Jeff warden says:

    Love the Saturday songs Dave!!!

  42. Jillian Patane says:

    Thanks for putting me on to this Luigi. Oh now that is you I am listening to. Happy afternoon.

  43. Llewellyn Jones says:


    I am current chairperson and co founder of 5GTRFM 100.1 Mount Gambier South Australia,

    Have been listening to your station?

    The reason is that I and my family will be moving to Launceston Area and will love to become members.

    Both myself and my son Dyllan ( 16 years ) do programs at this station. I do breakfast on Thursdays and Sundays and Dyllan does Pepsi Drive on Mondays We both have CUF 20107 Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) and would love to present at your station

    The move won’t be until the new year

    Would love to keep in contact

    Llew Jones

  44. Grant says:

    Grant from Adelaide. Loving the TSL grand final broadcast!

  45. Hazey says:

    GDay Matty and Mr Triff,

    Hazey listening in from Timor-Leste here!


  46. Arie Moraal says:

    Great programming! Love the tunes!!!

  47. George Toepfer says:

    Drive time in Hobart should be as good as City Park Radio in Lonnie
    Go Paul!!! you legend
    Long time friend = George
    Ejjoyable to listen too – show should be Statewide

  48. Charles Hazelwood says:

    whenm I PASTE the URL into WMP says cannot find it

    • CityPark says:

      no need to paste the URL … just clicking on the link on the home page should take you to the stream … and if windows media player is your default … it should automatically open

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  50. Dan Johnson says:


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