Communications Minister visits City Park Radio

On Monday 31st October, the Federal Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland, came to Launceston for a policy announcement, while she was here she requested to visit the local community radio station. Of course that was City Park Radio, and the Minister was given a tour of our facilities.

She was fascinated by the old radios on display in the Museum, and she was highly complementary of the presentation and historical significance of the items on show. Ms Rowland then saw the studios, and watched through the window as Mike Conlon present his Mornings w program. Chris Sayer also took the opportunity to chat to her about community radio and its place within Australia’s media landscape. That interview can be heard via the podcast page on our website and going to the Community Stories section.

The feedback from the Minister following her visit was extremely positive, and she congratulated the station on our contribution to the Launceston community.

The Minister was asked about the extension of digital radio into Northern Tasmania. As you know, the station wrote to candidates and the then Shadow Minister and Opposition Leader seeking to expedite digital radio into Northern Tasmania. Minister Rowland confided to Chris Sayer the goal is still to have digital radio in all capital cities first and then work to rolling it out to rural areas.

Season Greetings to all members and a huge thank you to all your volunteers

It has been a very busy year, and here’s to another great year in 2023

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VALE Graeme Harris

Listeners and members of City Park Radio recently attended the service for Graeme Harris.

Graeme was a popular presenter on City Park Radio, a good volunteer contributor and management committee member.

He loved his music and he loved his radio, and wasn’t short of a funny one liner here and there.

Two things Graeme loved more than City Park Radio … his partner Gae and the Launceston Football Club. … so when he could listen to the Blues games on the radio and be with Gae at the same time, he was happy.

We will miss him   — that’s Graeme on the right with Kev Walsh from CRN

On behalf of all members, CPR sent a floral tribute to Gae.


At the recent management meeting it was agreed to relax the station’s rule for all volunteers to be COVID vaccinated.

It was believed the policy for the last two and half years had worked very well in favour for the station and all volunteers providing surety and safety for everyone.

It was now needed to be considered as Public Health has reviewed how businesses can manage the risk.

As our current volunteers are vaccinated for COVID, members are in a better place to manage their own risks and to consider the position of their fellow volunteers


Under our revised approach to COVID, the station’s current hygiene practices still apply

  • hand washing/sanitising
  • use surface wipes
  • maintain the recommended physical distancing of 1.5m
  • continue to make a personal choice to wear masks if you feel safer to do so.
  • If ill, volunteers are required to stay home…. and encouraged to obtain further advice from


Music duo, Lyn & Terry have been performing live around Northern Tasmania for many years and finally made it to the quality studios of City Park Radio.

As a community station, we love engaging with “the locals”.

Recently, they recorded a lot of their repertoire to put into their archive, and now have something to share with family and friends.

They will return to the studio in 2023 for more production and recording work.

It is also a learning opportunity for us at City Park Radio too.

A great opportunity to see our production studio being put to good use

Lyn & Terry made a most generous donation to the station for our volunteer efforts with this project.


Don’t forget the members BBQ on Saturday 17th December – every member is welcome …. Come and enjoy an afternoon and meet fellow presenters and members in a social atmosphere…. And the Blues Dusters have promised to play some music too

For catering purposes – Please RSVP to the office of 6334 3344 by 15th December …

and let us know if you’ll be bringing a sweet or savoury dish to share.

Soft drink provided, BYO wine (in moderation please)

….. and don’t forget to get your tickets in the Christmas Raffle to be drawn at the BBQ … another fundraising effort for your community station

“Verticoli – The Echo”

As the Covid-19 pandemic released its initial chokehold on this little island called Tasmania, we began to see more and more of musicians and bands that had been somewhat dormant, yet never forgotten in the minds of fans across the state. One such act, Verticoli, came through with an EP and a few covers (including Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know” which, as you can imagine, sounds fantastic).

Eventually, this nipaluna/Hobart based trio shook off the dust and set amps to 11 which, following a few single releases, has led to the new Verticoli album, The Echo. I don’t know what it was about isolation, or the looming threat of unsanitised hands, but these hibernating bands have come out swinging hail-Mary from their caves, and nothing said could be more true of Verticoli.

I was straight away greeted with a punk-kissed alt-rock onslaught in the form of the opening track “Undercover,” which plays out seemingly as a love letter to early 2000s Aussie alternative rock bands like Grinspoon. This was a hell of a way to open an album, and was thankfully carried on through other songs like the second single “True Love” and the short-but-sweet “Surrender.” The fifth track, “Sailor,” gives us a softer moment reminiscent of early Silverchair and Radiohead twisted into a melancholic acoustic-driven number.

I do wish that the songs were longer, but I also feel that maybe that’s a good thing. It was this approach of running a ten-track album just over half-an-hour that had me endlessly re-listening to Sydney-based Autosuggest’s 2019 album Tame Harm. I also wish there was a little more resolution. The title track and final song on the album, “The Echo,” is a strong piece of alternative rock, some of the best Tasmania has seen in some time, but it felt like a very sudden end after listening to the rest of the album. That said, the beauty within the stripped-back and emotional outro to the song somewhat makes up for it.

Released: November 9, 2022

VILLAGE RADIO – Tauranga New Zealand 

City Park Radio Presenter Adrian Wood recently visited Village Radio based in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand.

Village Radio is Station ZL1XT –  1368kH on the AM band.

The station was established in 1984 and is therefore much the same age as City Park Radio. It is operated by 25 volunteers and broadcasts seven days a week, 8.00am – 4.00pm during the week and 9.00am – 5.00pm on the weekend.

Village Radio presents a wide range of programs including classical music, jazz, country, rock & roll, comedy and NZ music. Village Radio operates from the Tauranga Historic Village in the centre of the city. The station also hosts a radio museum. Thank you to presenters Ken Wadsworth and George Stewart for the warm welcome to Village Radio.

Village Radio Presenter/Technician George Stewart in station museum.

email received from Tauranga, 29 November
Hello from Community Radio Station ZL1XT in Tauranga, New Zealand..
Was most impressed with your December newsletter and about your visit recently.
Our hours of broadcast are now (mostly) 7.30am until 5 pm…some days until 6 pm. That is me in the photo !
Regards, George Stewart. (Announcer/technician)


PUBLIC PROGRAM – Sat 3rd December 10am
INDUCTION TRAINING – Sat 3rd December 1pm
BUNNINGS BBQ Nth Lton – Sunday 11th December 9am-4pm
MANAGEMENT MEETING – Sat 17th December  9.30am
MEMBERS CHRISTMAS BBQ –  Sat 17th December 12.30pm


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