City Park Radio was in the Harmony Day Celebration on the 24th March at Haig St Community Space, Mowbray. The current Harmony Day theme was Everyone Belongs, where people from all different background come together and celebrate the taste of Harmony. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. There were approximately 200 people participating Harmony Day Celebration, including the Launceston Mayor, Danny Gibson and other community key members. We enjoyed lots of dancing, amazing food and meeting various communities.

It was an honour to be invited at the Harmony Day Celebration at Mowbray. Our station had an outside broadcast during The Long Lunch program started at 12 to 2 pm. As a representative of the City Park Radio, Chris was given a chance to deliver some speech on stage. Together with Chris Ball as the Long Lunch presenter, we had Jim as a photographer, and Ayu as the cheering person and a representative of the CPR Multicultural unit. Andrea Green and Wei Siong Liang dropped in on the celebrations too.

We interviewed key members from the community, including the Launceston Mayor Danny Gibson, Ella Dixon CEO of the Migrant Resource Centre, Josef Chromy scholarship recipient – Feven from Eritrea, Dr Frank Madill – the ambassador for the MRC, coffee specialist Senka Mujkic and the Pacific Island Dancers from Vanuatu. Pooja Thakkar encouraged us all with her enthusiasm for Bollywood Beats.

It was quite wonderful event as we were entertained by the dancing shows from Pacific Islands, Nepal, Bhutan and Indian Bollywood. The food was marvellous, and Jim enjoyed the most of it.

We thank the Migrant Resource Centre North for inviting the City Park Radio and hope to join them again next year.

For more pics from Jim – see below

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In the shadow of rising costs, inflation and what is shaping to be the largest CPI increase in many years, your management committee has decided you need a break from rising costs.

It was decided not to follow the present trends and increase the annual membership fee for 2023/2024.

Even though you know the pleasure of being part of City Park Radio, and the pleasure it brings listeners is worth a whole lot more, membership will be kept at $55 … or a just little over $1 a week.

The membership year is July to June or part thereof.  NEW members joining after April 1 each year still enjoy a couple of bonus months to the July of that year.

City Park Radio is owned and operated by its members, and as a financial member it allows you to nominate for any of the committees at the station and attend meetings. You can also volunteer in a variety of other roles. You can be trained to be in the office, a guide in our museum, be involved in digital mastering, your interest maybe IT or Technical, or be trained to be a presenter – all at no extra cost.

ARTS ALIVE – 2023 John West Lecture

The Long Shadow of John West’s War

John West’s History of Tasmania occupies a significant place in the historiography of the Vandemonian War.

While written well within living memory, West’s treatment of the conflict reflects the conventions and preoccupations of Vandemonian literature.

Like other contemporary texts, West’s history remains a problem when historians dig for real historical data.

Dr Nick Brodie delves into that conundrum, with an eye to the lingering effects of West’s account of the conflict.

Hear the lecture as part of Arts Alive, Monday 3rd April at 4pm.


City Park Radio is increasing the frequency of our introductory training sessions to ensure all presenters do not have to wait up to three months to complete this training segment.

This training is vital for volunteers especially prospective presenters to understand the role of community radio, the place of City Park Radio within the sector, broadcast laws, the Codes of Practice, and our program rules of program content and presentation.

Importantly, the training touches on the legalities for broadcasting including examples of how to avoid defamation, our station rules, volunteer rights and responsibilities, harassment & bullying policies, and discipline & dismissal procedures. And the all-important requirements for completing an assessment recording before approval to present on the station.

Introductory training will now occur shortly after any member completes their volunteer application form.  John Elcomb or Chris Sayer will organise one-on-one or small group sessions as soon as required.


City Park Radio’s award-winning sports coverage continues in 2023. This year most of the broadcasts are either Friday evening or Saturday afternoon and/or evening.

David Mohr and his team will be covering the home games for Launceston & North Launceston in the Tasmanian State League. It should be an interesting make or break year for the TSL with a couple of sides struggling to field a team. This auger’s well for another premiership for a northern team. Our TSL coverage starts on April 7.

Also this year, the focus is on the Launceston Tornadoes in the NBL1 competition which will see the team on the road for the first time.

Games will be shared across the Elphin Sports Centre and Ulverstone with the team travelling to Ulverstone to provide commentary for radio and the NBL1 live stream. Our NBL1 coverage begins April 1.


Saturday 1st  – Bunnings BBQ  9am-4pm       
Saturday 15th – Management Meeting 9.30am
Program Meeting – Sunday 16th – 5pm



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