Ben from Definitely No Relation is excited to be bringing you a brand new show on Saturday nights, where they’ll be spending some time looking at long-form music.

From jam bands to prog projects, avant-garde electronica to minimalism at it’s finest, they’ll be exploring the past, present and future of epic aural journeys.

Join Ben on The Long Play!

Saturday nights from 11pm on your favourite local station, City Park Radio.


The Life Of A Museum Guide

I arrive ten minutes or so before ten o’clock to turn the lights on and open up the museum. The kettle is usually on by now and I made a cuppa and catch up with the office staff and presenters as well as my fellow guide. Not much to do until the first visitor walks up the pathway to the cottage.

I welcome and have a little chat with them. Generally people how come to the door are interested in what we have to offer. I give a little history chat about the Park and City Park Radio before a look at the exhibits. I know about half a dozen of the items quite well to pass on my knowledge to the visitors. I find everybody recognises one or two of the radios from their younger days.

When they have had their fill of the museum I take them over to the studios to see our working radio station and to meet the presenter. On the way I show the visitors the oldest Wisteria in Australia, they all love it.

Upon returning to the museum I try my hardest to get a nice big donation to help the station before saying goodbye to them.

Think you can do it? Phone the office for a chat on 6334 3344


Payment can be made by one of four ways

Internet bank transfer at home
Mail a cheque
Pay Cash in the office
EFTPOS in the office


Time to decide to get involved.

City Park Radio is operated by its members and volunteers and the station is open to everyone to have a go at managing your community radio station.  New and fresh input will breathe life int the station.

Do you know members with skills and a yearning to add more to the community

Nominations are called for Vice-President and Secretary for 2 year … and also 3 x 2 year general committee positions.

Forms will be available from August … and as usual two financial members nominate a member (that member also need to accept the nomination)

Terms concluding this year, Sheila Hoban, Chris Sayer, Adrian Wood, Marcus O’Keefe, John Elcomb.

Of course, you can always try to re-nominate these people.

Nominations close 20st August


The Hot Seat is City Park Radio’s weekly interview program, where you can get to know someone from our local community. The program could be described as a social history of northern Tasmania, sharing the lived experiences of the actual person sitting in the Hot Seat. Hear it on Sunday at 11am and then repeated on Friday at 4pm.

Previous Hot Seat programs can be heard on the podcast page of our website, where you can browse the archive going back to 2018. These stories provide a vivid picture of life in Launceston and northern Tasmania, and the library continues to grow.


Sat 2nd July – TSL North Launceston v Lauderdale 1.55pm

NBL1  Tornadoes v Dandenong  6.15pm

Sat 9th July – TSL Launceston v Tigers

Fri 15th – NBL1 Tornadoes v Knox raiders 5.45pm

Sat 16th – TSL  Launceston v North Launceston 1.55pm

Sat 23rd – TSL North Launceston v Clarence 1.55pm

Sat 30th – NBL1 Tornadoes v Waverley Falcons  5.45pm


Wed 6th July – Programming – 7pm

Sat 16th July – Management – 9.30am

Sun 17th July –  Bunnings BBQ 9am – 4pm


Ideas flow when pizza is involved


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