If you are concerned for our volunteers ..

First and foremost, we ask our presenters to stay away if they are not well, have had contact with any one with COVID, caught by government travel or quarantine  restrictions, or wish to stay home for their own peace of mind.

The government still allows volunteers to go directly to their place of ‘work’ if they meet these health requirements

Our volunteers to directed to adhere to the COVID social distancing and hygiene requirements… i.e. keeping 1.5 metres apart, and because of the size of our normal radio studios, only 2 people at any one time are allowed in. Larger productions like Readings from the Examiner happen with the readers in Studio D while the panel operator is in Studio B.  Likewise, the ANZAC Day service came from Studio D.

Because there is a shortage of isowipes, the studios are disinfected twice a day. Some presenters are doing their bit and wiping down the desks before and after their shifts. As another precaution, microphone pop filters are regularly washed in warm soapy water.

With all our volunteers aware of their own safety and the safety of others, City Park Radio will remain on the air for the pleasure of all our listeners.

and it is being rewarded too … we have had some small donations in appreciation with what we are doing to be a reassuring companion for many… in particular, a beautiful bouquet in the letters section of the Sunday Examiner 26/4 ‘I would like to thank all the volunteers at City Park radio for their uplifting music, commentary and interviews – it is very much appreciated, especially at this time’  Margaret. 

The radio museum remains closed to the public, and the office is open to limited services for members.


At such an important time, it is good to know we have the support of members and volunteers as we broadcast and negotiate our way through COVID-19.  As with many community radio stations, City Park Radio is driven by the support of the community, run by volunteers and sponsored by local business.  In these challenging economic months, support from current members and new members is vital.  Our membership rate is still less than a dollar a week. From May 1st, the membership fee will be $50 a year.

We know it is easy to listen at any time to City Park Radio freely, but we also know many of our listeners are generous with their support and say thank you by being a member of City Park Radio.

If you know people who enjoy listening, ask them to show their support by becoming a member too. As they say, money doesn’t grow on trees …..or volunteers don’t have bottomless pockets.

While the membership rate has been raised slightly, there is a special loyalty bonus deal for current members. If you renew before June 30, pay just $45…. The same price as last year. A special deal to say thank you to our current members. We really do appreciate your support.

For direct deposit via online banking, our bank details  CBA 067-003 2804 7328 and add your name for easy identification.

DOWNLOAD May Program Schedule HERE


A special shout out to all our sponsors. City Park Radio realises times are pretty tough at the moment so we really appreciate your continuing support.  Together we’ll come through this and out on the other side together.  Because of the cancellation of all local sport, it is projected that we will lose about five to six thousand dollars of sponsorship, a value we cannot make up.

Hopefully it will not impact too much on our next financial year.

Some of our sponsors have wished to suspend their campaign until further notice. City Park Radio has obliged and will honour the balance of their agreements when our sponsors decide the time is right to continue.


Of course when business starts returning to normal, City Park Radio will be there to help our friends get their message out. As with all sponsorship, we need to seek it out with a person or persons on the ground knocking on a few doors.

City Park Radio is searching for a sponsorship officer to assist with contact and engaging local businesses.  Ideally, you may have a record of selling, but more important, is a desire to meet and talk with local business about sponsoring a community radio station. The position would suit a semi-retired person or someone with one or two days to spare between 9am and 3pm.

If you are, or someone you know is,  up for the challenge, contact our President Jim Jacob  to discuss further.

FROM THE ARCHIVE – August 1981 – FM Station Set to go

Mrs Judith Hendricks, wife of 7LTN station manager, checks things in the studio before the test transmission

The turntables at Launceston’s community FM radio station, 7LTN, are spinning and ready to go.

The new station, which hopes to get its licence this year, will broadcast a week long test transmission starting on Monday. It will be the third time in three years the station has run a test transmission.

The station manager, Mr Kevin Hendricks, who has the temporary studio, originally an amateur radio shack, in his back yard, said the station would cater for everyone.

“It is a community station encouraging community involvement and input,” he said.

“People manning the station next week are volunteers who have shown interest in the FM station.”

One of the announcers will be former 7SD radio announcer Sue Salier, of Scottsdale.

Everything from jazz to contemporary, country, middle-of-the-road and dinner music will be broadcast during the test week.

The launceston Community FM Group, or 7LTN, received a $3000 grant from the Film Commission last year to buy two turntables, a cassette deck and a recorder.

They will apply for another grant this year to buy more equipment and upgrade existing studio equipment.

The group also hopes to relocate its station in West Launceston after it receives its licence.

The test transmission will start on Monday at 8am and continue until midnight on Sunday.

Radio 7LTN can be found on the radio dial on FM 103.7.

The Examiner August 21, 1981


In these strange Covid times, podcasts can be an ideal means of making the most of home isolation.

Podcasts are really just radio-on-demand, and with an internet connection you can listen to a myriad of different documentary radio programs.

A quick internet search can reveal thousands of podcasts that originate from all corners of the globe.

City Park Radio is your source of the best of local Tasmanian podcasts, and statistics show that our podcast listenership has increased in the past month.

Available through our website, you’re bound to a podcast that interests you.

Even to the special COVID19 podcasts by Health Speak…..


Wed 7th Program Meeting 7pm
Sat 16th Management Meeting  – 9.30am


If you would like to sponsor City Park Radio, please call Shirley  6334 7429

We are proud of our sponsors, please support these business because they continue to support your radio station at this time.