World Record

Former City Park Radio Presenter Tim Moon officially confirmed World Record Holder


Tim holds the World Record for

“The Longest Single Continuous Broadcast By One Announcer”

This incredible feat he achieved by being on air a total of 122 hours 20 minutes and 3 seconds between 4.00 pm on Thursday the 12th September 1996 until 12.22 am Wednesday 18th September 1996, breaking the old record of 121 hours and 3 minutes set by Bruce Carty of 3CCC fm in 1993.

Since Bruce Carty set his record back in 1993 there had been approx 22 Australian and 9 Overseas attempts to better it, all these attempts failed for one reason or another, until now, City Park Radio’s Tim Moon finally did it!

Tim had fabulous support from all volunteers at City Park Radio – they were there to chat with him and keep him fed… and most of all, made sure he didn’t forget the rules…and more importantly, reminded him not to sleep too long


For the benefit of any other presenters on a Community Radio station considering an attempt to beat this record, the basic rules are as follows.

  1. The presenter must do all the panel operating.
  2. The presenter must not let more than 5 minutes pass without speaking on air.
    (yes, even over the top of music)
  3. The presenter is allowed one 5 minute break each hour, breaks are accruable,
    eg: one 1 hour break each 12 hours or one 2 hour break each 24 hours,
    or in any other combination decided, dependant on their state of exhaustion.
  4. No stimulants are allowed, and anyone can demand a blood test at any time.
  5. The whole of the broadcast has to be taped from start to finish.

For any presenter still masochistic enough to consider an attempt after reading this,
you can email us for the complete details….

2018 – the current record for a Radio DJ is nearly 8.5 days (202 hours) –