A Good Riddance: The Inception of Criminal Deportation in Colonial Australia

Over the past decade, many Australians have become familiar with the concept of criminal deportation. Since December 2014, more than 3,000 people have been deported from Australia, with around 60% being returned to Aotearoa New Zealand.

But criminal deportation has a long history in the former Australian colonies. However, unknown to most present-day Australians, hundreds of formerly free people were deported from mainland colonies to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) as well as from within our island.

Some of these people were men, women, and children who had arrived free in the Australian colonies. Others, including both colonial and Aboriginal people, were born free here. What they all had in common was freedom prior to their colonial convictions and sentences to transportation.

Associate Professor Kristyn Harman will examine the lives of some of these formerly free people who were criminally deported to, or within, Van Diemen’s Land in the 19th century; as well as the wider socio-legal contexts that facilitated their deportation from early modern England to present-day Australia.

Presented by arrangement with the Launceston Historical Society



City Park Radio Members have the opportunity to enjoy a special concert at the Princess Theatre at a show called “Spirit of the ANZACS” on 30th April.

The show uses stories and songs of WWII and the Vietnam War, and packages them with poignancy and some laughter.

There’ll be songs of Dame Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters, Bob Dylan, Normie Rowe, John Denver, Mamma Cass and many more.

All our members have to do is to listen for the competition call out on air April 22-26 for your chance to win.

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SEE ME – Stories of Ability

This CPR podcast series produced by Jodie Lowe was a finalist in the CBAA awards last year.

Since the series was made, there has been another discussion with Avery McDougall delving into community attitudes.

What are your perceptions about people with varying levels of ability and the unintended impacts those uninformed actions, comments and words might have.

Some people will find the conversation revealing and confronting, while it may leave others with a new perspective on life.

This special podcast episode is already on our podcast page and is being broadcast on radio for the first time on Monday 15th April at 4pm.


There have been two retirements from the committee and the call is out for expressions of interest.

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6th –  1.55pm TSL  Launceston v Kingborough
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University Of Tasmania C&S day (Invermay Campus) – March 1.

What an experience we had at University of Tasmania Invermay C&S day with our OB. Thanks to all involved, we had a great afternoon.

Harmony Week Launch – Outside Broadcast – March 17

Qurratu A’yunin Rohmana (Ayu) CPR and Launceston Mayor Matthew Garwood
Congratulations to all involved in the broadcast , there were great interviews and fantastic community involvement.


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Launceston Ukulele Jamboree 2024

The Launceston Ukulele Jamboree was held from the 21st to the 24th of March across a number of different venues in town with a wide range of artists entertaining concert goers and aficionados of the “small” guitar-like instrument.

We caught up with sisters Dixie and Ronnette Chandelle, also known as the “Ukumamas”, on Saturday Afternoon Mix.


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