A FOUNDING MEMBER returns to City Park Radio

During August, the community came together to celebrate peace at the Tamar Valley Peace Festival, and one of the keynote events involved Dr Simon Longstaff, AO, speaking to an enthralled audience about “Peace, Integrity and Ethics”, and community radio was there. https://cityparkradio.com/our-podcast/#tamarpeacefestival

CPR recorded the session and broadcast it the following week, and you can now also hear the talk as a podcast on our website. Dr Longstaff is the Executive Director of the Ethics Centre, based in Sydney, but in a former life Simon was also a founding member of City Park Radio. It was back in the early 1980’s when Simon was attending the Tasmanian College of Advanced Education, now the Launceston campus of the University of Tasmania, that he was part of an interest group intent on creating a college-based community radio station.

At the same time, there was also another group in the city aiming for the same result, and it became a logical progression for the two groups to merge, forming the Launceston Community FM Group. Simon continued his life journey in the late 1980’s and departed our shores, but not before our move into the City Park cottage, when we began broadcasting from the upstairs room.

And so it was quite a thrill for Simon to see our completed studios during his recent visit to Launceston for the Peace Festival. He was “blown away” by our facilities and was very impressed by how far we’d come since those formative years in the 1980’s. Those early days of community radio in Launceston remains an important part of Simon’s life.

Simon Longstaff ,Chris Sayer, Paul Dubois


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City Park Radio has launched a brand new podcast called “Health Speak?” and we reckon you will be REALLY interested in this.

Health Speak? is  a collection of short sharp interviews and stories that aim to demystify the health industry, break down stereotypes or barriers that might prevent some people finding their way to health professionals and help people better understand the services (and systems) that are available to them

Health Speak?”  is a podcast with new topics discussed each week. Here is the link  https://www.cityparkradio.com/our-podcast/

It’s light-hearted, easy to understand and entertaining to listen to…. we leave all the jargon in the car park.

It’s for a broad audience from those with significant health literacy problems to those with a reasonable understanding… because….well, what exactly does an Exercise Physiologist do, and how does federal health funding get allocated around the states and why would someone want to be a Colorectal Surgeon?

We hope that this series will be a really useful resource that can be easily shared with community members to improve their knowledge and a great way to showcase the incredible work that our health professionals are doing, in a way that all people can understand.

It is being produced and presented by Penny Terry in collaboration with Healthy Tasmania, funded by a Tasmanian Government Healthy Community Innovation Grant.

The series will also be broadcast soon on 103.7 & 96.5 FM and will be made available to community radio stations across Tasmania and the rest of Australia.


LEONIE GATES  .. station guide …

After many many years, Leonie has taken long service leave before retirement….

Leonie was our regular Thursday guide showing many locals and tourists from here and overseas through the museum, the cottage, grounds and studios of City Park Radio.

…..and some visitors couldn’t resist having their photo taken with this little beauty in the museum.

It will take two more people to replace Leonie… … and you get to meet wonderful people visiting the park.

Show people the radio museum, the gardens and the studios…..

And occasionally you get to have coffee and cake … the hours are good … 10am to 2pm … c’mon down and be a station guide and show people around.


VALE  Vonda Bassett and Frank Post

One of the many wonderful aspects about being a part of a community radio station is the people you meet. Everyone at City Park Radio were saddened by the passing of two highly respected and long-time members.

Vonda Bassett was a life member and a generous supporter of our station for more than 30 years. A life-long disability meant that she relied on crutches to get around, and unfortunately in the early days our on-air studio was upstairs. This may been daunting for someone with a disability, but not for our Vonda, who tackled any stairs with courage and determination. Nothing was going to stop her presenting her country music program. She was a remarkable woman, and her inspiration and cheeky smile is missed at City Park Radio.

Frank Post presented a Dutch program for a many years, as well as an occasional general music program. He even had a go at a weekly midnight-to-dawn program for a few months- now that’s dedication to the cause. He was an experienced Launceston taxi driver, and always did his best to ensure that all of Launceston taxis were tuned to CPR. Frank’s son Terry Post has also been a valuable and integral station member for many years.

Vonda awaits her Life Membership

Tania Kernaghan explains to Vonda what a CD is








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