THE HOT SEAT with City Park Radio

Created at community radio station City Park Radio in Launceston, Tasmania – The Hot Seat profiles someone from our local community.


SEASON ONE is the fastest (and funniest) way to learn which health professionals you really need in your life. The statistics tell us that most Australians don’t know enough “Health Speak” to properly look after their health. From Bum Doctors to Speech Pathologists, Dieticians to Exercise Physiologists, in this podcast Penny Terry rejects the health jargon, bans the big words and leaves the Latin alone as she finds out who these people are, how they can help and what they do… to you.
Health Speak? is created by City Park Radio in partnership with Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd. This project was funded by the Healthy Tasmania Community Innovations Grants through the Tasmanian Government.

SEASON TWO  will help us to help others and to take the load off our health professionals and other community services who are flat out during this COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll hear stories from people and support services who are doing it really tough right now. They’ll share some practical and simple things we can all do from home.
Season two is made possible by Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd with support from the Healthy George Town project.

SEASON THREE goes beyond the hand hygiene to work out what other key skills we need to live WELL during a pandemic (with others and in our own minds)! Penny Terry goes out into the community, into businesses and chats with experts to see what people are doing to ‘deal’ with this pandemic, what works and what doesn’t, as we all do our best to live through it. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll remember and we’ll learn, as brush up on those life-skills that are crucial right now. By the end of the season you’ll have a full COVID-kit, bursting with tools to help you get on with life.
Big thanks from Healthy Tasmania Pty Ltd to all those who have contributed to the interviews and a massive cheer to our supporters Bell Bay Aluminium via the George Town Council as part of the Healthy George Town Project.


“Less is More” – a homegrown podcast about sustainability and community in “Launnie” produced by Suzanne Derry. This series looks at life for an escaped “mainlander” looking to connect with local food producers, furniture makers and second hand gurus.

Topics include: sustainability, community, food, reuse, waste, design, farming, regional life,

Produced at City Park Radio with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. All music by Suzanne Derry.


This is where you’ll find a variety of stories of culture and endeavour in Northern Tasmania. From discussions on new theatre production to peace festival activities, interesting talks and local lectures, this is where the audio will pop up. We have an amazing community. City Park Radio thank the many people, groups and organisations who allow us to record and broadcast their story.

Be sure to check the notes included on each podcast for all the details.


Lion Goats is a ten part cowboy and western radio serial set in the year 1909. A group of lawmen, criminals and civilians are sent to hunt down a dangerous outlaw in Mexico, but start to realise things are not what they seem, and the real villain might be closer than they think.
Arne Moens is the Narrator
Aaron Beck as John Malcolm, Raquel Alty as Cathryn Engel, Jake T. Hodgetts as Javier Salvador, Jemima Bourne as Morwenna Abrams, Yossi Van Den Berg as Albert Little and Wren Salamanca, Stewart Fulton as Drew Morrill, Keith Wiggins as Ranger Kurtz, Joshua Law as Léon Cabras, Courtney Hayes as Eva Cabras, Royce Pentaghast as Walden McDonald, Ben Kramer, Agent Robertson, Matt Langham as Townspeople, Jack Moon as Captain Salamanca, Benjamin Rossiter as Deputy.
Written and Directed by Royce Pentaghast.

MEDICAL MYSTERIES – Ancient & Modern

Medical Mysteries is presented by The Hon Dr Frank Madill AM. Dr Frank examines the mysteries of medical conditions of well known people of years gone by and of the challenges still being faced by modern medicine today. Even in his own lifetime, Dr Frank has seen many advances in medicine but there are still many puzzles to solve.