A new program will start on February 28th at 4pm.  Through to the end of November, Nancy Corbett and friends will pursue their passion for poetry.

Each month indulge yourself in a world of stanza, metre, couplets, refrains & rhythms, doggerel or haiku as Launceston poets read works to entertain you. Hear news of upcoming events and performances as well as writers workshops and get togethers.

Develop “A Passion for Poetry” on the last Monday every month on City Park Radio.


City Park Radio is keen to spread the message about community radio … in the coming weeks we will be holding live music afternoons for musicians and their friends in the garden …..

Our first guest will be Tom Fowkes (indie/folk) scheduled for 27/02/2022.

Maybe there’ll be a ticket or two for special friends

And so that everyone gets the opportunity to join in … you’ll hear the music live in Sunday afternoon music. ..

Keep listening to the station for details.

DOWNLOAD February Program Schedule HERE

HEALTH & SAFETY at City Park Radio

We’ll take this opportunity to keep our members informed of our approach during these COVID times.  City Park Radio has a current covid safety plan and the management committee considers the situation at each meeting. Recently it was determined that a condition of volunteering at City Park Radio should include the principle that all volunteers should be fully vaccinated for COVID. This reflects not only our duty of care to our volunteers, but the duty of care of volunteers to the station and also to their fellow volunteers

Currently City Park Radio is abiding by Public Health directions in Tasmania.  On arrival, our volunteers register with the Check-in Tas app and sign in, clean their workstations/desks/keyboards/mouse etc, and use the hand sanitisers provided. The station respects physical distancing and density limits set by Public Health (1.5 m & 2sqm rules). Our rooms are signed with maximum permitted occupancy.

More recently, face masks became a requirement indoors. Whenever there are two people in a room, masks need to be worn. The only exemption is the on-air presenter.

City Park Radio Museum is now open …. Entry is conditional on using the Check-inTas app, and all visitors must wear a mask. No mask, no entry. Tours will not enter the on-air studio.

Hopefully with our volunteers adhering to safe protocols, any transmission of covid within our ranks is minimised. As ever, if any member/volunteer is anxious about coming to the station, we urge you attend only when you feel comfortable to do so.


In early November, City Park Radio conducted a survey of our members, volunteers and listeners.

There is a potential radio audience of around 90,000 in our area. Our membership is currently 250. Interestingly, less than 20% of our membership completed the survey.

We had 102 responses… 45 via Facebook, 54 via the website and 3 offline. 96 respondents had listened in the past month, with 90% saying they listened in the past week. While most people listen to FM frequencies, 24% also stream from the website and 22% listen via other websites like Radio Garden. 5% search out our podcasts.

From the results, CPR listeners tend to be older males with the breakdown 54% male, 46% female.

83% of respondents were aged 45+… and 94% only speak English at home.

On a average weekday, you listen for 2h56m and on weekends 2h49m. The majority of listening is at home or the car…..work comes a distant third. Breakfast, Mornings and early Evening are the most popular times. Afternoons is close and, as expected, fewer people listen after dark. The pattern is the same for weekends

Rating highly with respondents is, diversity in programming, local participation, local news & information, free from government or commercial influence, music not available on other stations, and local voices and local personalities.

Eight in 10 people see City Park Radio as very valuable to the community with a majority agreeing it’s a station they can trust, relate to, a companion and part of their life

The top three genres of music – Rock/Blues 25%, Popular 21% Nostalgia 15%.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to “take the survey”. In many areas it showed that City Park Radio achieved better results when compared to the average Tasmanian listener.

CBAA survey November 2021


Call us sentimental …. but 14th February is St Valentines Day.    Can you feel the love?

Well, Bruce from Cocoon Living Tea is sharing the love … he has given the station some gift packs to give away. … and what will we do with them

Well, listen to the Long Lunch program during the first two weeks of February for your chance to win one of these delightful packs.

Thanks Bruce … you old softie !


2nd  Programming  7pm
19th Management 9.30am

Office OPEN 9.30am-3pm M-F back door
Museum OPEN  10am-2pm M-Sa front door


Thanks Mike for 20 years , Chris has big shoes sandals to fill.

… and after all that, Mike didn’t hand over his braces.


When you support these businesses …. don’t forget to thank them for supporting City Park Radio.

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